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Feet on Loveline… with Dr. Drew & Bill Bellamy

Thursday, September 27th, 2007

How’d I come across this video? The guy who put it together sent me an add request on YouTube. I checked out his page and it turns out he had an Audio of him calling into Loveline – to talk about his foot fetish.

In the studio for this one, Bill Bellamy – who I did not know had a foot fetish; but it certainly sounds like he does. Dr. Drew makes some references that I didn’t like, such as the question about his Mom being the source of his foot fetish. Real offensive there – lots of psychologist tend to go that route.

I’ve certainly never had arousing thoughts about my moms feet – but I do agree with some of what he says about feet being hard wired into our brains at an early age. I was always a legs and ass man, since many of the girls I went to school with from a young age wore short shorts. They weren’t allowed to wear flip flops or sandals so I didn’t start checking out feet till later on. In fact, it first hit me that I had a foot fetish near the End of high school – when I spotted one of the hottest girls in school, barefoot.

I had always wanted to get with her, she had the Best legs, great breasts, and when I saw her feet, wow. College didn’t help – as I ended up at a “beachy” school where girls seemed to Only wear flip flops, and were always around the dorms barefoot.

Anyways, hope you guys enjoyed listening to Benjamin call in to talk about his foot fetish; Feel free to talk about yours below in our Comments section.


Wednesday, September 26th, 2007

I’m working on a few other websites – during these moments updates on the site slow up; Actually this time around i’ve made quite a few updates to our Member Areas, but don’t have time to come Tell everyone about it.

VIP members are now enjoying debut sets from Amanda, Nellie and Darla. I plan to upload a set from Vicki soon, a hottie that I’d LOVE to work with again. … stay tuned!

Obama Girl is a Hott Barefoot Woman!

Wednesday, September 19th, 2007

Thought I’d share some of these hilarious videos with you – from a serious hottie; who cares of her songs are purely for entertainment and not some Serious message; She likes Obama, sure whatever; we like how she shakes it and moves it in all of her videos; Here are a few – The first of many entries to come, as I’m now officially putting out a Call To My Dream Girls – Girls who I’d Love to invite to do a photo shoot for

Obama Girl… You are invited!

Debate ’08: Obama Girl vs. Giuliani Girl

she supports the Troops…

“I Like a Boy” featuring Leah, Mims, Obama Girl…

… and now the song that made her ‘famous’ …

I Got a Crush on Obama

I LOVE her legs… she’s got an awesome body, and I bet her soles are to die for. Let’s circulate this around, in hopes that Obama Girl will agree to do a photo shoot for; She can talk about Obama, or better yet, wear an Obama Bikini!

Ladies Show off your toes with Pride!

Wednesday, September 19th, 2007

great video of a hottie Milf explaining why she feels more women need to get into wearing toe rings, and having Pride in their feet!

New Nellie added

Wednesday, September 19th, 2007

New sets from Nellie, Darla, and Amanda have been added so far this month; with a blast from the past set to go next. We’ll most likely have just under 600 photos for the month of September to share with you soon…

VIP members – log in right now and download the new photo sets right now!

Fan Mail members, stay tuned for an awesome preview of these 3 new barefoot hotties!

Quick Shout out to Kendra Kay

Tuesday, September 18th, 2007

Just wanted to take a moment to post a Shout out to Kendra Kay – check her out on Myspace… I’ve been talking to her about building her a website; anyone think she’d be a hott girl to have her own site?

I would visit it… 🙂

More hott barefoot women on the way later today! Stay tuned – updates have been sent to the server already!