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September Preview…

Thursday, August 30th, 2007

Too soon to look ahead? Of course not.

Fresh from a photo shoot This week, here are a couple Preview images from Darla Deville!

These are Full Size images – what our VIP Members get in every HUGE photo set; Darla’s feet are shaped beautifully and many of you who are into the retro-pin-up style are going to love our newest model and her hott photos. Look for her Debut, in September…

Also, a hottie who I wrote about earlier in the month, Amanda will make her debut on the site during September. I’ve since added a few photos of her to our Sample gallery. In case you have not had a chance to visit, Here ya go!

For these sample images, I tried out something ‘new’ – hope it doesn’t take away from the images… let me know what you think. To preview more of our samples, and leave comments on our photos – visit our FREE Samples Gallery today.

Amanda’s feet are amazing! You’re really going to love her photos.

Also, please do not forget to support the site – most foot sites do not give away nearly as many FREE photos as we do; We do it because we love feet as much as you do, and love sharing in foot appreciation with all of our fans.

What makes this site possible, are the VIP members, and the Supporters of the site who purchase access passes – thanks to You we can continue sharing these beautiful images, of beautiful, hott, Barefoot Women!

More toes & soles on the way!

Elise!! Size 11’s and Bikini Month 07…

Thursday, August 30th, 2007

It doesn’t get better than that.

Our French Hott Barefoot Woman is back! sporting her beautifully amazingly LONG size 11’s on the beach; In her wonderfully skimpy, and sexy bikini – Elise has some great ASSets that you’re gonna truly enjoy.

VIP members – log in today and download all of Elise’s hott sexy photos for Bikini Month 07!

I’m doing a photo shoot tomorrow with a super hottie – depending on how things go I May have a NEW model to end this fantastic month with; But, we’ll see – as for now, our scheduled hottie for tomorrow is, more of Danielle – part 3 of her Bikini Month contribution is on the way.

After that, it will be time to start looking forward to Next Year – If you guys enjoyed Bikini Month 07 – Just wait till Bikini Month 08!! New models – New bikini’s and Hott Bare Feet!!!

September Update: next month, look foward to NEW photos from NEW models: Amanda, Darla Deville – and possibly 4 more New Girls!! New Girls – new Feet to enjoy – I may even be doing new shoots with Fan Favorites – and new girls like Donna Matrix; who’s HOTT barefoot Layout is now available for MySpace users @

Come inside – You’re gonna LOVE our Feet!

reminder: Visit our Store for Merchandise.

Danielle – bikini month 07 pt2 NOW on the site!

Wednesday, August 29th, 2007

Hey folks…

VIP Members will be pleased to know, that Bikini month is NOT over – no, we’ve still got a couple more days to go. And on each of these last days you will get to view NEW photo sets from our HottBarefoot Models.

Tonight, Danielle’s 2nd appearance on the site –
Log in and Download her photos NOW!; She’s got wonderful feet and toes – I’m also going to release one more set from her before the month is over; This newest set features the beautifully LONG legs of Danielle on display, in a scenic park that I’ve used for another shoot.

Be sure to keep up with Bikini Month 2007 by visiting the new page – created just to let you know what you’ve missed; Or if you’re a VIP member, what’s waiting for you inside.

Check out the thumbs from this new set – Hot Stuff!

If time permits, I will try to get a video or two up as well; Tomorrow, look for the Bikini set you’ve all been waiting for – Elise! with her beautiful slender, Long, Size 11’s!!! Looking HOT and Sexy on the beach, in a teenie weenie Striped bikini.

Non members: Danielle’s Access Pages will be available shortly towards the beginning of September – You can also look for NEW Models, Amanda, Darla Deville, and others during the month of September; Another HOTT Barefoot Month is on the way.

Faster Loading Layouts…

Monday, August 27th, 2007

I totally forgot to tell you about the layouts…

I’ve got NEW, Fast Loading Layouts for myspace – for all of you who loved the layouts but could not use them because people on SLOW computers would complain of how they slowed them down – Visit our HottBarefoot Layouts page today – and check em out!

Latest Layouts … Bikini Month 2007 Wrap up

Saturday, August 25th, 2007

It’s nearing the end of August, so that means Bikini Month is almost over; I’ve got 2 awesome updates up my sleeve that you’re all gonna Love!

I also have set up a page to forever commemorate our first annual Bikini Month – which you can visit by going to:

There you’ll find every set that was posted, along with FREE promotional material (good for our affiliates) including some free Sample Photos A BIG Thanks goes out to all the models who posed in bikini’s in the past; Big thank you goes to Danielle for her 2 day shoot where she did some really HOT bikini stuff that will be included in future updates; and another Big Thank you goes out to the members of our site! Thanks to all of you who subscribed for another month; I hope you Enjoyed what you’ve seen! In fact, I’m sure you have! Thanks also to the new members who joined – stick around as we have more Fun stuff on the way.

Candid Bare Feet Blog

It needed it’s own blog, so it got one – You can now read updates on, aswell as see previews from videos and photo sets from the members area. Be sure to bookmark it, especially if you’re a fan of every day women’s feet.

Faster Loading Layouts
for your MySpace Profile!

It does strike twice! (Lindsay Lohan Spoof)

Friday, August 24th, 2007

When Paris went to jail I found an excellent comic video, with awesome foot scenes; and it’s happened again with this video spoofing the legal troubles of Lindsay Lohan… (who’s looking pretty hott in Maxim this month)