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Attention Webmasters of Foot Sites…

Sunday, June 29th, 2008

Lots of banners to other sites are being pulled as we speak.

Banner Exchanging is something webmaster’s do to help increase traffic to their site; It’s a great way for people who are into a certain theme to find other websites that offer similar or sometimes even better content to suit their desires.

It’s a code of ethics – if I add your banner to my site, I expect you to add mine as well – If you decide to pull my banner off your site, for any reason, the Right thing to do would be to let me know; Some webmasters try to be slick; They’ll pull banners down, to get what’s called One-way traffic – me sending people to them, and them sending No one my way.

That isn’t fair, or ethical; So their banners are coming down.

I won’t post their names or sites – i have no desire to send them traffic.

Cleaning house is good for all… 🙂

Webmasters: If you have had your banner Removed, and feel it was a mistake, please contact us right away to fix things asap.

** update **

While removing banners … I was shocked to find something that surprised me..

Wow, it’s pretty amazing to see that some of the webmasters who dropped our banner, didn’t only drop Our banner; but went completely Out of business.,,, and quite a few others are completely gone.

How truly blessed we are, to still be around – providing High quality Foot content for you… 3 years and counting!


Sunday, June 29th, 2008

This “bulletin” is going around on MySpace – I got this from one of my friends on there … and Im sure you know I totally agree – One of the biggest problems with what’s happening is that the average person just isn’t stopping to think about what they are being told; Real Child predators are not the guys who are being flirted with, who wilt to the pressure and flirt back; the Distinction NEEDS to be made. Parents need to be told to be parents – and Real methods to find “real” dangers to society need to be developed, instead of these constant scare tactics and fear mongering that is really only used to give YOU less freedom, and “them” MORE control.

Stop Blaming MySpace

Anybody happen to catch Nightline the other night on ABC? In case you didn’t, one of the hot topics discussed was MySpace. It is no secret to anyone who reads the newspaper or watches the 6 o’clock news that MySpace has been in the limelight because of “sexual predators” trying to “abduct and corrupt” the youth of the world. To this I say bull shit! I see dozens of profiles a day showing 14 year old girls dressed like sluts, wearing four inches of make up and 32 layers of eyeliner, displaying their age as 18 years old and profile lines stating “Oh, I’m So Sexy” or “Hey There, Wanna Check Up On It?” Come on! The youth of today’s world are already corrupt enough due to the undying need to be “older” than they really are. I seriously doubt there are tons of people on MySpace stalking “innocent young girls” who just happen to have tramped up profiles and ages 4 years greater than their own..

On Nightline, there was a story of a 12 year old girl who was a drug-addict and attributed it all to MySpace. She claims that Myspace allowed her to easily find drug dealers in her area, as well as older men to have sex with her. Now, at the age of 14, she has been checked into a drug-rehabilitation clinic and has been away from her family for 5 months. Her parents would rather place the blame squarely on the shoulders of MySpace instead of their daughter, who even admitted that at the age of 12, had already tried weed, crack, X, and had slept with numerous guys older than herself…but of course, it wasn’t her fault, it was all because of MySpace..

Once again, COME ON! When are parents and children going to stop passing the blame and grow up enough to take responsibility for their actions and the actions of their children.. Parents: monitor your children online, take some responsibility for YOUR children! Children: if a profile name sounds like something that comes out of a cheap horror movie, like “DARK ANGEL OF DEATH WHO EATS THE BRAINS OF GIRLS”…chances are you DO NOT WANT TO ADD THEM AS A FRIEND. Apparently there is new legislation in Congress now to block MySpace in all public schools and public libraries across the United States. All because little girls want to act like sluts and don’t want to accept the consequences of their actions, and parents don’t want to accept the fact that their “innocent little girls” are posing as 18 year old crack whores trying to buy drugs..

A 14 year old girl and her mother have filed a law suit against Myspace. com because she was sexually assaulted by another user. She said he lied by saying he was on the high School football team, and THAT gained her trust. Obvisiously if thats all it took to gain her trust, chances are she’ll pretty much trust anybody and anyone (not really MySpace’s fault).. And of course you know she had to lie about her age to even have a page on myspace I mean come on a no brainer here…..

She’s suing Myspace. com for $30 million because she believes MySpace has poor security. WHAT A CROCK OF SHIT! Myspace is not a babysitting service, take responsiblity for your own actions!!! What happened to her is a terrible thing and should never happen to anyone, period. Where were her parents? Why are they not held responsible for what their daughter does in their own home? Myspace has many many ways of blocking out/screening people, some are: you have to ACCEPT the person you may or may not know as a friend, as well as deny people you do or do not know, you can have certain sercurity measures added like making your profile private, or asking for last name and email address, you can block a person, you can only associate with people you ALREADY know or simply you can NOT be on MySpace if you lack common sense..

Eventually, if this continues, MySpace could be totally outlawed from the Internet. Restrictions will be put in place in order to make MySpace “safer”. I don’t know about you, but I use MySpace to keep in touch with my family and friends, use it for messages, and just to have a space that is my own. Just because some children want to act grown up, does that mean I may have to eventually give up my MySpace? If you feel the same way I do, please, repost this in your blogs or bulletins, or both as “STOP BLAMING MYSPACE”. If enough people post this and spread the word, maybe people will get the picture and stop blaming MySpace for every little thing that their children do wrong. As a user of MySpace, we should all repost this and take some sort of action. This is not a chain letter, and nothing will happen to you if you don’t repost this in 321654987 seconds. However, of all bulletins you will read today, I am sure that this one is the only one that actually has a point to it..

Pass this on if you support

More Updates coming tonight!

Sunday, June 29th, 2008

More updates are on the way to the VIP Section… Been a ‘lil slow’ due to my work schedule, which happens. I’ve been busy building a New foot fetish Website for a good friend in Sweden 🙂

You’re gonna love her feet; and her friends feet as well.

She contacted me about building her site, and I said sure – why not – I’ve also been aiding another sexy Foot Goddess in getting her website up (she is designing it, Im just advising and helping here and there), as well as a site She is designing for a friend. Many of you out there probably have jerked off to their foot pics and videos – I’ll clue you in on who they are when everything is completed.

So, lots of web work has taken me away from posting updates – But don’t forget, Bikini Month 2008 is coming … August is gonna be HOTTER than ever – with NEW models and some Oldies but goodies – Sexy Bare Feet never looked so good …

P.S. >> TWO New Videos were posted in the VIP Section – of hottie Analynn’s lovely bare soles; Members can Log in to check them out – otherwise, Click here to Join today!

New Updates! Briana’s Debut and … all Natural Darin

Sunday, June 22nd, 2008

New photos were uploaded to our VIP members section a few days ago; Briana made her foot modeling debut, and you can now see her photos inside of our VIP Members Area – she’s got really great feet too;

Also added to the site were more photos from Darin! One of our more mature models on the site – a ‘natural girl’ with Greatly shaped feet – for those of you that are into rough, calloused feet that are shaped well, long toes, and excellent soles; Darin’s feet are what you need.

We’ve got more photos to post before the month ends, More of Briana as well; So far we’re at around 300 photos for the month; Join our site today! You’re gonna love our feet!

Celebrity Foot Massage … &

Thursday, June 19th, 2008

Found this story on TMZ … or, this gallery I should say; Feeturing Celebrities getting mani’s and pedi’s.

Wishing the pics were better … and Bigger! … speaking of which, we apologize for the lagging updates this month and plan to make up for them, starting as soon as Tonight!

Remember to sign up for our Newsletter (on the home page) and you’ll get tons of FREE photos from our site – with really BIG photos of Barefoot women, showing you their Soles and toes … with a smile on their face 🙂

Pretty smiles too … step inside our VIP Members Section now to see all 40+ Hott Barefoot Models, only here @ one of the best foot sites on the web, doing our part to spread Foot Appreciation,

Totally Random Feet Video

Sunday, June 8th, 2008

Check this one out here.

In this video from Good Morning America, they report on how flip flops are causing foot problems for people.

I disagree entirely with the video, but wanted to share it becuase there are some Hot Feet Scenes in it. Enjoy!

Why do I disagree?

Well, the fat (big) girl in it who says she has ankle problems and blames her flip flops, fails to realize that her ankles cannot support all that Weight she’s gained – That is why her ankle is messed up; Not because she wears Flip Flops;

I was also shocked to see an Asian lady reporting on this, considering how many Asian women practically were nothing else But Flip Flops; and Asians have been doing this for Centuries.

It’s a great example of how the media will report literally anything, whether it’s true or not; But, overall, it’s a nice Feet Video; I just hope no women see it, and take it to heart; We do NOT want women to stop wearing flip flops.