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Oh man… Last day before..

Tuesday, July 31st, 2007

Bikini month 2007 approaches.

To kick the month off with a Bang I Officially Opened our Model Video section to our VIP members – current members of our VIP Section can now enjoy 4 HOTT videos with more to come during the month of August… and of course all videos uploaded this month will feature our HottBarefootWomen, wearing bikini’s.

First up – Hannah!

This hottie was down with wearing a bikini in the park, and we just happened to be at a really nice one with a pond – ducks in it and everything; There was a Huge waterfall that we did this shoot by, and the pics came out great. you Might get a preview of some of those during this month as well; We’ll see.

The month is going to be HUGE as it is. There ‘might’ be over 700 photos added to our site All featuring our girls in Bikini’s. (could even get up to as high as 800…)

It’s going to Top July, which was pretty hott – stay tuned!

One day left, and I’m going to BLOW your socks off – with the HOTT Bare feet of Brittany. We got together in a very upscale beach location; a beautiful day, a beautiful girl, with beautiful feet. Look for the NEW photo sets from Her, along with our newest asian sensation Nalita…

(Will Sierra also be making a bikini appearance??)

8 New vids added

Sunday, July 29th, 2007 news: today I added 8 new videos to the members area – bringing the total up to around 167 videos.

I also added a feature that will show (from now on) what date each video was added in order to help non-members see how frequent we update the members area.

Here are a few sample screen captures.

Nice feet & the Funny Fat guy

Saturday, July 28th, 2007

Yet again I bring you a video in which I have No idea what the girl is saying; but she’s hott and so are her feet!

There’s a fat guy in the video who’s pretty hilarious; plus in a couple shots He can be seen kissing and/or smelling the singing hottie’s bare soles – which appear quite often and of course is the reason why I’m showing you this video…

as always, this is the best foot Blog online; Find everything from My site, other sites, and allow me to be your guide to Hott Feet all over the internet.

Make that 600 …

Saturday, July 28th, 2007

As July comes to a close, I’m here to announce the debut of Nalita – that sexy asian model you’ve been seeing in the blogs and around the net – her debut set brings the total to 600 photos for our VIP members in the month of July.

Preview her debut & purchase a download access pass to enjoy her set right now!

August … Bikini Month 2007 … is on the way.

Join us today, using either CCBill or PureVanilla – to access our VIP section and be one of the ones to enjoy Bikini Month 2007, as I do expect to match or even exceed the update count for this month. If I can pull it off, there WILL be new videos added aswell.

Nalita – Bikini Month 2007

Wednesday, July 25th, 2007

Its getting closer – towards the end of This month, I’m going to release the debut of this super hottie; and on the heels of her debut set, will come some Really HOTT bikini photos to kick off Bikini Month 2007…

Stay tuned, it’s gonna get pretty HOTT!

Whoa… Our Blog Worth almost $4,000!

Tuesday, July 24th, 2007

Not bragging here at all – but this was amazing to see.

Our blog worth has swelled to almost $4,000 Check it out below!

My blog is worth $3,951.78.
How much is your blog worth?

** Edit July 25, 2007 **

Blog Prices must be booming these days… In one day, our value went Up! To OVER $4,500!!

My blog is worth $4,516.32.
How much is your blog worth?