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Brooke Hogan’s Feet

Tuesday, January 29th, 2008

I feel like I just talked about her a few days ago, and I probably did.

The first time I saw her feet she was taking pics before going into some movie premier – and I remembered how nice they were; Here’s a video that I ran across – feeturing the awesome Feet of Brooke Hogan

Brooke Hogan´s feet @ Hogan Knows best

One thing I might add, this video really teases and only gives you a glimpse of the perfection; the search is on for better quality photos and video of Brooke’s feet 😀

Another Celebrity Wish List posting….

Barefoot Black Women

Monday, January 28th, 2008

During the month of February, you are invited to come celebrate Black History month, here @

Black History month is a time set aside to celebrate and recognize the acheivements of a race of people that were once seen as 3/5th’s Human, unintelligent, as animals… who were once treated as such; Achievements made in the face of opposition – overcoming many obstacles, and still not receiving credit when credit was due.

It’s a chance for all of us here in America to examine our daily walk; to remind one another of our need to continually move forward and make progress in the areas of race and racism. It’s a chance for all of us to work together to truly make this country a Melting Pot – where all races come together as One.

And here … at this site, it will be a chance to show love and appreciation to black women’s feet. So often, foot sites do not feature a large number of black women; even our site did not have any black models until recently; Not for lack of effort – there just were no black women applying to model for the site.

So, some of you may remember we took a little more action – started putting feelers out and eventually 3 came – Merica, Mistress Papillion, and Angie – 3 ladies with incredible bare feet.

Also, I’ve had talks with a few more black women, who’s feet are absolutely beautiful, and if all goes well they will be making their foot modeling debut’s right here on our site.

Stay tuned into our blog, as more news is to follow – February is going to be another great month to remember; another first, here @

Updates… January 08

Monday, January 28th, 2008

I’ve been mulling over a decision…

..whether or not to leak my 2007 in Review link here in the blog, or to my email list.

Anyways I’ve decided it’s going out to my Email List, make sure you sign up; it’s going out as a blast to everyone on there and it’s going out in the next few days; What is it? A link to all of the photos we shared in 2007, from updates on our site – and it’s just over 500 photos in all; Absolutely FREE!!!!!!

… If you do not know where to join the email list, I assume it’s because you are new; Visit my Home Page and look for the Sign up Box – enter your name and a ‘working’ email; be sure to use an email that is friendly to html, like Yahoo or Gmail – and then sit back and enjoy one of the BEST previews of a website on the internet.

I sign up for email lists of other sites – so I know I’m not making that up. Don’t take my word for it ..

here’s a photo of an Upcoming Set, feeturing Keri and Sierra!

Full Size glory! 2288×1712 – This yet to be released photo set is from a beautiful day where I met up with these two after a day out on the town together doing what girls love to do – and that’s go shopping!

Speaking of which, Please remember to visit our Online store to Check out some of our merchandise, made available through –

And now for what’s been happening behind the scenes, inside our VIP Section …

New Photos and Videos

New Images of Lily and Kathleen were added early in the month… followed by new photos from Claire and Keri – and in addition to that, some more videos were added to our VIP Section of Nalita, shaking her money maker while showing off her fabulous soles.

Of the photo sets these 2 are my fav’s … sets I’ve been hanging onto for a while, waiting for just the right time to make them available… Lily’s feet are so adorable… so sexy…

Claire’s tremendous size tens are every foot man’s dream – soles that would melt in your mouth… soles so hot they’d actually melt Your Tongue! Claire on the Stairs:

Screen Shots from Nalita’s Videos

I really need to get more videos up, and will do so from now on; I’m also looking forward to even better videos as I gain more experience in that area; Currently our videos are similar to the photos, just gives our VIP members a chance to see our girls in action, while posing for our site.

Finally, I’m announcing this now – another first – you will hear more about this one in the coming week, but We will be celebrating Black History Month all month long, during February – by feeturing the feet of our Hott Barefoot Black Models – all you fans of black women’s feet, get ready!!! New photo sets, videos, and if all goes well, a few new models too.

Be sure to sign up on that email list – but if you want to check out the new photos from Claire, Keri, Lily, Kathleen, and the videos of Nalita, Sign up here Right now! – VIP members, Log In.

A thank you letter

Wednesday, January 16th, 2008

I recieved a letter from a fan of our site back in December. I meant to post it sooner, but I wanted that person to know how much I appreciated the effort they took in crafting this letter.

Usually I get comments in the blog, or emails with a few lines of thanks; All thank you’s are well received and much appreciated; However Dave took the time to put his letter into Word, and even put a nice lil artsy ‘thank you’ at the top.

I put it in photo form in case folks wanted to read it – but Thanks Dave! I’m glad you love the site. I put this site together just for people like you.

… Speaking of that email list, which Dave refers to in his letter, it really is fantastic; and our email list members are about to recieve a FlashBack in a few hours, that will allow them to relieve 2007, and the Fantastic year in Review – Every single Sample we ever sent out to our Email List, has been put in a secret location on the site; We’re talking about close to 500 photos, that we gave away for FREE – that will be on display for our Email List members only; be sure to sign up on our Home Page.

New Claire!! Size 10 feet

Wednesday, January 16th, 2008

VIP members really get treated well around here – just a few moments ago I released a new photo set from Claire – I’ve received lots of fan mail from people who LOVE Claire’s feet – especially her soles; Claire on the Stairs is now available for download for VIP Members and DAP members – Yet another smoking HOTT photo set from ©

Other Updates from this month include NEW photo sets from Kathleen and Lily, one of our Original Hott Barefoot Women – Our next update will be from Keri, in a sexy set that involves a soccer net… and if time permits I want to get Some video up, from Danielle and Nellie.

Then, in the month of February, we will be celebrating Black History Month; feeturing the Hott Barefoot Black women from our site all month long – Mistress Papillion, Merica, Angie, and possibly a NEW model who I’ve been talking with; hopefully we’ll get to shoot before the month ends. Yet again, we’re breaking NEW ground with online foot sites – We were the first site to host an Entire month of Bikini photos, and we’re about to start yet another tradition with the celebration of Black History Month. You won’t want to miss it.

More Confirmation: We’re on the right track.

Wednesday, January 9th, 2008

Over the years, I have helped many a foot man deal with his fetish, and his interaction with women. I don’t get credit for it all the time, but some may remember – some may not.

I made it a point, when the studies showed that the foot fetish, was the #1 fetish – to post that info on this blog; Now I’m going to post more evidence that us foot lovers are on the right track. In this article which is chock full of tips to improve your relationship with your woman, #1 on the list is Foot Massages!!

Some guys do not want to touch a woman’s feet – and some women do Not want their feet touched; Usually these men and women are bad lovers; Some of the best sex I’ve ever had, has been with women who LOVED having their feet touched – The research I’ve done seems to prove that foot lovers, make the best lovers – because female feet are full of erogenous zones that stimulate a woman’s entire body.

The article caught my eye, on Yahoo’s Homepage, since it featured a man massaging a woman’s feet. Had to see what that was all about; Again here is the article, check it out; It’s got some other good tips in there as well.

Often, men with foot fetishes are made to feel like oddballs and weirdos by the women they express their love of feet to. In the past I’ve shared some of the things I say to women who try to make me feel odd; such as the conversation about erogenous zones, which many women know nothing about. Another conversation I hold is about pedicures. Women spend lots of money on pedicures so their feet will “look good” – so How can it be weird or odd for a man to agree, that feet “look good” …?

Feel free to use these in your conversations with women .. and even with men, who try to make fun of you for finding female feet attractive. And usually you’ll find your self coming out as less odd, and less weird to them, than when your conversation began.