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Previews of New HOTT Model Hannah!

Tuesday, June 26th, 2007

Check out the ‘bio’ pic that will be used for our newest Hott Barefoot Woman – Hannah!

We took quite a few pictures And video aswell – speaking of which our Video Section is up and running; VIP Members can log in here – Videos will soon be available in each of our models’ Access Areas aswell.

Lots of changes are always going here at our site – we’ve had a few weeks of service outages however, and I’d like to apologize for that. My hosting company and I are working on the problem and hope to have it resolved very soon, so that none of you have to land on our home page only to wonder if everything is still operational.

Which reminds me of how I want to say thanks to all of the fans who continue to support the site; as we’ve always said here, without your support there is No site – Our models recieve a % of the money you spend here, unlike the majority of websites you visit. Show your appreciation to our models for showing YOU their sexy legs & feet!

Stay tuned for much more of this new Hottie – aswell as many more to come, as we continue our mission to help spread Foot Appreciation!

What are Download Access Passes?

Saturday, June 23rd, 2007

Download Access Passes are something I created recently to replace my former method of selling Individual photo sets of Individual Models.

Our former billing processor (who’s name I won’t use) pulled the plug on us after learning what we were using the account for. According to their terms of service our site, though lacking nudity or any adult themes, is sexually oriented – since tons of people do indeed ‘get off’ to women’s feet.

So I had to find a new way to sell individual photo sets – I even had to find a new way to sell memberships to our VIP section, which allow users to view All of our HottBarefoot Models for one monthly fee – aswell as preview NEW sets before anyone else.

However, I also have a contract with my models to pay them a % of these photo sets, so I needed to move quickly.

I signed up for an account with CCBill – and was able to get the VIP members area back up and running again by mid to late september. I still needed to solve the problem of selling photo sets again, but there was no easy way to do this through CCBill – I would need a script, which I could not find nor figure out how to create.

So, I did the next best thing.

I created subscription areas for Each model – Instead of selling individual photo sets of individual models, Download Access Passes allow me to sell access to Individual Models and all of their available photo (& for some models, video) sets.

Download Access Passes are subscriptions which last for 3-15 days – and depending on how many photo sets each Individual Model has, a small fee between $6-$15 … this is a one-time fee and your access is good for however many days you pay for.

Download Access Passes are a good way to tour the site – If you’re not sure about becomming a member, check out one of our models for a few days, check out her pics, and decide if you’d like to see them all, or purchase a Download Access Pass for another one of our girls.

You’re gonna love these Bare feet – Most of our models are women who I met on MySpace – most have No modeling experience whatsoever, some have a little, and I even have a girl who’s done Porn! All of our models are over 18 and were over 18 at the time of their photo shoot. There is no nudity inside, however sexy bare feet do turn a certain demographic on – and we’re glad you stopped by!

Purchase a Download Access Pass today – and that model will recieve a % of your purchase. If you hate my guts, do it for the girl! Show her your appreciation for showing YOU her Bare Feet!

To Purchase a Download Access Pass – Visit our Models Page – Click on the picture of the Girl you want access to – Each one of our Model’s pages has a link to Purchase a Download Access Pass or if you already Have a Download Access Pass there’s a link to Sign In to that models’ Download Internet Pass area (d.i.p.) – Thanks again for visiting our website, check out the rest of our Blog or Go Sign up Right Now so you can enjoy our HUGE Resolution photos of hott bare feet!

Proof! Feet are tied to Sex Organs

Saturday, June 23rd, 2007

For years in my dealings with women who find guys with foot ‘appreciation’ fetishes to be weird, odd, strange, ect… I have tried informing them that it’s actually the oppostie.

Guys who know how to please a woman’s feet, know how to please her entire body – feet are tied to the sex organs. The nerves in the feet lead to those other body parts. I’ve given quite a few foot massages in my day, where the woman on the other end became wet, stimulated, ready to go!

Here’s a foot massage video – pretty hott for foot lovers – but it discusses how to give a GOOD foot massage that can stimulate your partner – or just make them feel better.

Here goes another – I have NO Clue what’s being said here, but there are some Very HOTT japaneese feet in the video to enjoy!

Model Videos on the way!

Friday, June 22nd, 2007

The Video section is almost ready!

Currently, VIP members can download ALL of our videos from – currently as I type this, there are over 135 videos there, ready to go. The Neat thing about this is if you are a member of you can watch a ‘streaming’ version of the videos while you wait to download it’s High Quality version – If you’re not a member of the Candid site, you don’t have this option.

But all of that changes with the coming of our Model Video Section – which is almost complete. I’ll be using High Quality .wmv’s for streaming – it’ll work very similar to our candid site, where you can watch one while downloading the other. I even have some PROMOS done!

Promos all feature Kathleen – as she was our FIRST model to do videos with. Hope you all enjoy!

Kathleen intro
Kathleen teaser
Kathleen Soles Up!
Kathleen’s Bare Soles

(Click on links to watch these videos NOW)

High Quality Clips @

Sunday, June 17th, 2007

Check out our all new Clips @

Now you can see what I mean when I say our videos are in High Quality – you’re gonna love our candid videos – the close up angles of women’s feet In Motion!

Women do some very sexy things with their feet; often without realizing how sexy it is, that it’s sexy, or that men everywhere are getting turned on at the site of them wiggling their feet around.

Every time I leave the house I take my camera along for the ride, just in case I come across some girls in flip flops, or sandals – just in case I find a lady by the pool, barefoot laying out – or at the beach getting some sun, with sandy soles – and that’s exactly what I find.

All of my photos and videos can be seen @ (and for a limited time you can download our candid videos inside our VIP Members Section!)

Check out our all new high quality clips, and leave your comments here at our blog. Let us, and others know what you think.

Also check out our New Banners for

these banners were designed to give our candid site a lil more personality – I wanted a new look that would include some of our newer candid photos – and really show off the beauty of women’s feet – To see these in their full sizes, visit and reload the page a few times till you’ve seen them all.

NEW photos for VIP members

Sunday, June 17th, 2007

300 photos were uploaded to our VIP members area – photos of our newest models, Mistress Papillion and Merica. Samples from these photo sets are on the way; Sign up for our FREE newsletter to see sample photos that no one else will see – Join the site to see the photos in HUGE resolution.

See you inside!