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Don’t know what they’re saying..

Sunday, October 29th, 2006

Don’t really care either.

All I know is, this video is HOT!


I know what you want … Videos.

Saturday, October 28th, 2006

I’ve got my eye on a really nice camera that should record some really great videos for all of you foot lovers everywhere.

I’m also looking for new models to pose for our site and star in our very first Videos. I’ve made 2 videos so far with Keri Aurora & Vicki – however I used my digital camera and i’ll just say that digital cameras were made to take photos not to record videos.

I may make the videos available soon for members of our VIP Section: The vip is really great. For example our Model photo sets for purchase may take a while for us to Roll out New stuff – But VIP members get all the new stuff weeks, sometimes months before anyone else can.

Incentives are always a good thing.

Now back to the video camera – If you’d like to put in your two cents on what kind of Video Camera we should get – please let us know.

We’ve had to take one step at a time with our website. This was not some Venture Capitalist Funded project – was started & built from the ground up by yours truly. We had NO money to fund this – we’re not paying our models a whole lot “yet” – because their compensation is tied in with the success of the site.

The more money our site makes – the more money our models make.
Originally all we did was sell photo sets – that was cool but, we weren’t making a lot of sales. So I introduced the VIP Section; and sales have picked up dramatically since.

Being that we had NO money when we started this site, we’ve had to stick to the neccessities and do what we could afford to do. I’ve made re-investments along the way – and that is why i’m always Thanking our Supporters for all that they have done to help keep us in Business.

Lurking is a huge problem on the internet.

Sure there are a few “legitimate reasons” for it – when it comes to spending money some people just don’t have it. Others do, but don’t want any of their loved ones to find out about their “Fetish” – …. or as we say around here, Foot Appreciation.

You should see the emails I get from people who cancel their subscription to the HottBarefoot Issue (our newsletter) – Lots of them say things like, “my gf found out and got mad at me” – or “I don’t want someone to find out what I’m looking at” – lol.

So not every joe who visits our wonderful site is going to sign up for the VIP or buy photo sets (although they should) – we understand that.

However during our Year of operating on the web, bringing you New Faces of hotties with great bare feet – we get so many requests for Videos and DVD’s it’s not even funny.

People will email me and say, “photos don’t do it for me, when are you gonna have videos” – It’s hard for me to imagine how photos don’t do it for a person who claims to have a foot appreciation. But it’s easy to understand why people want to see Videos.

Hell, why else did google buy for over $1 Billion?

Videos are hot – no matter what the subject matter – it’s what people go to the movies for; it’s why people have televisions in their homes – the internet is slowly morphing into Interactive TV – When we finally get a video camera we’ll announce it here first – We’ll even post HOT video clips in our blog for you to enjoy.

Make sure you subsribe to this blog and keep us in your readers so that you don’t miss out on those awesome forthcoming announcements.

Me and Blogging pt 2

Friday, October 27th, 2006

Yea man – that blog Value is all the way up to $26 … just 1 day later.

How bout that. I wonder what other people’s blogs are worth; Maybe I’ll look into it – could be quite interesting…

There’s a big world out there – this blogosphere as someone else called it. Sounds like a pretty accurate term. Check out a blog by a guy who’s forum I visit occasionally – over @ – His blog looks real interesting. He’s linked up to some hot 1byDay blogs – one of my all time favorite websites.

Sure my site has no nudity but – that doesn’t mean I dont like naked women.

Who doesn’t?

the PingOat place that evaluated my blog and gave it it’s “worth” so far .. told me to place some html code into my layout so it can track things for me. I’m not quite sure If i want to do that just yet but … I don’t mind putting it in this post.

Oh well – guess It didn’t work –

I hope the blog worth continues to go up; Hey if the worth goes up anymore – that’s a good thing right? … let’s hope so.

Me and Blogging…

Thursday, October 26th, 2006

I didn’t have much of a problem scrapping the forum – I was over at today because I’m registered with their phpbb forum & decided to check out their thread on LURKERS!

Funny to me that he actually dedicated a thread just to them.

But I could understand his issue – I figured that if i’m gonna be the only one Commenting that I might aswell go with a blog – Takes the pressure off all the lurkers on the internet; (There are more than plenty) – plus it gives me a chance to do really cool stuff like, talk about other blogs.

Blogging is big time now in 2006 – as we enter 2007 soon the “blogosphere” is growing. I just recently claimed my blog over at a site which basically puts all the blogs in one place. I’m still pretty new but it’s pretty cool if you ask me;
Technorati Profile

Check that out – I decided to sign up and Claim my blog on there. Gonna keep you all up to date on how that all works out.  I typed in my blog address on a site called “PingOat” to find out how much my blog is worth.

$10.05 … already!

The blogs only like 3 days old. I hope things continue to go well for our blog. As you can tell, I get excited about small things. (I wonder if they’ll pay me big bucks for my blog, like google did for youtube.)

ahh – dreams.

Paying Omage..

Thursday, October 26th, 2006

I’m new to blogging actually so I’m going to See if this works …

Ok I go to the HTML tab, to insert some Flash!

Damn… that didn’t work. Guess you can’t insert Flash into blog posts… So, anyways I wanted to pay omage to our humble beginnings. I had the idea a few days ago to post the ORIGINAL flash version of our site. you’d log on and bam! there were the models right there. Took some time for it to load up on slower computers and I’d imagine it’s still the same.

I’m actually glad that I switched to a format that both loads faster for our visotors, no matter what speed their inter-net … and also is fast for me to update when the time comes. No action scripting needed; all in all I’d say I’m proud of the direction we’ve gone in & hope others are too.

The next step for us – VIDEOS! – many people have been asking about when I’ll have videos and the short answer is, as soon as I purchase a camera to record videos with. That time is approaching. Be happy.

CMS for Everything…

Wednesday, October 25th, 2006

That’s my new “thing” – I just learned recently how to work with php & mysql to use content management systems… Glad I did too.

It makes updating content so much easier – if needed I could bring someone else on to handle updates and they wouldn’t need to have knowledge of .php or .html – they could have no knowledge whatsoever on how to design websites, and could effectively Run any site.

I’m pretty proud of the one I’ve attatched to the candid site – I guess what’s next is to make one for – My updates have been lagging a bit since launching the 3rd site but that’s mostly because of the time I’ve diverted into building CMS’s. However I really could use some help – In fact if anyone wants to help volunteer feel free to email me about it & we’ll see about bringing you on board with hbw productions.

Did you like that barefoot hottie below? BareBaseball Soles pt. 2 is now available to our candid area members – Next up – New Leila Janae sets coming to our VIP Section aswell as more photo sets to be made available for Purchase to our casual site visitors.

We’re still running the buy 2 get 1 FREE – if you’ve bought 2 photo sets from us and did not recieve a 3rd please contact us immediately.

Thanks again to all of you who have helped Support our website – please spread the word about our new Blog! – Blog us! – add us to your blog! subscribe to the Blog – Help me spread Foot appreciation around the world.