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Hello Foot World!

Sunday, June 5th, 2011

Thanks and more Thanks to all of you who continue to stop by and visit our site while we are, seemingly on Hiatus; we have been shooting new content, and doing a lot of additional things to improve what we feel is already an unbelievably awesome website; have you Seen the Line up of Girls we have already?? – Smoking HOTT!

So far, we’ve lived up to our Name; AND we have the FREE BLOG To go with it – doesn’t get much HOTTER than this folks … oh, but wait, It’s Going to get Much Hotter than this. We Know You are Entertained – we’re Glad to Do it! Stay tuned as the Show continues to get better and better!

A Look Back at the HOTT BAREFOOT WOMEN that have Graced Our Pages :: VIP members get the FULL Series in FULL HUGE RESOLUTION ::: MEMBERS Log In here ::

and… like we just announced, it’s only about to get HOTTER …….. join to SEE what we already have ….. help support our site as we prepare to Unleash More HOTT Barefoot Women on the world …

Marisa Miller’s Feet

Friday, October 15th, 2010 would like to pay an ode’ to perhaps one of the Best, Bare Feet Model, of all time …

Marisa Miller!

Check out some PHOTOS of her entire beauty, from the top of her head to the Soles of her sexy bare feet 🙂

We Have Good Taste 😉 – SO, VISIT HOTTBAREFOOTWOMEN.COM for HOTT photos and HOTT Bare Feet!!

Thank you to For the awesome photos as well

The Woman is So Beautiful! Recap: Bikini Month 2010 – does it again

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

We had a wonderful month of August, another wonderful parade of photos released – featuring our beautiful barefoot models, of

Though updates have not been happening as often as even I would like, and an unannounced vacation came up as well – there have been Many members joining our website and purchasing photo sets – we thank all of you for your ongoing support as we hope you are Enjoying our archive of Hott … Beautiful women … especially those of you who are VIP members and are enjoying the latest images … from

800+ photos were added and you can see aLL of these wonderful images right now :::

Bare Feet Photos

Sunday, December 20th, 2009

When it comes to bare feet photos, I still like what we are doing here on our website; got lots of sets that I need to release to our fans; be sure to show your support for our site, by subscribing to our VIP section – where you’ll get an up close look at all of our hott barefoot women, posing for you in cute outfits, enjoying the beach, the sand or the park, with and especially without their shoes on.

Some of you are new to our website – be sure to Tour our Blog, as it contains some of the hottest photos of women, bare foot, and yes I mean bare Foot!

Some people find it amazing, even odd that guys (and girls did you know?) would be into women’s bare feet – what’s amazing and even odd to me is how odd it is to people; with it being so common, clearly the foot fetish is something that is more normal, than abnormal. © wishes all of you a Happy Holiday Season 🙂 – treat yourself during this time of year to a Subscription @ this special Holiday Price — Your gift for stopping by our Blog 🙂

Be sure to Subscribe to our blog as well – so you can be kept up to date on our wonderful treasure here (FREE to our Fans) – where you get to Preview photos from our VIP Section – which you can join Right now – see you inside 🙂

Hott Bare feet and Bikini’s

Thursday, August 6th, 2009

This is always a special time for our website, the month of August, the hottest month of the year!

We’ve set out to do a number of ‘special things’ that other sites just do not do, such as hosting our 3rd Annual Bikini Month 2009.

All Bikini’s, all month long – no other website of our genre does this; Now granted, I do feature updates year round with girls in their tiny weenie bikini’s – but this month is special because generally, You’ll get about 1,000 photos just in this month alone.

Now is the time to Join if you haven’t; I’m pretty excited about what’s coming.

The Month of June updates..

June went pretty well; We released some photos of a few of our Original Models; Not as many as I had planned; So I do apologize for that. A sudden increase in my work schedule meant I had to put updates on the back burner.

A sudden increase in income would help keep me home, and that would mean even more updates for u!

In my defense, our site has been around now for 4 years; and we’ve got LOADS of content on this site to see; if you’re new to our site; you’re really gonna LOVE the bare feet awaiting you inside our VIP Members section.

Last month’s girls:

2 sets from Sophie (195 photos total)
97 degree’s set!

98 degree’s set!

Trinidadian Hottie, Amy! (100 photos)

Original Hott Barefoot Women – Keri & Sierra! (104 photos)

Original Model, the Petite one, Lily! (105 photos!!)

… Grand total of 500+ photos were added to our site in June; Not a bad month at all if you ask me — photos that had never before been released were – photos of our newer models, sophie and amy .. and speaking of Amy, wait till you see her strip down to her Bikini during this HOT month of special photo sets — hoping to get some Videos up for you all as well.

Even if it ‘seems’ like the updates are slow; it’s well worth it to Join and be a part of our site, because EVERY month you WILL get a very decent amount of NEWLY released photos; videos; and links to new sites, free photos from other sites; we’ve got it all.

A TRUE Mega-site – for the foot lovers around the world!!

Leslie and Angelica, Barefoot Blondes rockin Lingerie

Wednesday, July 8th, 2009

… and in a previous Entry, I told you about this update … you’ve seen a few Samples from this set, but finally The set has been released – and you can see it now inside our VIP Section, in Full 3600+ resolution;

Hott Right? Lovely Feet in my opinion; so glad we crossed paths…