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Saturday, April 28th, 2007

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Sex Tips anyone?

Friday, April 27th, 2007

Ok guys, i Had to share this video – some random girl who gives out sex tips on YouTube here, talking about anal sex. Once this video begins you’ll know exactly Why I posted it.

The YouTube response

Thursday, April 26th, 2007

The response to our new channel on youTube has been wonderful.

In our first week on there we’ve got 41 subscribers & a little ribbon with #82 next to it; We made the Most Subscribers in a week list!

Thanks to all of you who stopped by here first, and decided to check us out on youTube. Thanks to all of you who first ran into us at youTube, and I hope you’ll enjoy this wonderful blog about the beauty of women’s bare feet.

Big Thanks to YOU!

Sunday, April 22nd, 2007

While sitting here right now, I Felt the need to extend a hearty Thanks to all of you who continue to support, and visit our Bare Foot Website.

Kick your shoes off and relax; watch as girls take their shoes off and do the same. The site continues to Grow – It’s been a Great month as far as traffic goes, people just keep on showing up. I hope some of the changes and additions I’ve made to the site are pleasing.

Like our Flag Translation – I know lots will be lost in translation but, I hope the idea gets across at least; Enough so that people who don’t speak English can still enjoy the hott feet on our site.

The videos, as you may have noticed are popping up more and more. One month into launching our video section for the candid site and already over 60 vids are available to download; None of this is possible with out Your support!

I give away lots, because I really appreciate all of you who’ve stuck with us over the years, and watched us grow from a new site hoping to make it, to a real popular site for foot lovers to visit. And I’d like to keep on expanding, but to do that I am going to need even more help.

I’d like this site to be a community; where foot lovers can have a place to admire the beauty of women’s feet – enjoying video and photographic content. We love the comments you’ve all posted; I think your genuine comments have helped others decide if they want to spend money with us or not.

It’s been worth it right?

I’m putting together surveys for members, and people who’ve purchased memberships so that others can hear/read about their experiences, their satisfactions, or lack thereof.

Im glad you stopped by to read this today. Please read more of our blogs, you’ll really enjoy this section on the internet. Feel free to leave a comment while you’re here.

And dont forget to join one of our websites – for Quality Foot Entertainment.

Slightly better quality vids

Saturday, April 21st, 2007

I like this site, it does a ‘slightly’ better job of converting our HIGH quality .MPG’s into videos that can easily stream to your computer screen. Let me know if you like the quality aswell; It’s hard to convey how clear our vids are, w/o chopping one up and giving you a 10-15 second downloadable clip.

I may start doing that, but that’s more work! lol

Candid Feet Tube

Thursday, April 19th, 2007

A pretty hot site I ran across – has all kinds of great asian girls feet videos – and probably is a good way to find all kinds of videos on YouTube, but especially asian girls feetas far as this page is concerned. They’ve even linked to a video of MINE!

Bare Hose and Soles

That’s right folks, we now have a profile set up on YouTube where you can watch the videos that I’ll be posting. Right now I have a few up from that you can enjoy.. one of which caught the eye of that HOT site I started out with.

Check out this hot video which I ran into towards the bottom of the page with our Bare Hose Soles video linked up on there.

Hot! – I also saw another vid from the same chick where she’s asking guys to STOP asking her for more vids like that; Too bad she didn’t realize the guy asking her to show off her soles and face, had a Foot Fetish… YouTube may not have been the best venue for a video like that if she’s NOT interested in replies and.. requests, for more of the same.

Her soles were awesome.

Speaking of which, I really really love Asian feet. Anyone who’s been visiting our Candids Site knows that I happen to bump into lots of asian girls around town; I dont know why it is, but sooo many of them have not just good, but GREAT feet!

Well shaped feet, toes, smooth sexy soft soles – here’s to you asian women!

Check out a few more hot vids of asian girls and their nice feet.

If you’re a YouTube user check out the vids on our profile, look for new vids – and dont forget to comment the vids! See you there soon.