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It’s Picture time

Sunday, April 15th, 2007

All in the effort of spreading appreciation for women’s bare feet – for the entire woman’s body; Occasionally I post photos from around the web here at our Hott Barefoot Blog – not just girls from our site; one of the more unique aspects of our blog.

Enough of me talking. Enjoy.

A couple from a great site,

What a Hottie!

For all you Myspace Geeks – Tila Tequila’s Bare Soles – a Yummy pic.

Glad to share some of the photos from My personal collection with you. Let me know what you think of these; leave your comments below.

the Beef up continues..

Sunday, April 15th, 2007

I dont think anyone has caught on to our Blog Contest yet – not a single Blog has been written; Or if it has, they haven’t linked it up to any of our Blog Entry’s.

Maybe these terms are just a tad bit too complex for your average internet browsing foot lover.

Maybe the rules are a bit too difficult.

So I may just keep this contest going for a while to really give everyone a fair shot. I honestly thought that announcing this blog contest would result in Lots of blogs going up. Who knows, maybe people don’t really believe I’ll do it.


Attn: Members

It’s here! Now you can watch a streaming .wmv version of our videos – and soon a streaming .flv page will be available aswell – So you can watch the videos and then decide if you want to download them or not, in High Quality 720×480 resolution.

The Files are BIG in many cases; but are always well worth the time it takes to download them; That’s what you Sign up for. That’s what you pay money to do – so you’ll have an entire MONTH to download the videos and photo sets from our site that you want to see.

Now if I can only find some sort of .php script, or file that can read .zip files – I’ll add a photo gallery to the members area for BOTH sites.

I’m adding a Members Blog to BarefootCandids aswell (for our members) – where I’ll post about updates, new videos and/or new photos that are added for your downloading pleasure; and also a place to give our Paying Customers a chance to discuss the members area with each other.

I even plan to have a few of those comments show up on the main page so that everyone can see what our members think of the Hott Candids Area.

Attn: VIP Members

A members board is up and running; lots of updates such as these will be re-posted there; I’ve got a Coming Soon section which discusses what’s coming to the VIP Members Area – an Update forum (moving the updates from the VIP Home Page) – and soon some of our NEW models will be Talking WITH YOU!

Yes, NEW Models – so far I’ve worked with 2 new girls who’s feet you all really will love. Due to the change I’ve gotta keep the new girls top secret until their Download Access Pass areas have been completed. I can however show you a few photos – and I’ll do just that.

Who are these Hott Barefoot Women? Find out soon.

Girls from So Cal who’d like to model for us are always welcomed to fill out the model application here.

Stay tuned to our blog for more news on the site, more pics of barefoot women – from our site and from others that I enjoy.

If you’ve kept up with our site, you know by now that we go out of our way to make sure you’re getting your Money’s worth – One of our early mottos when it comes to spending money with us is, it’s the BEST money you’ll ever spend on feet.

And You’re gonna Love our feet – see you inside!