Month: May 2008

LOL … we got Flickr’ed!

Ha! Sorry to inform you all but …. our Awesome photos at Flickr have now been deleted; apparently… If you’ve been following our blog, you’ll know that we recently began posting pics there to give you all a great way to Preview the wonderful photos being taken by our photgraphers, for this website! But, while […]


Quarter Life … Bare Feet

spotted some great bare feet today while reading about Television shows that have been canceled; Some show I never heard of, is one of the shows on the cutting board (along with some that I’m sure will be missed…) Check out this Awesome Photo of it’s recently unemployed Cast. Now… if any of the actresses […]


New Annalynn!

VIP Members .. New News you can use! A New set feeturing the beautiful feet of Annalynn is now available inside our VIP Section; Members log in here to download these NEW Sets!! – Or Click here to Join our site, all forms of payment accepted. ** Edit June 22, 2008 – FlickR deleted our […]


NEW Contest/Membership Give-away!

We just kicked off a NEW contest – a NEW way for you to gain FREE access to our VIP members section. Click here to read about how you can use, to Digg your way into our Hott Barefoot MEMBERS Only Section … Enjoy the contest! This one will be Active for a while; […]


Carrie … an Oldie but a Goody!

What a joy to work with! I never told this story but Carrie came to the photo shoot with her Sister, who we left in the car; She didn’t mind … our shoot took us about an hour and a half; and I took a few pics of carrie’s beautiful feet in her flip flops […]

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Fight for Human Rights: Putting an End to Racism.

It’s bloggers for human rights day – and so as planned, I am going to invite all of you today to do your part to put an end to racism. We all know how it started – right here in America; It was always about white people vs. blacks. Today many would say that people […]