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Merica’s Feet Videos Leaked!!!

Sunday, March 30th, 2008

Oh man, I found this out this morning while browsing YouTube – This guy “footFiend92” decided to post videos from Our VIP Section on his channel – I’m a pretty down to earth dude as some of you may well know – so I’m not even upset about this; What I didn’t like however, is that the guy made No Mention of where he got the videos from!!

If you check out his channel, he’s gotta background of our models too, Angie – again, I’m quite ok with him using it but, I wish he would’ve saved it on his own server somewhere, rather than link to mine.

So back to the videos that got leaked – they were of the Lovely Soles of Merica – I’ll post the links here now so that you can see the videos, while I await word from him to see if he’s gonna post Credit or not. I’d hate to have to sue someone over spreading Feet Appreciation; Know what I mean?

Foot theifs… I tell ya.

Here are the Leaked Videos

Merica’s Sexy Soles 1. & Merica’s Sexy Soles 2. *(these links go to the High Quality format of these vids – may load slow on slow connections)

Now, another reason I’m not too upset is, YouTube’s quality isn’t that great – so if you wanna see these videos again in High Quality (High Def 720 p) you know what to do; Join our VIP members area.

**UPDATE: The guy mentioned was real understanding about things; and has since given us credit for our videos; I”ll leave the links up though so he can enjoy some FREE Traffic from our site. :)**

More Celebrities – Cameron Diaz, Ashlee Simpson – sexy feet

Sunday, March 30th, 2008

Check out some more celebrity photos, Camerson Diaz, Ashlee Simpson, and an asian hottie named Brenda Song…

Adding these 3 hotties to my Dream List – Oh I’d LOVE to do a foot modeling photo shoot with any of these beauties. I’ve been a huge fan of Cameron Diaz’s feet since forever – she almost always has a scene or two in her movies where you can appreciate her long slonder beauties; Ashlee Simpson has quite a few photos of her circulating the internet in “the pose” with both of her lovely soles up – and lastly, Brenda Song I have never even heard of but, her feet were looking great! She’s gotta wonderful face, she’d be great on our site.

🙂 IF you know them, have their people contact me about setting up a shoot!!

Celebrities in “gladiator” Sandals

Sunday, March 30th, 2008


Found a great set of photos today which features a bunch of Celebs, wearing the “new trend” in women’s foot wear – Gladiator Sandals


I like em… though nothing tops flip flops!

Also worth mentioning … Sophie decided to post some photos from our shoot together – for those of you who don’t know she’s one of our NEW Models; You can see about 48 photos from our shoot in her MySpace photo gallery; If you visit her, be sure to let her know you saw her on our site, and wanted to show some love.

hmmm, maybe I’ll see about finding some women to wear these “new sandals” for the site … stay tuned!

More HOT Free Samples are on the way – but don’t wait for a free sample, JOIN The VIP Section today!

What a March!

Saturday, March 29th, 2008

New newsletters are going out soon, with FREE samples from our March Updates – FREE sample photos of Models such as Angelica, Christina, Sophie, Carrie, Sierra and Keri, all will be released.

Angelica looking angelic.

Over 600 photos were added to our VIP area this month, including some hott barefoot women in bikini’s – Angelica and Christina together in a set – and Carrie who’s lovely bare soles were the focus of this photo set laying out on the beach in her sexy blue bikini.

Visa Update…

Thursday, March 13th, 2008

Hey there folks, and fans of the site.

I wanted to update you all on our acceptance of Visa – this has been a long process – but I’m close to deciding on a good provider for Visa Cards, something that LOTS of you have emailed me about. You have been heard, and once again I do apologize for not having an easier way for you to access our wonderful photos.

Just look at things this way; When you’re finally able to use Visa on our site, you will have MUCH MORE Selection to choose from; New Models Sophie, Angelica, Christine, and Megan have absolutely beautiful feet. We’ve been very lucky to have worked with some of the sexiest women in all of Southern California, along with a few from back east as well; So it would be a huge blunder on our parts NOT to offer Visa for the many Visa Customers of the world;

I’m ready to announce that I’ve narrowed it down to or

One feature our site used to have was the ability to purchase photo sets individually; This is when we were with our original credit card processor – but they closed our account due to the reality that quite a few people are ‘sexually aroused’ by women’s bare feet.

So because of that, they pulled support and it really has been a long, hard road to find a reliable company.

I was with TicketsClub aka Vertotel for a while – but their e-commerce protection was very shabby; In a nutshell, They approved ‘checks’ right away; so a person could give a bogus check number, and gain access to the site, or the photos for 3 days without paying a dime. When I complained about this feature I got the custom ‘nothing we can do’ message – I mean the didn’t even try! … but why complain to you folks right? 🙂

Nothing any of you can do either; So I moved along to PureVanilla – who was great – but I guess their business plan wasn’t together and they were unable to continue providing their service, which is a sad day for Lots of sites like ours who don’t want to pay the extremely expensive cost of providing Visa through CCBill – So, I say all of this to say, that I thank all of you for your continued support and patience, as we search for a Quality Credit Card processor who offers Visa, and can help deliver our digital goods to your email box.

New Ish! – Sierra, Keri, and Carrie!!

Monday, March 10th, 2008

3 of our Original Hott Barefoot Women are making an appearance on the VIP Pages of – Your Favorites, Sierra Carrie and Keri!!

Here’s a nice Members Size preview from Carrie’s newest set, a collection of 75 images, Carrie barefoot on the beach, up close poses and great angles of her bare soles – clearly one of the Best pair of feet on the internet.

Hats off folks, to one of the worlds best Foot Models, Carrie!!

We were very lucky to have her grace our site with her beautiful feet and toes, yes we were. Thanks again to all of our supporters. I’ve still got one more set from Carrie, that I may release soon, however due to her presence on our site, more women wanted to show off their feet and toes; Carrie was one of our early promotional girls who got a lot of spotlight in our Promo Banners and Posters – she also has her very own Myspace Layouts – that you can grab the code for right here!

So stay tuned for Sophie’s Debut – a foot model who is new to the foot world, but very involved in it indeed – You can preview the photo shoot to see what you can look forward to as a VIP Member or Download Access Pass Holders & Supporter of our site – by visiting Sophie’s Photo Album here on MySpace (you will have to log in to myspace to view the pictures – be sure to let her know you came from

– She picked out some of her favorite shots, and you’ll see why I’m so excited to have her as part of our tremendously lucky website.

We’re looking forward to a BIG month of March – 400 photos have been released so far with many more on the way; We owe you some Videos as well – the backlog will soon be unjammed!