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New Rachel, New Sierra on the way

Thursday, October 25th, 2007

200 more photos have been added to our VIP membership area, bringing the total to just over 800 photos released during the month of October.

Just yesterday a new set from hottie Rachel was posted; and Tomorrow you can look forward to another blast from the past, Sierra! In one of her hotter unreleased sets. Stay tuned for sample images from both of these hott sets!

preview rachel in her Ity Bity shorts…

Barefoot in October!

Monday, October 15th, 2007

Here’s to all of you – foot fans and foot lovers around the globe!

I’ve added 600 photos to our VIP section this month… because VIP means VIP – I’ll be honest, September’s “update goal” fell a bit short – Bikini Month was a hard act to follow.

However I’m glad to announce that October has been great already – 2 Sets from Angie, 2 Blasts from the Past feeturing the sexy feet of Wendy and Vicki! And if that wasn’t enough to get the month off to a good start, 2 HOT photos from Darla!

I should explain something real fast; When I first started working with girls for this site I was using a card that only held 300 photos – I had access to another card, but rarely had time to use it. So the most I could ever take in one photo shoot would be 300-600 photos. Now the card I use can take just over 1,000 photos – I still have the other 2 just in case.

What this results in, are “Debut” sets where girls spend more time in their shoes. Darla has Excellent bare feet – and I wanted to make sure our members got a chance to check them out. Her “debut” was such a foot tease that it was the right thing to do. However her feet looked great in those flip flops, so part 2 of her Debut was also added.

Same case goes for Angie – this chocolate hottie will leave your mouth watering – her feet are perfect! Sexy toes, nicely shaped, smooth, no blemishes, well taken care of. … however I did leave you all waiting for more Bare foot shots – those are forthcoming.

As for our blasts from the pasts … the real story is, I’ve been working with so many new models that I never had a chance to share those photos with you. So those have been around for a while, waiting to be shown to you. I had a Great time working with both of these girls, Vicki and Wendy .. without them there would be no site – Wendy is one of the Original Models for our site; She agree’d to model for the site before there was a site to model for.

It’d be nice to work with her again; Who knows what the future holds. Same goes for Vicki, who’s impossible to catch up with due to her extremely busy schedule. Her joyous personality shines through in her pics; I only wish I had my Video Camcorder then, so you could all relive that shoot with me. In fact, there is a video shot with a digital camera – let’s just say digital cameras are for photos – Not videos.

If you want to enjoy all the Barefoot October Action, you know what to do.

Join our VIP Section Today!

Peak inside our VIP Section…

Monday, October 8th, 2007

here’s a snapshot of today’s Update from our VIP Section…

that’s what our VIP members see – today they can download just over 200 HUGE photos from Vicki and Angie – samples are on the way. stay tuned for yet another sizzling hot barefoot month, here at hott barefoot women (dot com) ….

Welcome to October…

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2007

Last month sorta got away from me, as I meant to post an update featuring the hot and sexy bare feet of new model Angie – So to make it up, 2 of her debut sets are ready to go for the month of October; I also wanted to get the blast from the past up for you all… so that set will be up as well. There may even be a Sierra sighting this month, as I still have some pretty hot photos of her laying around, waiting to be shared with the foot world….

And if time permits, another set of hottie Danielle will be added during October; not a bad month of updates to look forward to if you ask me…

Join the VIP Section today – to enjoy these hott photos – Speaking of which, there is a NEW gallery featuring Darla Deville! enjoy! It’s our Biggest photo gallery yet, with 13 photos of Darla, all in FULL member size resolution. Find out why our VIP Section is the hottest membership section on the web, for foot lovers everywhere.