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Celebration Preview – Angie, Mistress Papillion & Merica

Tuesday, February 26th, 2008

Members of our Email List all got 15 more FREE PHOTOS of BARE FEET! – Why didn’t you? Because you’re not a subscriber; Sign up for Free on our homepage, and you’ll get THe BEST preview online, for any site of our kind. It’s by far the BEST Email list created since ever – you will recieve every Email Issue we’ve ever sent out; The first few weeks you’ll have feet in your email every other day. Once you’ve been caught up… (currently after about 2 months of HOT BARE FEET Emails) … You will get the latest news and latest previews from all of our Newest Updated sets – our way of doing things has always been to give back to those that give to us; Thank you to all of our continued supporters, and to all of our latest members – and to you, the passer by for passing by.

March is going to Burn your socks off – with SMOKING updates from the New Trio – aswell as the Face (and feet) of our Foot site, Sierra – alongside Keri for a fantastic round of Feet and Jeans style photos – don’t miss the premeire of that; The first ever site feeturing Feet and Jeans (a great site by the way).

Celebrating Black History Month

Monday, February 18th, 2008

All month long we have been celebrating Black History Month inside of our VIP Section – I’m actually putting the finishing touches on this month’s updates – and will soon Publicize it to our VIP members, about how they can enjoy the celebration of black women’s feet, here at

Things didn’t go as well as I would’ve liked – We had a New model who was supposed to shoot this month, as part of our Celebration, but she turned out to be a flake; Part of the business of course, but still always a bit frustrating. And it’s almost the 20th day and I’m yet to actually “Post” the updates…

Such as New Sets from Angie, and 2 sexy SOLE videos from Merica – Just uploaded to the VIP Section are 200 photos from Merica, and Mistress Papillion!! I’m also going to get some new videos up before the month ends, from Papillion and Angie as well; then hopefully by this time next year the “tradition” that we’ve started here will grow and we’ll have an even better showcase of Black Women’s Feet to show you, to celebrate this month properly.

We like doing new things here… and I’m sure that NO foot site out there is doing this; In fact, many sites seem to focus in on One ethnicity; while we have always celebrated the beauty of bare feet from All Races – and yes I’m very interested in doing an All Asian Month, an all Latina Month, and an All white girl’s month as well – (someone told me Latin Heritage Month is September? Someone feel free to confirm that.)

We’d certainly like to do our part, to spread awareness, to celebrate diversity, and to share love with as many people as possible. All races are welcomed here, loved here, and celebrated here. Feet are one of those body parts that are seldom appreciated; however thanks to sites like ours, and all the work we’ve put in to make people aware of how sexy bare feet are, there is a growing trend of men, and women, who are looking into the joys that can be found through worshiping a woman’s body, from the top of her head all the way down to the Soles of her feet!

Ok, let me get back to editing and also I’ll post some samples from the month’s updates this coming week!!

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Boy Look at These feet!

Monday, February 11th, 2008

As you know, it’s Black History Month, and here at we’ve already kicked off the month with Two HOT videos feeturing the bare soles of Merica!

February 7, 2008 – With photo sets on the way, we’re officially Kicking off our Month Long Celebration of Black History monty with 2 Videos of Merica!! Videos of Mistress Papillion And Angie are on the way – Merica gives us a nice Foot tease – literally; teasing us foot lovers for our love of feet, while my video camera zooms in Close on her Lovely Bare Soles – OMG her soles are hot! Watch her wiggle her toes while she gets on our case – she even plays "This lil piggy" with each of her 10 toes – HOT stuff to watch. Check it out now!

Be sure to check that out; NEW photo sets coming in a matter of hours…

Fresh Shoot: Angelica & Christine

Just a sneak preview at what’s coming next month….

Oh, and there’s more ….

Just wait till you get to see their friend Megan!

This hot new Trio will burn up the pages of in March!