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Mozilla users: Windows Media Player issues?

Friday, April 13th, 2007

I hope this will help – I know it will in fact. Our blog is more than just a place for people with a foot fetish … a foot appreciation can come to admire women’s feet – it’s also informative.

Like you, I’ve experienced problems with Manually Installing the Windows Media “missing” Plugin for Firefox; I love firefox by the way, and all of our websites are best viewed in that browser; However as is explained in this excellent article, Microsoft isn’t making it easy for people using Mozilla to install the plug-in’s needed to view video content.

As a result this blog entry will be highlighted on the website, highlighted on the blog as a very important post; all because of what’s coming to our BarefootCandids Members area.

Streaming Video.

Currently all we have available are .MPG’s – which are The highest of quality; great, but it can eat up lots of space, and takes a while to download. while the videos are great I want to give members a chance to check out the video “now” – while they wait for their movie to finish downloading.

I found a way to do it; it’s great, but if you’re using Mozilla like I am, the player Might not Load unless you’ve installed all components of the Windows Plug-In (for FireFox) – instructions on how to do so are found in the article; it’s easy, took me less than a minute, and now Streaming Video is on the way!

A tad bit better quality than the current .flv streaming – here’s an example of an upcoming video to the site. All 4 minutes and 24 seconds just for your veiwing pleasure.

See more great footage inside – If the video is not playing, that means you need to install those plug-in files. All of our videos in our members area are The Highest Quality 720×480crystal clear videos that you can burn to a DVD and enjoy over and over again. And coming soon – “Streaming!” for our members only. See you inside!