Month: December 2007

Happy Holidays: here’s the Link! (special has ended)

** this special has ended. – I got lots of emails from people after the fact, but I am sorry – this is why you’ve gotta check the blog often, so you dont miss out on deals like these; I “might” do another one, when another major holiday comes around! ** Happy Holidays Foot Lovers! […]


2 Months FREE – Happy Holidays Special!

Unheard of…. People didn’t think I was gonna do it; But, as promised, our Email List subscribers heard about it first… and you will hear more about it, later today. But yes, there is a link, to a Incredible Deal – join for one month, get 2 Months FREE – our present to all of […]


What to do with .zip Files?

Here’s my advice regarding what to do with our .zip files, that you can download inside our VIP Members area and as a Download Access Pass Subscriber. I’ve decided to launch a new category pertaining only to VIP/DAP members – advice, tips, things like that, to help improve their experience inside our Membership areas. These […]

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Exclusives: New Nellie and Nalita!

Happy Holidays to you and yours; bring some Hott Bare feet your way … Nalita’s newest set will go live sometime tomorrow; ** edit dec 21 – Nalita In the Grass, now available ** hanging onto her title as one of our Hottest Barefoot Women; VIP members and Download Access Pass holders will be very […]

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VIP Member Videos…

In 2008 I plan to focus more time on getting our awesome videos on the site; I have plenty of great footage from our newest models; Nalita, Angie, Mistress Papillion, Hannah, Annalyn, Danielle, Amanda, … and much more from Darla, Donna Matrix, and so on. Video is new for me; it’s something extra to add, […]

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PedEgg – the best commercial on tv

THis is by far, the best commercial on tv for lovers of female feet; The blonde and the redhead in this video, have WONDERFUL SOles!!! beware, there is a shot of man-soles, try to close your eyes when that scene happens. Watch it here! We are not endorsing this product for purchase; only congratulating them […]

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