Month: February 2007

R.I.P Anna…

I actually saw this as a Myspace Bulletin & thought it was a joke; but apparently Anna Nicole Smith died today. It’s a pretty oddball sounding case, as her son just died ‘mysteriously’ not too long ago. Anyways, I went searching for some nice pics of Anna’s bare feet, and this is sorta like a […]

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Talking about Options..

I wanna take some time to talk about some of our Join Options. This site is unique in that we offer you a variety of affordable ways to enjoy our website. However I realized that I don’t really have an official explanation of them all – I’m pretty happy with the variety and will most […]

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Her soles are Back!

Cara Brimmley and her beautiful Bare Feet are BACK!!! First I brought you a hot yoga video of this video blogging “nohoGirls” front girl … now I’m bringing you their newest video, with their newest room mate, from the NEW site – It’s kinda like youTube, but a little better – As for Cara […]

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Amber 311 – HOTT!

I happened to come across this video thanks to a few links – One of the hottest foot girls on the net, in my opinion; Someone who I like to think of as a friend from myspace – Amber311 She really knows what us foot guys wanna see. see what I mean? – I’ll let […]

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Introducing … Tume

Recently (just before the arrival of the camcorder) I was fortunate to work with our newest Barefoot Woman – Tume. 4 of her samples have been added to our sample gallery and her debut set will be added later tonight to our VIP Members area. This was her first time doing any foot modeling – […]

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