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Big Announcement

Tuesday, January 30th, 2007

Our video camcorder arrived yesterday – so that means you can all look forward to VIDEO!

It’s about time right?

What took me so long? – some of you may be wondering – well I was very meticulous about finding out what camera I wanted – then I wanted to get it at a good price. Something I picked up from my parents, and people who’ve been shopping since before I was even thought of – always, always buy at a bargain – or don’t buy at all.

We purchased a Sony DCR-SR40 – 30gb HardDrive camcorder – which produces very high quality video that you’re gonna love. All of our new models from here on out will have a video inside our members area, and I will most likely open up a clips4sale store (kinda comes with the images4sale store) – for people who want to purchase clips of our Hott Barefoot Women.

I love women’s bare feet – don’t you?

There is a debate that rises up occasionally between myself and other business partners about whether or not we should include nudity in the site – or form a new site with nudity in it. While I love nudity as much as the next dirty old man I do think Bare, naked feet can be more than enough to keep any true foot lover stimulated.

I plan to use my same “eye” for a good shot in all of our videos, recording bare – naked feet at awesome viewing angles that Will quench your foot thirst. (In other words…) The videos should be really HOTT!

I’m pretty excited, and hope that you are too – as always if you have any questions you can contact us through the site – send us your suggestions, we always listen to our fans.

Hott Soles

Monday, January 29th, 2007

I found this picture on the net and wanted to share it with you.

She’s got some hott soles!

500+ photos added in January

Sunday, January 28th, 2007

I just added another set of photos from our Long Toes hottie Claire. It’s a pretty hot set too; Claire slips into some tight blue shorts that really show off her posterior. Her long legs really stand out in these photos, just like her sexy long slender size 10 feet.

Just as a reminder, all of our photos are HUGE – so if you think these thumbnails were hott – just wait till you see the Member-size Photos(2288×1712). Join today @ any of our GREAT membership prices.

The addition of Claire’s set makes it a total of just over 500 photos added during the month of January. I may add another set before it’s over.

Yesterday I did a photo shoot with new model Tume – this hott asian foot model is going to blow your mind. Her petite size 7 feet are absolutely perfect. I can’t wait to get her photos onto the site & some of her samples floating around the foot-o-sphere.

I’m shooting with more models for the site soon – still searching for black models – and I’m even considering an all black foot model site that will shake up the foot-industry. Stay tuned for it all…

Cutting the overhead…

Friday, January 26th, 2007

So yea, the images4sale store is now open – and for now it’s our method of making our photo sets available to you… I am somewhat pleased. I heard about this site close to 2 years ago and had considered using them as an alternative to sell my photos. A couple years later, here we are…

I like that they create thumbnails of each .zip set so you can see what’s inside each one of our photo sets. Nice previews there – and they give you one Sample from each set, in full size too, except they blur it a little and add their watermark to it – I guess I like that, but then again I could do without the extra pixellation of my photos…

I don’t have any complaints really, except that 40% (their cut) seems a little high, especially when I’m the one doing all of the work… uploading and so on. Im not allowed to charge any less than $5.99, so for now I suppose you’ve gotta consider that to be, “images4sale tax” included – I’m considering making special .zip files just for our images4sale store – which will include larger photos per .zip file …. I mean is it really worth $5.99 for 25-28 photos?? … HUGE, 2288×1712 resolution photos??

I’m not really sure.

I know our VIP section is worth $40/mosign up while I’m still out of my mind offering it for under $30 – and feel free to show us your support by purchasing photos from our HottBarefoot Images4sale Store today!! – (so that box at the top won’t stay empty forever) – so our girls can earn some more money. Meanwhile I will continue to look for better options to sell photos directly on the site. That’ll certainly cut overhead.



We love our supporters … we really appreciate the people who have taken us up on our invitation to join our members areas, and as we always have here at HottBarefootWomen we’d like to create some kind of reward for those of you who decide to support our new store – For every photo set you purchase @ $5.99 – you will recieve 1 Week FREE to our VIP Section or – that’s right, for every $5.99 you spend, not only will you recieve the photos you ordered, You will Also gain Access to our site!!! purchase 4 sets, and you’re in for a month.

We love our supporters …

Besides, I wanted to make it worth $5.99visit us today!

*Who’s feet were those? In order of appearance from left to right & top to bottom – Julah, Carrie, Claire & Brittany – all from their photo sets, available @ our new store.

Asian Feetures –

Thursday, January 25th, 2007

I love asian feet – saw a hott pic from a new site and thought I’d take a moment to share it with all of you.

Aren’t asian soles beautiful?

HottBarefoot Images4Sale

Friday, January 19th, 2007

While I figure out a way to sell photo sets on my website again – I’ve opened up a store through the well known – in fact if you click that link you’ll be taken to our store; which is Heavily Under construction.

When it’s all finished it will have lots of photo sets – and will even have some of our hottest Candid photo sets available for you to purchase aswell – Lastly it will most likely look just like another page on our site – as I will build a place on our site just for it.

Similar to the twin page of our blog – which is nestled into the HottBarefootWomen Trademark Layout. Anyways the store is Open – please don’t mind our dust – as we add new sets and make our images available … 4sale that is, through our brand new online store.