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R.I.P Anna…

Thursday, February 8th, 2007

I actually saw this as a Myspace Bulletin & thought it was a joke; but apparently Anna Nicole Smith died today. It’s a pretty oddball sounding case, as her son just died ‘mysteriously’ not too long ago. Anyways, I went searching for some nice pics of Anna’s bare feet, and this is sorta like a tribute to her…

This was the only picture I could find…

Something that came up during my search for photos (which were very hard to come by) I found this interesting story – talk about interesting ‘timing’ – this came out a couple days ago; Wonder if the stress killed poor Anna.

Talking about Options..

Thursday, February 8th, 2007

I wanna take some time to talk about some of our Join Options.

This site is unique in that we offer you a variety of affordable ways to enjoy our website. However I realized that I don’t really have an official explanation of them all – I’m pretty happy with the variety and will most likely hang onto these for a while. So, since that’s the case, let’s talk about what you get with each one.

  • 3day trial – low recurring
  • 7day trial – lower recurring
  • Regular Price – $29.99/mo
  • One Time payment option
  • High Upfront – Low monthly membership.

Regular Price – $29.99/mo

So it’s $29.99 per month – very straight forward there – the original membership price however was $40/mo – and I still think the site it worth that much because of what you’re getting – HUGE photo sets – and HUGE photos. So for just under $30/mo you can enter our VIP area and have access to all current and future photo sets. Videos & photo sets of New Models are coming Very Soon – And yet I realize that not everybody can afford that. So I’ve come up with other options for you to figure out what’s best.

High Upfront – Low monthly membership.

Like the option to join @ $40 for the first month – but renews at just $20/mo – that’s a great deal – It’s a little expensive upfront but you save tons of money on the back end. It’s kind of like my thank you to you for paying “true value” for access to our site upfront. We’re running a business here and need as much support as possible. $40 upfront is a nice deposit towards the future of this site; which means you’ll have plenty of great foot material to look foward to. Meanwhile your ongoing support of $20/mo will go a very long way (let’s not forget our models recive a % of sales on our site) – I’ve even got more options …

One Time payment option

Like our one time fee of $35.00 – Pay once – you’re in our website for 30 days – no re-bills, no hassle, no questions whatsoever. If you weren’t all that impressed with our site you won’t have to worry about us ever again. If you’d like to become a regular monthly VIP member because you enjoyed that area tons, you’ve got quite a few awesome affordable options to do just that.

3day & 7day trial memberships

Like our Trial Memberships – which in my opinion are the best options for you. If you really just wanna check us out, it’s $5.95 for 3 days – If you see that it’s worth sticking around, it’s only $28.00/mo from there on out. You save $1.99/mo off our regular price. Sign up for our 7day trial and you’ll have access to our site for a whole week – it’s just $27.99/mo after that; You can of course just come back and sign up for 3 days, or weeks at a time.

While I personally feel that you’d need more than 3 days, or 7 days to download all of the stuff in our members area; you may not feel that you can afford to spend $40-$25 month – so spend $10-$15 instead. Spend $6-$8 … see – we’ve made it affordable for you.

Our awesome membership options are all here @ our sign up page.

We’ve also got ticket’s club for people who’d like to use Visa – If your ATM Card has a Visa logo on it, you can use it to have the funds for the site transferred directly from your bank account without having to fill out Routing Numbers or Banking Information. We’re not authorized to accept Visa through CCBill, so that’s what the Ticket’s Club option is there for – Look for the sexy Yellow Button on our sign up page.

Join us today! You’re gonna love our feet!

Her soles are Back!

Monday, February 5th, 2007

Cara Brimmley and her beautiful Bare Feet are BACK!!!

First I brought you a hot yoga video of this video blogging “nohoGirls” front girl … now I’m bringing you their newest video, with their newest room mate, from the NEW site – It’s kinda like youTube, but a little better – As for Cara – aggghhhhh – you’re gonna love how she wiggles her feet in the air back and forth in this hot video – of them talking (once again) about absolutely nothing.

Kickoffs and Knockoffs – 2-04-07

and another one of her hot bare foot ass workin out!

Workout weirdness – 2-1-07

love that outfit too… smokin hott. Now, that’s inspirational stuff right there…

Amber 311 – HOTT!

Sunday, February 4th, 2007

I happened to come across this video thanks to a few links – One of the hottest foot girls on the net, in my opinion; Someone who I like to think of as a friend from myspace – Amber311

She really knows what us foot guys wanna see.

see what I mean? – I’ll let her know the video is here and if she wants, she can leave a link to her myspace page so you can all see more of her hott bare feet.

Introducing … Tume

Thursday, February 1st, 2007

Recently (just before the arrival of the camcorder) I was fortunate to work with our newest Barefoot Woman – Tume. 4 of her samples have been added to our sample gallery and her debut set will be added later tonight to our VIP Members area.

This was her first time doing any foot modeling – I saw a picture of her on myspace wearing flip flops and her feet looked so nice that I had to invite her to pose for the site; It took a few months to finally get her interested in showing up, and I’m so glad she came.

You’ll be glad she came too – just take a look at these samples

There were a few moments during our shoot where I caught her giggling at the idea of people wanting to see her feet. Cute moments… wouldn’t you agree? Tume’s petite size 7 feet can only be seen here, @ – the place for Hott California girls, showing you their sexy bare feet.

Join our VIP section today for one of our Many, awesome membership deals – get in now while they’re still available for you. If you’re already a VIP member then I’ll see you inside soon.