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LOL … we got Flickr’ed!

Saturday, May 31st, 2008


Sorry to inform you all but …. our Awesome photos at Flickr have now been deleted; apparently…

If you’ve been following our blog, you’ll know that we recently began posting pics there to give you all a great way to Preview the wonderful photos being taken by our photgraphers, for this website!

But, while browsing around on and getting to know more about Flickr, I began seeing a pattern.

There were multiple posts, and multiple members complaining about being Flickr’ed! – This happens when for No reason whatsoever and without warning, Flickr Deletes a person’s page.

I guess this happens to everyone, quite often, and for no apparently explained reason, so… now that its’ happened to us, I’m pretty sure we’re all done using FlickR …

but, stay tuned for more Awesome images from our Website – OR – JOIN the site Today!

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Quarter Life … Bare Feet

Thursday, May 22nd, 2008

spotted some great bare feet today while reading about Television shows that have been canceled; Some show I never heard of, is one of the shows on the cutting board (along with some that I’m sure will be missed…) Check out this Awesome Photo of it’s recently unemployed Cast.

Now… if any of the actresses from this show, Quarter Life, would like to pose for our site >> drop us a line >> we would absolutely LOVE to have you. (p.s. >> guy feet are gross ….)

I wonder what this show was about … anyone with any information – please let us know.

New Annalynn!

Wednesday, May 21st, 2008

VIP Members .. New News you can use!

A New set feeturing the beautiful feet of Annalynn is now available inside our VIP Section; Members log in here to download these NEW Sets!! – Or Click here to Join our site, all forms of payment accepted.

** Edit June 22, 2008 – FlickR deleted our photos…. so, here are the new preview images of Annalynn!

Members log in here to download these NEW Sets!! – Or Click here to Join our site, all forms of payment accepted.

NEW Contest/Membership Give-away!

Tuesday, May 20th, 2008

We just kicked off a NEW contest – a NEW way for you to gain FREE access to our VIP members section.

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Enjoy the contest! This one will be Active for a while; More information on this contest coming soon – but you can participate now, FREE, and win a VIP Membership Today!

Carrie … an Oldie but a Goody!

Friday, May 16th, 2008

Carrie's Debut

What a joy to work with! I never told this story but Carrie came to the photo shoot with her Sister, who we left in the car; She didn’t mind … our shoot took us about an hour and a half; and I took a few pics of carrie’s beautiful feet in her flip flops as we walked back to the car; Classic shots that will be included in her final photo set, which should be released later in the year. Anyways, Carrie’s feet are Amazing! I later found out that great feet run in her family.

As we approached the car where her sister was, the lovely site of two Sexy Bare Soles were dangling out of the window; I guess she decided to take a nap. I still think about that moment from time to time; what a joy it is to be apart of this movement; Speading the appreciation and the love for female feet; I’d love to work with Carrie again; Here’s to the hope that it can happen.

Carrie's Debut

Fight for Human Rights: Putting an End to Racism.

Thursday, May 15th, 2008

It’s bloggers for human rights day – and so as planned, I am going to invite all of you today to do your part to put an end to racism.

We all know how it started – right here in America; It was always about white people vs. blacks. Today many would say that people of all races are racist – but how did it get that way? We must examine the origin to find a solution to this problem. That origin begins with white people who founded this country and needed a way to profit from the land. Without recanting the entire history of slavery, Racism was used to justify the brutality of the slave institution in the United States.

This is the origin of the hate that still is with us today; and while it’s true that every race has it’s share of racists, the majority of the hatred is still aimed at blacks. It’s a situation that has created black people who hate whites – it has created black people who hate latin people or asian people – and that has created asian people who hate blacks, who hate latinos, who hate whites, and so on.

I view racism in this manner – It’s Action … Reaction.

While it’s true, 2 wrongs don’t make a right – it’s normal human behavior to want to do wrong to others that have done wrong to you; and so this feeling is at the very heart of racism in this country today.

You see it often in the Foot Boards on the internet >> one of the more famous boards, “the mouse pad” has tons of hate threads; where many of it’s members constantly voice their displeasure for posts of women who are black; they’re ok with asian feet, latina feet, and of course, white feet – but often black women’s feet are the bain of negative jokes.

The moderators on this board do nothing to address this problem; and that is how it usually goes. This nation has changed it’s laws … today black people can eat where they want to eat, use the same bathroom as whites, they can apply for any job, or go to any school, so long as they can afford it. Slavery, Segregation, and Oppression put black people in a state of poverty; while some made it, and had economic break throughs, the majority were left poor. When these laws changed, many blacks found themselves unable to take advantage of these new laws.

Sure, going to eat at a place that used to have a “white only” sign had now changed; But could they afford to eat what was on the menu? Some could; Most could not; Sure, blacks could now attend any school they wanted to, but could they afford tuition? Some could; Most could not; So what about getting a scholarship? Sure – the only problem is at the time not all schools in black areas were properly equipping their students to enter college. Then came “entrance exams” to further discriminate without Blatantly discriminating.

Now, one could point to the test and say “you didn’t pass – it’s not because you are black, you just weren’t good enough to get in.”

What I’m getting at is, due to events of the past, many real, tangible inequalities emerged.

Blacks were poor, uneducated, and therefore unable to advance in this society; And nothing was done to correct those inequalities – and nothing has been done since. Some blacks have made it, and slowly are trying to help improve these inequalities but, are often unable to truly address the problem – because it’s bigger than themselves; It’s a problem that truly requires more help … from whites.

So solve racism in this country, white people would have to change their paradigm; Many felt when slavery ended, that they did not owe blacks anything. Black people were not allowed to live on otheir land, black people could not find jobs, so many went back to “share cropping” – black people were persecuted for 200 years following slavery – mistreated and unwanted – and no white person wanted to “help” a black person out.

This idea is still with us today.

Many white people feel that they do not owe blacks anything. Even though most of their wealth can be directly linked to slavery, stolen rights to inventions, and many other things, that so long ago propelled whites to a status of wealth which has been passed on from generation to generation; While these same conditions helped place blacks in a status of poverty, which has also been passed on from generation, to generation.

White people today, like black people today, are born into a System that was established long before they were thought of. This system is full of Ideas, ways of thinking, ways of viewing scenarios and situations; especially on the topic of race. This system that is in place, helps KEEP things as they are.

It keeps white people hating blacks; and therefore, blacks hating whites. The other races as far as I am concerned are just tagging along for the ride, doing it because blacks and whites are doing it.

If we’re going to discuss Human Rights … If we’re going to talk about a Better Society, then we MUST address this problem of Racism!

At this point… who cares who hates who and for what reason; We need to STOP Hating!

It doesn’t matter anymore who started it … what matters is that WE End it!

The white person who refuses to stop disliking blacks “because black people dont like whites” (as they feel) needs to realize that HE or SHE is part of the problem. So what if you feel blacks dont like you, Like them anyway. Care about the situations they are in and do what you can, to help improve the lives of black people in your area; The black person who dislikes whites, because they feel that whites dislike them; So what – Smile, be nice, be kind and caring, and you just “might” find some white people who Do indeed care – and together you can start a movement to convert more whites to your way of viewing things.

It’s very hard to put the responsability to end racism on blacks though; Today I saw a KKK video on MySpace – and Im assuming myspace is doing nothing to take this video down. Just like this nation has made no attempt to disassemble the KKK. All under the guise of Free Speech; Meanwhile the black panther party was labled as communist for their Free Speech; They’ve been since called a black version of the KKK, when at no point in time were they ever interested in killing white people; when this party fought for the rights of not only blacks, but chicano’s in the feilds, they fought for gays, they fought for women; And according to HBO’s CoInTelPro – this gov’t moved to put an END to the Black Panthers.

Why has nothing been done to put an End to the KKK?

Racism started in the white race; The white race needs to fight to end it. It starts by talking to your family members about their racist, hate filled ideas. It starts by telling your kids the truth, that all of us were created equal, but this society has done much to drive us apart; We need a Generation of Social Workers, willing to Work to get this Society to the greatness that it has the potential to reach.

If we cannot solve our problems at home, we will never care enough about problems in other parts of the world. Even here in the Foot Community, so long as there are people so willing to voice hatred about black women’s feet, we can never truly be a United Nation.

In February, during black history month, I decided to do something different.

You have sites right now that are dedicated to black women’s feet – you have sites dedicated to latina feet, asian feet, and so on; Our site however has never sought to highlight one race over another; Because our view has always been that feet are beautiful no matter what race they belong to; You have white women with great feet – and white women with not so great feet; The same is true for every race; Some black women out there, have really HOT and Sexy feet; and so I wanted to do something to show appreciation for a race of women, who often get hated on!

It’s silly, it’s ignorant, and yet it’s So pervasive – it’s everywhere! In a way, I hoped other foot sites would decide to copy me; To plan an All Black Model’s month for NEXT February… and we’ll see if that happens; We’ve always been interested in spreading love … and appreciation.

That is why you will rarely ever see me Publish something Negative about another foot site, or anothe foot site owner/webmaster – even other foot boards; many have said hate filled things about me, however – I always felt that it’s important for the foot community to remain United; not divided.

If I talk down on another foot site; it makes the entire foot community look bad. So rather than tear down one another, I seek to lift us All up. Doing my part to make the Foot Community more accepted by the other parts of our society; in hopes that they will not look at the bad over the good.

And this my friends, is how we must approach racism – to end it, we must seek to lift one another up! We must avoid tearing one another down, due to the color of our skin, or the culture we were born into; we must in fact seek to develop a NEW culture – a NEW Society – one that puts away the old tired ideas of racism, and the philosophy that keeps us all divided ….

Together we’ll stand; Divided we will surely fall.

Let’s join together, to put an END to racism. Then we can properly address all issues of Human Rights; When we love each other – then we will truly Care for one another;