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Happy Holidays: here’s the Link! (special has ended)

Tuesday, December 25th, 2007

** this special has ended. – I got lots of emails from people after the fact, but I am sorry – this is why you’ve gotta check the blog often, so you dont miss out on deals like these; I “might” do another one, when another major holiday comes around! **

Happy Holidays Foot Lovers!

I don’t know if you celebrate Christmas, or Xmas – New Years, Kwanza … doesn’t really matter to me; It’s the Holiday season and I wanted to do something Special for all of our Fans out there, as well as ou Supporters; This is CRAZY – but here it goes.

Join today, using our Special Holiday Members page – and YOU will recieve 2 FREE MONTHS of access to our VIP Members section. 2 FREE MONTHS! That’s 120 days of access to everything on our site; This is my gift to you.

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This is a limited time special that WILL end after the first of the year; You’ve got ONE week to take advantage of this Crazy Riddiculous Deal – only from

Give your self a gift – a membership to one of the hottest foot sites on the internet; Our girls aren’t naked, but their feet are – Bare SOLES and TOES in your FACE! HUGE photos – Hot Women, showing off their legs and feet for you! We’ve also got our entire archive from Bikini Month 2007 inside our VIP Section; You don’t wanna miss out on what’s inside – and you’ll get access to every new set we add to the site, for the next 3 months – Go ahead, treat your self to some feet!

Click here to sign up for our Holidays Special – Only for a Limited Time!

Once again, Happy Holidays from me, and all the girls @ – be safe out there, have a great time, check out some bare feet, worship some toes, and most importainly, Join our VIP section – and get 2 months FREE! See you inside! | |

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2 Months FREE – Happy Holidays Special!

Tuesday, December 25th, 2007

Unheard of…. People didn’t think I was gonna do it;

But, as promised, our Email List subscribers heard about it first… and you will hear more about it, later today.

But yes, there is a link, to a Incredible Deal – join for one month, get 2 Months FREE – our present to all of you out there, around the world, who Love our site, and who love women’s Bare Feet!

stay tuned for details….(see, you should’ve been on the email list…. stay tuned!)

What to do with .zip Files?

Friday, December 21st, 2007

Here’s my advice regarding what to do with our .zip files, that you can download inside our VIP Members area and as a Download Access Pass Subscriber.

I’ve decided to launch a new category pertaining only to VIP/DAP members – advice, tips, things like that, to help improve their experience inside our Membership areas. These will also give the outside world, an inside look at what’s going on behind the scenes.

So, you’re a VIP members and you’re excited to download the New photos of Nalita … you’ll notice that she’s got 100 photos, available in 4 .zip files. Why are there .zip files? Why no Thumbs? – The original reasoning was I did not have room for both the hard copy of the files, And the .zip files; So I went with .zip files only; I chopped them up into 4 sets, because these are HUGE photos, hence these are big Files. Anyways, here is my advice.

  1. You download each photo set – all 4 parts.
  2. Use a program that will allow you to Unzip the contents into a folder on your computer.
  3. Once you’ve downloaded and unzipped all 4 parts of each photo set; I suggest making One folder – Drag the contents (the photos) into One folder.
  4. Or you can for example take Nalita’sDB_Set1 – and rename the folder Nalita’sDB – Then take all the contents of folders “set2-set4” and drag them into Nalita’sDB
  5. Now you’re all set to enjoy all 100 of her photos, without having to go from folder to folder.
    Another idea is, you can create a HBW-Photos folder on your computer, and simply drag ALL of our awesome photos, into ONE big folder – which adds up to one excellent photo viewing experience.

VIP Members, log in here.

If you’re a DAP Subscriber, visit our models page, and click on the Model(s) you have access to; enjoy our awesome photos of beautiful barefoot women; Showing you their feet from all angles, in beautiful Southern California Locations; Thanks for joining; Look for more tips and advice soon!

Exclusives: New Nellie and Nalita!

Wednesday, December 19th, 2007

Happy Holidays to you and yours; bring some Hott Bare feet your way …

Nalita’s newest set will go live sometime tomorrow; ** edit dec 21 – Nalita In the Grass, now available ** hanging onto her title as one of our Hottest Barefoot Women; VIP members and Download Access Pass holders will be very pleased.

this month’s feature model Nellie – VIP Size Previews. (2288 x 1712) – here’s a photo of her Luscious bare soles; In your Face! VIP Style…

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VIP Member Videos…

Saturday, December 15th, 2007

In 2008 I plan to focus more time on getting our awesome videos on the site; I have plenty of great footage from our newest models;

Nalita, Angie, Mistress Papillion, Hannah, Annalyn, Danielle, Amanda, … and much more from Darla, Donna Matrix, and so on. Video is new for me; it’s something extra to add, to edit and prepare for our viewers; but it really adds to our site. I’m also considering adding something Very special for those of you who are true fans of our site.

I got an email the other day from someone who took the time to type up their feelings about the site; Dave, just wanna say thanks to you in case you are reading this; That email really makes me feel good about what I’ve been doing here over the past couple of years; It’s good to know the hard work has been appreciated; I’ll get a copy of that letter up on the site in the next few days;

And I plan to bulk up that video section; along with giving you some samples of what’s inside; (I give more FREE stuff away than any other foot site; Imagine what’s inside!) – But if you really have a craving for Feet Videos; I suggest a great site that has it all – candid feet in their most natural form; doing what feet do best; and that’s arouse people like you and me, who can appreciate the beauty of female feet.

PedEgg – the best commercial on tv

Saturday, December 15th, 2007

THis is by far, the best commercial on tv for lovers of female feet;

The blonde and the redhead in this video, have WONDERFUL SOles!!!

beware, there is a shot of man-soles, try to close your eyes when that scene happens. Watch it here!

We are not endorsing this product for purchase; only congratulating them on an excellent commercial. I’ll admit, the commercial looks way better on my 60″ television, in HD no less … but it does give you an idea of how good this commercial is. Look for it on your local television station; (try nba tv if you have it … i’ve seen it playing quite often on their highlight reel sponsor time.)