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Taylor Armstrong’s Blonde Bare Feet

So I came across this ‘news story‘ about what seems to be a woman who can’t get enough spotlight. Taylor Armstrong, a blonde hottie from Orange County Housewives feels she was Too Thin; and now she’s feeling just right; So she prances around on the Beach in a bikini so the world can see… Lucky […]

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I’m Back ;) … Bikini Month 2010 Begins

I took a little unannounced vacation butt .. now I am Back! … Bikini Month 2010 is underway – 3 sets up so far; over 350 photos 110 NEW Photos of Brittany 126 NEW Photos of Hannah 133 NEW Photos of Nalita …….. with much more on the way. SEE the new updates @ […]

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Heidi Montag’s Feet

We want Heidi! Check out some of these awesome photos found around the web — Heidi has some great feet! Heidi Montag’s Feet! Awesome photos right? I would love to do a photo shoot with her, of course if Spencer wouldn’t mind – from what I’ve seen and read, I’m sure he would. BUT – […]

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Bare Feet Photos

When it comes to bare feet photos, I still like what we are doing here on our website; got lots of sets that I need to release to our fans; be sure to show your support for our site, by subscribing to our VIP section – where you’ll get an up close look at all […]

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Celebrity Wish Lists: Kate Boseworth..

In Superman Returns, I was treated to one of the best Sole shots in a movie in a while – as Lois Lane, Kate has some awesome feet! Here’s a photo I found on Maxim of her sexy Bare Feet (and her even sexier bikini body!) Honorable Mention: Ali Larter… Honorable Mention: Kelly Monaco: great […]

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Bikini Month, is about to go out in a BANG!

It’s been a great month so far… 700 photos so far, with NEW Sets on the way; Still set to make an appearance is Hannah, who’s beautiful “jewrican” soles are a true pleasure to behold; as well as hot New solo sets from Angelica, as well as more from the Trio with Christina, Megan, and […]

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