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Marisa Miller’s Feet

Friday, October 15th, 2010 would like to pay an ode’ to perhaps one of the Best, Bare Feet Model, of all time …

Marisa Miller!

Check out some PHOTOS of her entire beauty, from the top of her head to the Soles of her sexy bare feet 🙂

We Have Good Taste 😉 – SO, VISIT HOTTBAREFOOTWOMEN.COM for HOTT photos and HOTT Bare Feet!!

Thank you to For the awesome photos as well

Because I Love Asian Feet !!

Sunday, September 21st, 2008

So, … there’s a guy on MySpace with a GREAT collection of barefoot asian women.

I decided to share some with you all here 😉 enjoy!

I figured… while you’re waiting for the new updates these sexy pics can hold you over; Be sure to let Mr. Toe-tally Addicted know you enjoyed the photos…

New Look on the Home Page – Slightly ..

Wednesday, September 10th, 2008

So I’ve been Desperately needing to figure out Exactly how many photos are inside of our members area. After going over the 30 models featured in our New Home Page line-up, it’s at somewhere Over 11,925 photos. My estimate, is we’re somewhere near or around the 20,000 photos mark; but I’ll be sure to let you know what that number is shortly.

So the home page didn’t look different to you? Well, it should have.

We moved our Blog UP the page some so that you can see and read about all the NEW updates on our site. Also, as you’ve noticed we often sprinkle in Videos and photos from other sites, other models, because while we love to tell you about our girls, we prefer to celebrate the beauty of women from all walks of life, all around the globe.

Such as this hottie singer, who Loves to be barefoot…

Yep… We would LOVE for Katherine McPhee to show us her bare Feet for a shoot – it’d be a great thing for all. She’s one beautifully Hott barefoot woman.

ok… I’m off to get these Updates up 😉


Not a Political Statement

Tuesday, September 9th, 2008

Our post feeturing Sarah Palin, was in no way an endorsement of the Republican party, or their platform; She just had some nice feet – So, to make up for that, here is how we Really Feel 🙂

Obama Girl strikes again! – too bad I can’t find any photos of her Barefoot – Celebrity Wish List? – If you’re reading this, Amber, We’d LOVE to have you model for our site – drop us a line 🙂

however, this too – is not a Political Statement – Vote for who you feel is best qualified to lead us out of where we are, and into a Better, Brighter Tomorrow.


More Updates coming tonight!

Sunday, June 29th, 2008

More updates are on the way to the VIP Section… Been a ‘lil slow’ due to my work schedule, which happens. I’ve been busy building a New foot fetish Website for a good friend in Sweden 🙂

You’re gonna love her feet; and her friends feet as well.

She contacted me about building her site, and I said sure – why not – I’ve also been aiding another sexy Foot Goddess in getting her website up (she is designing it, Im just advising and helping here and there), as well as a site She is designing for a friend. Many of you out there probably have jerked off to their foot pics and videos – I’ll clue you in on who they are when everything is completed.

So, lots of web work has taken me away from posting updates – But don’t forget, Bikini Month 2008 is coming … August is gonna be HOTTER than ever – with NEW models and some Oldies but goodies – Sexy Bare Feet never looked so good …

P.S. >> TWO New Videos were posted in the VIP Section – of hottie Analynn’s lovely bare soles; Members can Log in to check them out – otherwise, Click here to Join today!

Totally Random Feet Video

Sunday, June 8th, 2008

Check this one out here.

In this video from Good Morning America, they report on how flip flops are causing foot problems for people.

I disagree entirely with the video, but wanted to share it becuase there are some Hot Feet Scenes in it. Enjoy!

Why do I disagree?

Well, the fat (big) girl in it who says she has ankle problems and blames her flip flops, fails to realize that her ankles cannot support all that Weight she’s gained – That is why her ankle is messed up; Not because she wears Flip Flops;

I was also shocked to see an Asian lady reporting on this, considering how many Asian women practically were nothing else But Flip Flops; and Asians have been doing this for Centuries.

It’s a great example of how the media will report literally anything, whether it’s true or not; But, overall, it’s a nice Feet Video; I just hope no women see it, and take it to heart; We do NOT want women to stop wearing flip flops.