Month: October 2006

Don’t know what they’re saying..

Don’t really care either. All I know is, this video is HOT! Agree?


I know what you want … Videos.

I’ve got my eye on a really nice camera that should record some really great videos for all of you foot lovers everywhere. I’m also looking for new models to pose for our site and star in our very first Videos. I’ve made 2 videos so far with Keri Aurora & Vicki – however I […]

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Me and Blogging pt 2

Yea man – that blog Value is all the way up to $26 … just 1 day later. How bout that. I wonder what other people’s blogs are worth; Maybe I’ll look into it – could be quite interesting… There’s a big world out there – this blogosphere as someone else called it. Sounds like […]


Me and Blogging…

I didn’t have much of a problem scrapping the forum – I was over at today because I’m registered with their phpbb forum & decided to check out their thread on LURKERS! Funny to me that he actually dedicated a thread just to them. But I could understand his issue – I figured that […]


Paying Omage..

I’m new to blogging actually so I’m going to See if this works … Ok I go to the HTML tab, to insert some Flash! Damn… that didn’t work. Guess you can’t insert Flash into blog posts… So, anyways I wanted to pay omage to our humble beginnings. I had the idea a few days […]


CMS for Everything…

That’s my new “thing” – I just learned recently how to work with php & mysql to use content management systems… Glad I did too. It makes updating content so much easier – if needed I could bring someone else on to handle updates and they wouldn’t need to have knowledge of .php or .html […]