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Angelica’s Feet are So hott! New Samples Released…

Monday, May 18th, 2009

Be sure to sign up for our Fans List to recieve more FREE Samples of Angelica’s hott bare feet – from newly released photo sets – New Solo Set

Angelica White

and also from Newly Released Set alongside Cassie – another Hott Barefoot Woman!

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All month long, some of my favorite photo sets will be released to our VIP Members; and also available for purchase – per set – on our Home Page. It’s been real hard so far; as some of the Newest girls have some awesome feet I want to share with all of our fans – but some Oldies but Very Goodies are tugging on me; it’s been a great run!

Angelica is one of the hottest women I’ve had the pleasure of working with; real down to earth as well; most of our girls are easy going; it comes through in the photos. You can tell that the men who are lucky enough to have these hot Sexy barefoot ladies in their lives are all lucky indeed… Just imagine coming home to Angelica every night; her awesome bare soles would be propped up on the table; while she reads or plays sodoku — or doing homework.. research … or whatever on her laptop; Myspacing… FaceBooking – Tweeting — what a lovely sight – a great day would happen every day in Your household.

If You’re in the So Cal area and think your feet are hot (ladies only) – please contact us about setting up a shoot with you! If you haven’t yet, Join our site – we’ve got some awesome Affordable Membership Prices; sign up HERE – Right Now — See you all inside the VIP Section where the hpotos are HUGE (the above samples were scaled down to 1500 resolution — VIP Member size is 2288×1712 – and in some cases 2500 resolution and Up!) – Join Now to experience quality foot fetish — appreciation ­čÖé ©

Cate Blanchett’s feet – where art thou?

Thursday, December 25th, 2008

Is it true? Cate Blanchett will be appearing at ??

Perhaps not, for now at least – you see, I can’t find any pictures of her feet – it makes me wonder if Mrs. Blanchett doesn’t like her own feet, which does happen, even with women as beautiful and as radiant as this – where art thou feet, Cate Blanchett?

As always, with hotties of the world, we would Love to work with you ­čÖé

If ever you’d like to pose for our site, contact us – The world of foot lovers, awaits…

Danielle and more Athena coming Tonight!

Sunday, October 12th, 2008

VIP members have been treated to some lovely feet – probably none more so than Danielle’s lovely feet. She has modeled for quite a few foot sites, and In my opinion, the beautiful California Scenery and her sexy feet make these some of the best photos you’ll find of This East Coast Beauty anywhere on the web.

Bold Statement ….

New Samples

We’ve added New samples to our Sample & Comments page – Stop by and have a look — 40 New images for your viewing pleasure – all Free — and for now, in 1500 size resolution, celebrating our New Photo Galleries now found inside of our VIP Section!!! Our Site just keeps getting better!

Tonight, Inside of our VIP Section, NEW Photos from Danielle, and part 2 of Athena’s Debut!

It’s BAAAACKKK!!! — Purchase Individual photo sets of our models

Wednesday, September 24th, 2008

It’s official — I’m pre-launching the New page now, but will re-launch it when it’s completely finished.

RIGHT NOW — you can begin purchasing Individual Photo sets of our Hott Barefoot Models.

Full sets available now only — some kinks are still being worked out so, we’re calling this the Beta Phase; Full sets are available for $8.99 – $6.99 depending on how many photos are in the set, and how HOT the sets are; just about all sets from Bikini Month 07-08 are listed as $8.99, while the majority are just $6.99

Part Sets will soon be available for $2.99 – $1.99 — Full sets listed for $8.99 will have Part sets listed at $2.99.

Visit our Sales Page NOW! Buy Individual Sets of our Models

I’m still adding and updating our model database, I’m on page 6 of 17 … So I expect to have all our available sets on sale by the weekend. Also on the Individual Pages of our Models, those who’s photo sets are on sale, will have a “Purchase this Set Now” Button lit up and you can click it and buy.

The kinks…

There are a few kinks yet to be worked out. For example, AlertPay has no ‘shopping cart’ yet – so you’ll have to make your purchases one by one, which could be a minor pain, but there is no Additional charge per transaction. In My Opinion the BEST way to go is to sign up for an alertpay account, fill it with funds, and use those funds for your transactions to make the process move along faster ( so that you wont be inputting your credit card over and over again )

Another Kink, for now is with the Individual Part Sets – I’m still deciding how I want to go about it, so when I do they’ll be ready to go. Often the part sets are a great way to test the waters, to see if the site is worth joining, to see if the full set is worth buying. I liked having this option and many of our Fans did too — so I Will bring this back.

The Last kink and perhaps the biggest, is with the Delivery of the Individual sets. For now, I’m going to be stuck Manually emailing the download links to you, and I’ll fill your order within 24 hours… rather than Instantly — I want to warn you guys about that now, and explain it so you’ll know what’s going on. I don’t have a working script to automatically deliver these files to you Once your order goes through…. “yet”

I’ve got a few programmers working on it, and am talking with a few Other programmers who seem to be on the ball more than the ones i’m offering Money to (funny how that works…)

So in a nutshell…

Individual sets are back – kinks are being worked out – more models are being added – all orders will be filled within 24 hours – and as always if you have any questions feel free to contact us through the site!

Visit our Sales Page NOW! Buy Individual Sets of our Models

Updates coming This weekend

Saturday, September 20th, 2008

Starting Tonight, Updates of NEW model Athena, as well as new photo sets from Briana, and Tume will be added to the site.

It’s been a slow month of “updates” – but what I Have been doing is adding more galleries to our new, Gallery page so that VIP Members can quickly access the photos of the models they Really want; and won’t have to wait for that .zip file to download.

Speaking of Downloads, hold tight, as the New Model Pages are currently being re-designed (another massive overhaul) and soon you will be able to purchase individual photo sets once again, harkening back to the early days of

I know folks are super happy about that – Thank All of you for visiting, lurking, joining, and supporting our site – We aim to please foot lovers everywhere!

New Look on the Home Page – Slightly ..

Wednesday, September 10th, 2008

So I’ve been Desperately needing to figure out Exactly how many photos are inside of our members area. After going over the 30 models featured in our New Home Page line-up, it’s at somewhere Over 11,925 photos. My estimate, is we’re somewhere near or around the 20,000 photos mark; but I’ll be sure to let you know what that number is shortly.

So the home page didn’t look different to you? Well, it should have.

We moved our Blog UP the page some so that you can see and read about all the NEW updates on our site. Also, as you’ve noticed we often sprinkle in Videos and photos from other sites, other models, because while we love to tell you about our girls, we prefer to celebrate the beauty of women from all walks of life, all around the globe.

Such as this hottie singer, who Loves to be barefoot…

Yep… We would LOVE for Katherine McPhee to show us her bare Feet for a shoot – it’d be a great thing for all. She’s one beautifully Hott barefoot woman.

ok… I’m off to get these Updates up ­čśë