Month: December 2006

Just me and you, “now”

So here is the do-over – as promised…

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It’s just you and Me .. Now…

I’ve been waitin, umm … Sorry about that. Not sure if any of you have heard of Cassie – the girl who sings the song, “me and you” – I recently saw a video for a newer song of hers… and she’s laying on her bed checking her laptop in “The Pose” – foot afficionados […]

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The Homepage Experience…

So I promised I would write this quickly and go to sleep. Just wanted to tell my readers about a little known feature about our Home Page. If you’ve noticed every time you visit the site the home page picture in the center changes (I’m sure you’ve noticed that). But what you may not have […]

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Programmers, Ideas, Help Needed!!!

OK so here’s what I need… Programmers. I need to create a post-back script that will talk to my ccbill account, in order to start selling photo sets once again. This type of scripting is a tad bit beyond my webmaster’s ring of knowledge; and at the same time sounds like an excellent learning opportunity. […]

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Am I just biased?

I really think my site is awesome. When I say you’re gonna love our feet – I mean it. I think I’ve really created a website for the foot lover – for the lover of the woman and all of her beauty. Sure, I really really want you to join the site because I think […]


7 days for $7.50!

I hope you knew I wasn’t gonna leave you hanging. As promised here’s another great deal for you! An all new membership option just in time for the holidays. Preview our site for a whole week, for just $7.50! Then – another great deal for you as your membership will renew at only $27.99/mo – […]