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What a great job…

Wednesday, November 29th, 2006


I was sitting here thinking about how glad I am, that I decided to give this a try.

I’m not even making a whole lot of money from this venture yet, but it sure is lots of fun. It’s been great to meet so many beautiful women, who are excited about showing off their feet. I mean it’s absolutely wonderful.

I get lots of feedback over on MySpace – which loads slowly for people using Internet Explorer. I reccommend Mozilla firefox for internet browsing, because I.E. Sucks – and in mozilla, my myspace page loads up.

Speaking of which – they’ve been hating on my profile lately. All messages I send out, and all comments I post are immediately deleted. Perhaps someone is raising flags on me because they don’t appreciate me spreading the word.

Good timing for that I suppose, since we’ve rolled out an affiliate program. Now, other people like you have the opportunity to make money while spreading the word about our site, and our hott barefoot models. Our Newest is Darin, who’s feet I posted a preview of below.

here are 2 more samples for you to enjoy!

Of course if you’re not New to our site – you may have seen these recently added to our Sample Gallery; Our sample photos are sized down to 800×600 – and yet I do think we’ve got LOTS of preview pics up compared to many foot sites around.

I can’t say enough how much you’d LOVE to see our sample images in Full size – Member photos are the best; Especially since most of the girls we’ve had the honor of working with have been fun & easy to work with. Eager to pose their feet in any position required to meet the needs of a foot appreciator.

If you love feet & have enjoyed the feet on our site, I must say that I’m glad to serve. Glad to help share with you my work, and I do hope to see you inside the VIP section.

** Our model sets will be up for sale again shortly. Still figuring out how to use some of my new toys. For now, don’t miss out on our $5 special – limited time only!!! Sign up today!

Enjoying our Blog?

Wednesday, November 29th, 2006

Well we want to hear from you! – Please leave your comments with the blogs you enjoyed. Feel free to add your thoughts to ours, for others who will stop by and read our blog.

Contact us today and let us know what’s on your mind.

More to Love…

Monday, November 27th, 2006

I’ve got some new sample photos from – not sure if everybody has heard about this site yet but it’s a really good one. Jennifer’s a delightful girl to work with, she absolutely loves her feet and wants you to love her feet too.

To see more of these awesome samples, you’ve gotta sign up for our FootGoddess Fan-Mail. It’s a great newsletter for people who like freebies. But if you really want to enjoy these photos, Join today!

Introducing, Darin

Got more samples of this redhead hottie on our samples page. Whoa – we have over 100 FREE samples for you on our site. Not many sites can make that claim. Even still, if you want to see our photos up close and personal, you’ve gotta join the VIP Section.

Vip members see all of our photos first! Right now if you join you can see 100 photos from Darin inside the VIP Section right now. The individual photo sets will return to the site shortly.

Making the transition from using paypal to ccbill means I need to figure out how to sell These photo sets to you, the way I want – I’m also looking into additional payment options for those of you who prefer to use Visa – more on that coming soon. Stay tuned.

New Samples, Maxim and More!

Thursday, November 23rd, 2006


The first thing I want to say is … “You’re gonna love our feet!

Our saying has inspired a new logo that is draped across our website – The HBW Love Logo.

I think it’s great to have a site like this – and I’m pretty excited about what all these new changes mean for the customers who’ve contacted me asking for an alternative to paypal – I dont want to keep talking about that. On To more NEW Stuff!

New Samples

I’ve added NEW samples to our Tour Page – our sized down gallery with the comment area below it which took over for our forum-based community. To see more visit the sample gallery today.

See these photos in our Sample Gallery in 800×600 resolution.

If you want to see these in HUGE Resolution then …

Join for $5!

If you haven’t noticed, we have a Brand New option for you to preview our website for only $5 – that’s incredible. Hurry before this Promotion ENDS! – Sign up for $5 and preview our website for 3 days – after which you will be billed for only $28.00/mo – which saves you $1.99/mo over our Regular Membership Prices.

New Prices!!

Our new membership price of $29.99/mo is still a very wonderful deal for you. These are afterall some of the BIGGEST photos of bare feet on the internet today. Our girls make the effort to look very nice for you, and bring their beautiful feet to each photo shoot in top condition (most of the time) – and even the ones who have a few imperfections, have beautiful imperfections to behold. I’m telling you – this is really a great site.

But don’t listen to me – Read the comments from people who’ve passed by and enjoyed our photos – I even get a few reviews over on Myspace –

Hott Barefoot Affiliates

… I’m still putting together the details but you can join us today – for FREE – and you can start placing our banners and promo ads to your myspace profiles, blogs, and any websites you run or have access too, that will allow you to insert html codes.

20% payout – for now – I will be adding a tier payout system to this affiliate in the very near future as soon as I decide on the %’s – but this is going to be a very Lucrative deal for you all out there in affiliate land – We want you to make lots of money through us!

And now… for a lil maxim online

First off I must say that I am in no way “affiliated” with Maxim Magazine – however … I am a subscriber. One good thing is you get access to all sorts of hot photos like these.

Now if you’re like me – you really liked those hot photos – I sure hope I dont get in trouble for sharing them – but afterall they are MINE – since I am a subscriber. Darn it! – and it’s not like I just gave away all their/my bonus pics – However…

I must say there are NOT enough bare feet in Maxim.

That’s one reason I signed up. I wanted to see hot girls, and it seemed like when it first came out in every issue there were at least 1 or 2 real nice lookin, barefoot girls.

I don’t see what the harm would be if they decided not to crop out the feet in so many of the pictures published for their magazine. Not like people would complain – and I’m certainly not suggesting they focus on the girls’ feet like I do in the photos I take of women.

All I’m saying is… stop cropping the feet out of the picture.


At least with the bonus pics. I mean that’d make bonus pics Mean so much more than ‘bonus pics’ – I mean, they’d be Real BONUS pics for all the extra that you can see. Like… the girls feet. I think this was brought up in Playboy’s foot mag – the one they put out every year (I think) – I remember it talking about how so many people wrote in complaining about the crop outs, so they made an entire issue with NO CROPPED out bare feet – and MY My MY what a wonderful issue that is.

Playboy Bunnies Barefoot.

Now that’s one for the road….

From now on, we’re using CCBill

Tuesday, November 21st, 2006

Some of you already wrote me and either made a great guess of who I was going with – or made a great suggestion in who I Should go with for our New online billing processor.

My mind was already made up – some of the hints I dropped were of course, referring to the wonderfull Billing Solution for websites like mine, CCBill – I’ve had my eye on them from the beginning, Paypal was a good solution for us early on. So again, I’m not upset with them at all for their decision.

Prophetic almost – seems like only a few weeks ago (and it was) that JanesReview mentioned that our using paypal was the Only Drawback to our site – why? – They’re Notorious for pulling support from sites that have any kind of sexual orientation to them. The guy who runs and I talked briefly about this.

Was I in denial?

Not really. I knew that feet are sexually arousing to some people. I’m sure the majority of the people who visit this site, visit for that reason. But I really thought that since there was No Nudity on the site, that paypal would overlook that.

They did for a while – long enough – But as that door closes, I open up the door – and hello CCBill! – Bigger, more robust, exactly what this site needed.

Now, everybody can join!

As great of a service as paypal is – it’s got it’s limitations. Such as – the people who can’t understand English – And there’s a whole world of people out there who don’t – all of them were completely unable to enjoy our love of female feet; Our HUGE Resolution Photos. But that day is over with now. Everyone Can sign up!

Make MONEY to refer our site!!

Can you say affiliate program?

Our Current payout is 20% on all referrals to – Our sign up page is bare (for now – but may be updated soon) – Sign up and become an Affiliate Today – it’s FREE – place our banners and promo Ads on your page – your site – your myspace – xpeeps – your blog – or wherever, and You can make money everytime someone joins our site, from your Referral – CCBill’s affiliate programs run smoothly – they keep track of everything for you.

They’ll even give you the banner & promo ad code to use – with Your ID included in the html link. It’s simple, and makes it very easy to get paid. Over the next few months I’ll roll out plenty of Affiliate based programs – I’m even looking into a way to get affiliate code included in our HottBarefoot Layouts for myspace – So not only can you have a Hot Profile – Not only can you give yourself a chance to win a FREE membership to one or more of our sites – but you can also Make Money from anyone who visits our site, through your Referral-Coded HottBarefoot Myspace Layout.

New Everything…

Sunday, November 19th, 2006

It’s crazy to think that in a few days we’re going to be starting all over from scratch.

Every single one of our members who up till recently was re-billed by one company, will no longer be billed through them again.

And my current system of keeping up with members & memberships will be changing aswell.

Prices are going to go up a bit. Keep in mind that originally, joining our VIP Section was $40/mo – we lowered that to $25.99 – a Steal! The new price will be $29.99 – worth every dollar – just ask any of our current or former members.

More details coming soon…