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And a great time was had by all…

Sunday, August 24th, 2008 – Spreading “Foot Appreciation” from one corner of the world, to the other.

P.S. >> Congrats to the USA for their outstanding competition at the 2008 Olympics; Especially the Redeem Team – Go USA!

Bikini Month, is about to go out in a BANG!

Friday, August 22nd, 2008

It’s been a great month so far…

700 photos so far, with NEW Sets on the way; Still set to make an appearance is Hannah, who’s beautiful “jewrican” soles are a true pleasure to behold; as well as hot New solo sets from Angelica, as well as more from the Trio with Christina, Megan, and a New Model, Cassie will make an appearance on here next to Angelica in our most recent shoot together; If Time permits, a hot “bikini-top” set with Briana.

So… we’re talking about another 400-500 photos, of Hott, Barefoot Women, coming to our VIP Section making Bikini Month 2008 one of the HOTTEST months online for foot lovers around the world.

Speaking of the World…. you’ll all be excited to know that if you join us through AlertPay, you’ll get instant access to our site – alertpay is accepted in nearly every country on this Planet; Be sure you keep your eye on our Special Bikini Month 2008 page, so that you don’t miss out on what’s new.

Updates and News

Soon our DAP passes are going away; It’s been a sucky idea – well… not really. Sucky in the sense that If you join a DAP section, you get All the photos from that model; but when we add a New set, you’re joining just for that One set; I miss the days of being able to sell each set individually.

Soon, those days will return; where you won’t have to join the VIP Section if you don’t want to you; You can simply purchase each photo set and recieve the .zip files in your email. We were the FIRST site doing that, and since then I’ve seen a few pop up; though their system isn’t as good as ours was, and won’t be as good as our new one is going to be.

We do it all for you – our Supporters – our Fans – we love and respect your opinion; Specifically, this opinion was voiced by one of our real big supporters, Marc, who’s been a long time member of our site, and has shared that even he misses the days of being able to buy individual sets – well Marc, we’ve heard you, and we’re going to make that a reality, very soon.

Also, VIP Members, prepare to get a sneak peak at – the hottest candid site on the internet, with awesomely great videos of candid bare feet; filmed in public, real girls, real feet, 100% Original content.

Enjoy the remainder of Bikini month – Email List Members, get ready for a Special Preview with lots of FREE photos from this special month coming to your inbox soon – speaking of which; sign up for our email list if you’re no already on it. We give away more FREE Stuff than any other foot site; You’re gonna Love our List! … and most importantly, You’re gonna Love our Feet. – “She is beautiful, from the top of her head to the soles of her feet”

Fresh Shoot: Cassie debut’s with Angelica

Monday, August 18th, 2008

Coming this month, new model Cassie!

I called up Angelica to see about doing a special shoot this month – which will be featured during Bikini Month 2008 – Angelica like always comes through with a new friend, Cassie, who’s 7 1/2 feet are simply adorable. You’re gonna love her soles!

Bikini Month 2008 … Not done yet!

Monday, August 18th, 2008

Heating up even more.. just yesterday I shot with Angelica, and her new hottie friend, Cassie!

Got a few “FRESH SHOOT” photos coming tonight from their shoot together, as well as 2 new Sets … maybe 3 featuring these two hotties; Also uploading as we speak, NEW Brittany Photos … more from her layed out looking beautiful in Southern California, wearing her hott pink bikini.

Stay tuned… Bikini Month 2008 Posters coming from our Affiliates ( thank all of you for the traffic you’ve been sending to our site; Keep up the great work! Make yourselves some more money 😀 )

Speaking of which… lots of websites like ours offer Affiliate programs – the Key to making money with them is, you’ve gotta be aggressive; you’ve gotta spread the word about your affiliate content, drive traffic to your galleries, or your promo pages – place banners and (posters) in multiple places around the internet; you’ve gotta work hard at it … like anything.

lots of people join affiliate programs for the Free Content; If you’re smart, you’ll join to make money; so you can afford to join a few foot websites and not miss a beat in your income; and so you won’t have to rely on Free Content…

Bikini Month continues here @ – pics coming soon.

Olympic Celebrity Wish List: Nastia Liukin (bare soles)

Thursday, August 14th, 2008

18 year old Hottie, and Olympic Gold Medal winner 🙂 Nastia Liukin is Smokin HOTT!

Gymnastics is one of those sports where you’re gonna see a lot of Bare feet (like swimming, and beach volleyball) some are off limits to discuss – others are not; Are we having a big month or what?? >> More of Rachel is on the way for Bikini Month 2008, the Pre-view page has been unveiled, we’ve Fixed the issues on our home page and things look Beautiful once again; and … back to what we started talking about.

Our Celebrity Wish List is basically my Hopeful Shout out, to HOT celebs around the world; Hoping they read this and contact us to do a shoot for – And while Bikini Month unfolds, I’ve gotta few Olympic Hotties to add to this list >> starting with, Nastia Liukin.

Just saw a GREAT shot of her bare soles while stretching, and went to find the pics because… I knew someone had them.


These screencaps were put up by another; but I’m gonna work on finding a few of my own as well – This was some seriously Hott Shiit if you were watching; Congrats to the NEWEST Olympic Gold Medalist, 18 year old HOTTIE Nastia Liukin; If you’re reading this, the Foot World wants to see more of your bare soles; Let us know if you’d be interested

Update: Bikini Month 08 – Over 500 photos and counting…

Tuesday, August 12th, 2008

Who loves Bare feet?

One of the great things about Bikini Month is that we don’t hold back; Already we’ve released over 500 photos featuring our sexy Hott Barefoot Models. Working on getting a preview page up for all of you visitors to the site – really you should just Join and enjoy it along with our other VIP Members.

What have you missed?



Angelica, Christina, and Megan!

and Rachel!

Who Loves Bikini’s?

MORE is coming THIS month, Bikini Month 2008 – ONLY @ – p.s. You can also see Nalita inside our VIP members section; Join today!