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Just me and you, “now”

Sunday, December 31st, 2006

So here is the do-over – as promised…

It’s just you and Me .. Now…

Saturday, December 30th, 2006

I’ve been waitin, umm … Sorry about that.

Not sure if any of you have heard of Cassie – the girl who sings the song, “me and you” – I recently saw a video for a newer song of hers… and she’s laying on her bed checking her laptop in “The Pose” – foot afficionados will understand that the pose is when a girl is laying on her stomach with her bare feet in the air – crossed or not.

Lots of women do this unconciously… and it’s extremely hot. Anyways from the brief moments that you see her in this new video in The Pose, anyone with foot expertise can tell that, she’s got Incredible feet. Very, very nice soles.

I guess someone spotted her having a good time on the beach recently and took some photos of her in her sexy bikini. But, thankfully for foot lovers that’s not all that they got pictures of.

Cute girl… I’m a leg man and she’s doig well in that dept. aswell – Hope you can appreciate the beauty of her feet – nicely shaped, long toes – mouth watering.

I’ll look around for that video and if I find it, of course – I’ll link it up to here so you can all enjoy it. Too bad there were no Sole Shots.

The Homepage Experience…

Saturday, December 30th, 2006

So I promised I would write this quickly and go to sleep.

Just wanted to tell my readers about a little known feature about our Home Page. If you’ve noticed every time you visit the site the home page picture in the center changes (I’m sure you’ve noticed that). But what you may not have noticed is that the 4 photos just below it also change… or rotate.

Giving you a Unique Homepage Experience every single time you visit our wonderful site.

Wanna rotate the images? Try reloading our homepage a few times – Or for you shortcut lovers, simply press F5.

If you’re enjoying our HOTT Barefoot Blog be sure to tell others – spread the word, and help spread Foot Appreciation!!!

Programmers, Ideas, Help Needed!!!

Thursday, December 28th, 2006

OK so here’s what I need…


I need to create a post-back script that will talk to my ccbill account, in order to start selling photo sets once again. This type of scripting is a tad bit beyond my webmaster’s ring of knowledge; and at the same time sounds like an excellent learning opportunity.

If anyone knows of a good script that’s already out there pleast let me know – or if anyone knows of a shopping cart that will work with ccbill, I’d love to hear about that too.

I think you’ll enjoy this brand new gallery. Much more on the way; more reason to join our affiliate program; All of our affiliates will also recieve .zip file galleries to promote our site – increating our affiliate’s opportunities to make money with us. Click here to sign up for Free

Am I just biased?

Tuesday, December 26th, 2006

I really think my site is awesome. When I say you’re gonna love our feet – I mean it.

I think I’ve really created a website for the foot lover – for the lover of the woman and all of her beauty. Sure, I really really want you to join the site because I think our HUGE Photos are worth it. I think the beautiful landscape that is California which is in the background of all our photos, makes it worth it.

But even without joining, our site has Plenty to See – with the addition of our blog, you now have plenty to read – day by day our site grows, and grows, and is Truly becomming THE Place to visit on the web to quench your foot fetish thirst.

And yes, I do prefer to call it ‘foot appreciation’ – because around here that’s really all it is. I’m not exactly an extremist. I’m not really into some of the things that I’ve seen on other foot sites, and foot boards – like crushing or pain & punishment – No, I just simply admire the bare beauty of bare feet. The Soft soles of a woman.

Taking all of this into mind – looking around this site is something you MUST do. There’s so much to say – from our awesome sample gallery – to the comments left by people who’ve passed by; Take a moment to type in YOUR thoughts while you’re there.

The VIP Samples are awesome; I talk and talk, and talk about our HUGE “big deal” 2288 x 1712 photos and tell you folks over and over and over again how much you’re gonna love our feet. A picture speaks louder than words.

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If you’re on a budget We offer plenty of options for you to join our site so that you too can appreciate the beauty of our models’ bare feet; It’s been such a pleasure, priveledge and an honor to work with hotties like Sierra, Carrie, & Julah – girls who gladly and gleefully smiled while I photographed their sexy shaped soles & toes for you.

Maybe I’m just biased – but I really do feel that with all of the features our site has, we’re more than JUST a site for members; But when it comes to our members, not many sites are providing the quality product that VIP members recieve here. Maybe I’m just biased…

7 days for $7.50!

Sunday, December 24th, 2006

I hope you knew I wasn’t gonna leave you hanging.

As promised here’s another great deal for you! An all new membership option just in time for the holidays. Preview our site for a whole week, for just $7.50!

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