Month: September 2007

Feet on Loveline… with Dr. Drew & Bill Bellamy

How’d I come across this video? The guy who put it together sent me an add request on YouTube. I checked out his page and it turns out he had an Audio of him calling into Loveline – to talk about his foot fetish. In the studio for this one, Bill Bellamy – who I […]

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I’m working on a few other websites – during these moments updates on the site slow up; Actually this time around i’ve made quite a few updates to our Member Areas, but don’t have time to come Tell everyone about it. VIP members are now enjoying debut sets from Amanda, Nellie and Darla. I plan […]


Obama Girl is a Hott Barefoot Woman!

Thought I’d share some of these hilarious videos with you – from a serious hottie; who cares of her songs are purely for entertainment and not some Serious message; She likes Obama, sure whatever; we like how she shakes it and moves it in all of her videos; Here are a few – The first […]

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Ladies Show off your toes with Pride!

great video of a hottie Milf explaining why she feels more women need to get into wearing toe rings, and having Pride in their feet!

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New Nellie added

New sets from Nellie, Darla, and Amanda have been added so far this month; with a blast from the past set to go next. We’ll most likely have just under 600 photos for the month of September to share with you soon… VIP members – log in right now and download the new photo sets […]

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Quick Shout out to Kendra Kay

Just wanted to take a moment to post a Shout out to Kendra Kay – check her out on Myspace… I’ve been talking to her about building her a website; anyone think she’d be a hott girl to have her own site? I would visit it… 🙂 More hott barefoot women on the way later […]

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