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Thankful for bare feet!

Thursday, November 22nd, 2007

This is incredible … women email me asking if they can show off their bare feet for – and of course, I say YES every time!

I’m sooo thankful for sooo many things; and with this being the Holiday to be thankful, I thought I would take a moment to share some of the things I am thankful for.

I’m Thankful for our models – without them there would be no Site; Most of them have been an absolute pleasure to meet, photograph, and work with – many have even been extremely helpful in sharing ideas for shoots, ideas for the site, all to please our wonderful fans, who I’m also So thankful for.

We have many supporters here @ – I do read the sign up forms; I see many of you who have signed up for our sites over and over, who have maintained your memberships – or who join all of our websites; Thanks, SOO much! I mean it; Without you, our supporters, this site would have gone out of business by now. I hope that in 2008 you will continue to support the site, we do need it – and in return I will continue to find HOTT women who love to show off their beautiful bare feet.

Like Annalyn – 100 more photos of her are now available inside our VIP Members Section; So thankful that she wanted to be on our site. A smoking hot latina with beautiful feet! If you are a VIP member, log in and enjoy her set tonight! More hotties are on the way; photo shoots have been set up, and soon more hotties will be appearing on our site.

It’s been a great ride; I’m so thankful that I got a chance to do this. To share my love of women, and their beauty, with the world; Because at the end of the day, that is what it’s all about; It’s not about me, or my personal life – my personal thoughts, ideas, beliefs…. It’s about you, the foot lovers of the world – and your love of beautiful women with great feet; That’s what we set out to provide for you, and so far, that is exactly what we have done.

2288×1712 – HUGE photos that have really changed how other websites approach ‘customer service’ – Our site is HUGE – lots, and I do mean Lots of FREE photos to be found just by checking everything out … the blog, the samples page, and, If you’re on our mailing list, then you know all about the FREE photos that you get in your email.

No other site that I know of gives away nearly as much free stuff; If you’re not on the mailing list… boy are you missing out. Sign up today and for the first couple of months you’ll recieve ALL of our back-issues; Eventually you’ll catch up with everybody else, and will see All of our Newest models, and samples from their newest sets, before anyone else will, anywhere on the web.

Perhaps this is why we have such good supporters – because we really do treat you right here – we know that you matter; that you want FREE Feet pics – We know that if you’re able to, you’ll join for a month or more … because if you like our FREE stuff, you’ll LOVE what’s inside our Paid areas – by providing quality content, and a large quantity of it, we have managed to become one of the top foot sites in the world; That’s freaking amazing… and we owe it all to YOU!

Thank you So much for continuing to come to our site; raising our value… raising our traffic … raising us in search engines around the world; things have been superb! And we’ve only been around for 2 years.

In just a few days we’ll have over 50 models – Lots to be Thankful for – life is good – and it’s only because we give back to you; With all the free stuff, promotions, and Free previews that you get, We hope you appreciate all we do to make sure you enjoy your time at our site. There are TONS of really good sites out there, sites that I enjoy as well, so I appreciate that you take some time to visit us here…

You all be safe – stay safe – and stay careful; Try to make good choices as you live your lives; There are no do-overs in life, so Try to treat other people right; Love your loved ones; And hopefully, they will love you back; Love your neighbor; Let your love for women’s feet translate into love for humanity; in hopes that our positive vibes can elevate this world into a better place; Where more people will lead with love, in their every day interactions with other people.

You’ll almost never read anything like that from me, as I believe you should all live your life as you see fit; I’m certainly no saint; I’m flawed like any other individual on this planet; I just do the best I can from day to day; while learning from the mistakes I make along the way. Here’s to you, here’s to feet, and here’s to our world!

May we keep hanging on, to this spinning globe in the sky.

Amanda’s Amazing feet…

Wednesday, November 14th, 2007

When i started this site, I was thinking of women like Amanda – natural beauties who just have to roll out of bed to look hot. She’s got “it” and you’ll be seeing much more of her on our site in the next few months; Part 2 of her Debut will be available for our VIP members shortly.

The Girl with Amazing feet…

For all of you who subscribe to our blog and recieve the emails you’re gonna LOVE this image – and all of our VIP members are going to love it, as Amanda finally removes her shoes…

Shitty Luck with VISA processing…

Tuesday, November 13th, 2007

There is really no way to put it… we’ve had some shitty luck with Visa Processors.

Here’s the quick run-down.

1. We started out doing business using paypal – who got upset with us when they realized we were using their services for a Foot Appreciation website; Though there is no nudity here, and we keep things tasteful; no crude talk – no XXX themes – they still felt that since feet turn people on, we could not use their services.

2. Then we turned to Verotel – which at first was a good company but … Their a very Low Grade site on all levels. Their Admin area sucks – their reports Suck – and to top it off anyone can get into any site, using Credit Card or Checking Fraud – they have no waiting period to verify a user before letting them in. – I lost TONS of money from doing business with Verotel (aka tickets club) – People would simply enter a fake credit card number and got instant access.

Terrible company to do business with; Not to mention the owner has no idea what Customer Service even means – … Enough about them.

3. I tried out Clips/Images4Sale for a while – another horrible site; They’re raping their store owners – charging an ungodly 40% of their profits – These guys didn’t shoot any content; they don’t upload any of your content for you; all they did was build a site where people can upload their own content and make money; That is certainly NOT worth splitting 40% of your profits – not at all; not to mention they are another site with a Poorly put together admin panel – it’s not even nice to look at… it takes forever to upload content – just an overall bad experience there.

4. – I like these guys … i really do; They’re at least Trying to do things the right way. However, like other sites before them, they’ve been hit with Credit Card Fraud – and Checking Fraud – to the point where THEY were losing money; So they had to change how things are done; The way they do business now, however, is Bad for business – No one wants to give up their ATM information – they dont want to do a Direct Transfer from their bank account; so… this leaves us once again, searching for another way to provide our awesome content to VISA card users around the globe.

… I want to take a moment to Thank all of our awesome Site Supporters – you guys and girls are wonderful! You really are – without you, there would be no – and I’m also glad to see that many of you support our Other websites as well – and – I’ve gotta special treat coming up for All of you Very, Very soon – If you’re not a member, NOW is the time to join the site; if you don’t have a credit card, Use the Phone Billing option; it’s great – and it’s flexible.

We’re launching a NEW site soon and you guys are gonna love it – VIP members will get a FREE Preview of the site; It’ll be just in time for the Holidays….

…and in the meanwhile, MORE hott barefoot photos are on the way – More HOTT barefoot Videos in our VIP section as well – more of what you all love – and soon, even a quality Visa Processor for the site!

Here’s to all of you!! Foot Lovers around the globe! Thanks again for stopping by,

A new model debut’s – A fan favorite returns!

Sunday, November 11th, 2007

New Updates will be Live on the site tonight, for our VIP members only – 200 photos that you’re really going to enjoy – from one of our newest models, making her debut – and a fan favorite whom everybody loves.

Brittany makes another appearance on our site this month; She is quite simply one of our hottest barefoot models on our site; One of the best things about shooting with Randi Wright, was that she brought Brittany along with her; Her feet are amazing – some of the best soles online – Since her first shoot all Brittany did was get hotter – This was a fun day, with great weather and we found an awesome location on the beach.

VIP members can download her newest photo set Tonight – Only inside the VIP Section!


And here’s a preview of our newest model, Anna! – Beautiful from head to toe – much, much more of her on the way; Her debut set will be available in just a few moments – VIP members only.

What about November??

Sunday, November 11th, 2007

I’ve got some good things planned for this month; been a lil busy lately – too busy to update the site; however I just added 200 photos from our NEWEST hottie who’ll make her debut on the site this month; had a great time working with her.

I’ve also got a sneak peak of a new site you all are going to love – gonna share that with the VIP members only this month – in addition some of your favorite girls will be making an appearance when NEW sets only inside our VIP members section.

Who will be appearing this month?? … stay tuned to find out.

October Wrap up…

Thursday, November 1st, 2007

800 photos in all

A very nice month for our VIP members… they recieved quite a few blasts from the pasts, 3 of our Original models had new sets posted to the site; Vicki, Wendy and everyone’s favorite, Sierra!

October was also a month where some of our new additions got a chance to shine; 200 photos posted of Darla, a classic beauty, with a well endowed … let’s just say she’s really something to look at. So are her feet; which were not ‘bare’ in her Debut set – so I jumped ahead a bit to give our members a preview of her bare … yet sandy soles.

Another new addition Angie, got her chance to show off her feet – I debuted her in September, but like Darla she was wearing her flip flops for most of that set; Finally towards the end of part 2 (posted in October) you’ll get to see her bare Soles – which are lovely! Angie’s feet are really shaped perfectly; Her feet are very well taken care of; smooth, soft, I’m hoping to work with her again.

Then there’s Rachel … wow – I’ve been very lucky to work with so many sexy ladies; It’s also been very pleasing from you members; We’ve had record months in Traffic, and record months in member sign ups – our Retention rate is going up as VIP members are now starting to see the benefits of holding onto their subcriptions – I’m all about customer satisfaction, which for the most part I’ve been able to meet – so there is lots to celebrate as we head into November.. lots of NEW bare Feet are on the way – along with more updates of your favorite models – exclusively seen here @

Here are some Samples from the month of October!

Visit & JOIN our VIP Section, enjoy one of the best Bare Feet sites on the internet ever! Join Today!