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The Best Feet online…

Friday, March 30th, 2007

Take a moment to admire…

See more of the best feet online @

Hott Barefoot Translation

Friday, March 30th, 2007

(another great title for this blog – HottBarefootWomen goes International!)

Some of you may have noticed an added feature to our site – Translation by Google!

Here’s to hoping it works; Of course I dont speak these other languages so I will need your help. Please if you do speak the Native Tongue of any of the flags you see on our homepage, do us a favor and Let us know how well the Translation went…

I have TONS of international Visitors… TONS – sometimes I wonder how long they stay on the site if they can’t speak a word of English. I visited a great Chineese Foot site once and because I couldn’t read a single word, I didn’t say long – I even forgot the name of the site! Sucks…

I’ve been searching for a way to make our site more inviting to more people, and translating the site into other languages was one of my early Ideas. I won’t know how well this idea is going, until I hear back from YOU!

So Please, chime in – let me know how well the new Translation Service does.

hbw productions…

60 Vids and counting…

Tuesday, March 27th, 2007

As I type, there are now over 60 videos inside the Members Area of (and for a limited time, the VIP Members Section aswell.)

Pretty exciting stuff. As of now only about 30 of these videos have been made available for download – speaking of which, be forewarned that these are HUGE files and so it may take some time to download each one. That’s what you joined for. You’ve got all the time in the world to download these videos. I would also recommend finding some sort of express download tool; preferably one that’s free of spyware and adware – but if you don’t mind the wait then it’s worth it to leave your computer on, or do something else while your video downloads.

One of the reasons that our video files are so HUGE is I wanted to keep them in the Highest Possible Quality available. That’s just the way we do things around here. We dont size things down compromising the quality of the content. We give you HIGH Quality at very affordable prices. Take a look at this low quality .flv version from one of our hotter videos.

This same video is found on our slightly re-designed homepage. It’s great to watch the things women do with their feet. This latina is a great example of that. She’s got a very controlled wiggle about her, which is unlike some girls who’s feet wiggle uncontrollably – which by the way happens to be one of the hottest sights any footman could ever hope to whitness.

Of course, I’ve got PLENTY of feet vids like that inside our Members Areas. Now is the best time to join. The vids are really worth it. See the above sample again in High Quality MPEG format only inside our Members Areas. … in fact that’s what I’m working on.

Always Working

We’re always working to improve things around here – to raise the value of our website, and the service we offer to foot fans around the globe. Thanks to many of you we have truly become one of the top websites visited in the world; So we feel a certain obligation to give back. We seek to do so, in the form of High Quality Content – similar to our samples page, where you get an awesome preview of the kinds of photos found inside of our site, or the myspace layouts which incorporate the HUGE Resolution photos as perfect foot-space backgrounds … our High Quality candid feet videos follow in those same foot steps.

To prove it I’m working on creating a collage of High Quality samples – MPEG version, that will be short enough to play on your PC quickly, so that you can see just what you’re missing out on, if in fact you don’t want to take my word on it.

I like to cover all the bases…

More videos are being uploaded, and more videos are being made available for download (many right now are just sitting on the server… ) – Now I’d be the last to bash other foot video sites; but how many do you know that get THIS many videos up in the first few weeks of operation?

Striving to be the best … because that’s what you foot lovers deserve.

Members Discussion Board is up…

Sunday, March 25th, 2007

I talked about doing this some time ago, forgot – then remembered that I was going to do this. So now it’s done.

In a nutshell I moved our Original Board with it’s original posts to the VIP Section – I’ve got to do some pruning due to bots interrupting, but now all of our VIP members now have a place to discuss the website, for MEMBERS ONLY.

Anything goes on our Members Only Board. Once again giving our members even more of a reason to sign up. Give me a couple of weeks to finish with the Download Access Passes for our models, and I’ll have more news for you all about the New (sorta) Members Board, only inside of our VIP Section.

stay tuned…

If you want to join click here – VIP members have access to All of our HottBarefoot Models’ photo sets, ALL of our hott videos from & access to our members discussion board (have your say so heard by other paying customers.)

So generous… HottBarefoot Promotions

Friday, March 23rd, 2007

We just keep getting better and better around here … Since I alluded to this in the comment section of another blog post, I’ll be sure to tell you about it at the end. But in short, I’ve got another Promotion up my sleave.

History of Promos @ HBW

I’ll start by stating that as far as paysites go, we’ve gotta be one of the ONLY sites that’s always coming up with ways for you to win FREE memberships to our pay-member areas. Allow me to give a brief history of some of our best Promotions.

  • Buy 2 get one Free! – In our early days we only sold photo sets. 100 HUGE Resolution photos in each set. If you purchased 2 – I gave you a 3rd set for free. Made lots of people happy with that promotion, So happy that quite a few came back and bought more photo sets.
  • Supporters of our site, won FREE access to our Candids area when it first launched in December of 2005. Anyone who bought a photo set of our models, was given FREE access to the site when it opened up. I kept that promo going for a while – then we launched the VIP Section.
  • Back then we had our phpBB board in full swing; There wan’t lots of participation though. Not only did we have TONS of free samples in our board but we had news and upcoming events posted; much like what you see at our blog now. So, I decided to run a few promotions there and of course I gave away FREE memberships to our websites. I ran 2 good ones – The person who had the most quality posts in a week – that’s right a week, won FREE access to our Candids Site. Then I ran a month long campaign – The person with the most quality posts in a month won a month’s access to HBW’s VIP Section.

    They didn’t even have to spend a dime & won free access.

  • I liked how that went so I ran a HottBarefoot Layout Promotion for users on MySpace – Myspace is a great site, I love it. I’ve really used the site since day one to connect with other foot fans around the world; to tell them about all the sexy bare feet found on our website. I even went so far as to create Layouts for Foot Fans because of all the compliments I recieved on My Layout, which of course featured a hott barefoot model. So, I ran a contest. I told people to use our Layouts and they’d have a shot at winning a FREE membership to the site. I gave away a total of 6 FREE memberships to our Websites.

Why am I sharing this?

Do I tell you all this for a pat on the back? Nope. Do I want you to thank me or tell me how great I am? Nope. Do I want you to think this site is the greatest foot site ever? OF COURSE I do.

Recently I gave our VIP members a surprise – FREE VIDEOS from – one day they logged into the VIP Section and found a link to a page full of download links to all of our candid video footage. Now, for a limited time only joining our VIP Section means you get to download all the photos of our Hott Barefoot Models … AND ALL of the videos from

These videos are HOTT! – nothing but the best as you’ve come to expect from us; our vidoes are the highest quality MPG format – 720×480 screen resolution – perfect for burning to a DVD to watch over and over again on your big screen TV’s… or portable dvd players (you horny foot dogs you.)

I’m working on a few new models – and there will be Video involved there too; Personally I can’t wait. The videos I’ve got planned with our New Models are gonna be … what else .. Hott!

I mean, if you just joined – for the low low $5 – then already you’ve gotten more than your money’s worth; If you’re a new VIP member, what’s better than a Surprise Download Section once you get inside? We’re giving away FEET!!!

The videos really are hot too… really they are.

There are some .flv format samples here that you can view; They give a good idea of what the foot action is like; But they dont hold a candle to the quality MPG’s inside our members areas. You know what to do by now – if you want to join there are so many great join options available to you – I’ve made it easy for just about anybody to be able to afford our website.

And things will only get better with the forthcoming Download Access Passes – Before you had to purchase sets individually – Now you’ll get to download ALL the photos of your favorite model for one price. Prices will vary however, based on the number of available photo sets and/or videos available.

Coming soon

Now for that announcement – the next major promotion and people are going to win free memberships and free passes to our site – one word : Surveys.

I want to know what I’m doing good and what I can do better. To do that I’m going to need your help. I’m putting together a survey that will measure our performance and will give you the unique opportunity to help shape the direction of our website. And to top it all off, everyone who completes our survey will be entered into the drawing for quite a few nice prizes.

  • 1st place – One year’s access to both &
  • 2nd place – 30 days access to
  • 3rd place – 30 days access to
  • runners up will recieve Download Access Passes to some of our hottest barefoot models.

There’s also a special prize for Every Person who completes our Survey – which I’ll save for now. Just know that we’ve got a history of doing great things for foot lovers, and this is going to be one of the very best.

No other Foot Site does it like us…

Here to do our part to spread foot appreciation around the globe; The woman is indeed beautiful from the top of her head, to the soles of her feet. Let’s help people everywhere come to the understanding, that a woman is much more than a pair of T&A… she’s a pair of legs & feet aswell.


A Great Sample…

Thursday, March 22nd, 2007

here’s a great sample of Crystal from a website that I submitted a few photos to; Our site is one of their featured sites; We’re kinda far down the page but, at least we’re on the page.

I wanted to be sure though, that visitors to our site would have the pleasure of appreciating Crystals beautifully shaped feet – a toes and sole shot for all of you foot fans from around the world.. thanks again for stopping by.