Month: June 2007

Previews of New HOTT Model Hannah!

Check out the ‘bio’ pic that will be used for our newest Hott Barefoot Woman – Hannah! We took quite a few pictures And video aswell – speaking of which our Video Section is up and running; VIP Members can log in here – Videos will soon be available in each of our models’ Access […]

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What are Download Access Passes?

Download Access Passes are something I created recently to replace my former method of selling Individual photo sets of Individual Models. Our former billing processor (who’s name I won’t use) pulled the plug on us after learning what we were using the account for. According to their terms of service our site, though lacking nudity […]


Proof! Feet are tied to Sex Organs

For years in my dealings with women who find guys with foot ‘appreciation’ fetishes to be weird, odd, strange, ect… I have tried informing them that it’s actually the oppostie. Guys who know how to please a woman’s feet, know how to please her entire body – feet are tied to the sex organs. The […]

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Model Videos on the way!

The Video section is almost ready! Currently, VIP members can download ALL of our videos from – currently as I type this, there are over 135 videos there, ready to go. The Neat thing about this is if you are a member of you can watch a ‘streaming’ version of the videos while […]

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High Quality Clips @

Check out our all new Clips @ Now you can see what I mean when I say our videos are in High Quality – you’re gonna love our candid videos – the close up angles of women’s feet In Motion! Women do some very sexy things with their feet; often without realizing how […]

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NEW photos for VIP members

300 photos were uploaded to our VIP members area – photos of our newest models, Mistress Papillion and Merica. Samples from these photo sets are on the way; Sign up for our FREE newsletter to see sample photos that no one else will see – Join the site to see the photos in HUGE resolution. […]