Month: January 2008

Brooke Hogan’s Feet

I feel like I just talked about her a few days ago, and I probably did. The first time I saw her feet she was taking pics before going into some movie premier – and I remembered how nice they were; Here’s a video that I ran across – feeturing the awesome Feet of Brooke […]

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Barefoot Black Women

During the month of February, you are invited to come celebrate Black History month, here @ Black History month is a time set aside to celebrate and recognize the acheivements of a race of people that were once seen as 3/5th’s Human, unintelligent, as animals… who were once treated as such; Achievements made in […]

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Updates… January 08

I’ve been mulling over a decision… ..whether or not to leak my 2007 in Review link here in the blog, or to my email list. Anyways I’ve decided it’s going out to my Email List, make sure you sign up; it’s going out as a blast to everyone on there and it’s going out in […]

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A thank you letter

I recieved a letter from a fan of our site back in December. I meant to post it sooner, but I wanted that person to know how much I appreciated the effort they took in crafting this letter. Usually I get comments in the blog, or emails with a few lines of thanks; All thank […]


New Claire!! Size 10 feet

VIP members really get treated well around here – just a few moments ago I released a new photo set from Claire – I’ve received lots of fan mail from people who LOVE Claire’s feet – especially her soles; Claire on the Stairs is now available for download for VIP Members and DAP members – […]

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More Confirmation: We’re on the right track.

Over the years, I have helped many a foot man deal with his fetish, and his interaction with women. I don’t get credit for it all the time, but some may remember – some may not. I made it a point, when the studies showed that the foot fetish, was the #1 fetish – to […]

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