Month: August 2008

And a great time was had by all… – Spreading “Foot Appreciation” from one corner of the world, to the other. P.S. >> Congrats to the USA for their outstanding competition at the 2008 Olympics; Especially the Redeem Team – Go USA!


Bikini Month, is about to go out in a BANG!

It’s been a great month so far… 700 photos so far, with NEW Sets on the way; Still set to make an appearance is Hannah, who’s beautiful “jewrican” soles are a true pleasure to behold; as well as hot New solo sets from Angelica, as well as more from the Trio with Christina, Megan, and […]

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Fresh Shoot: Cassie debut’s with Angelica

Coming this month, new model Cassie! I called up Angelica to see about doing a special shoot this month – which will be featured during Bikini Month 2008 – Angelica like always comes through with a new friend, Cassie, who’s 7 1/2 feet are simply adorable. You’re gonna love her soles!


Bikini Month 2008 … Not done yet!

Heating up even more.. just yesterday I shot with Angelica, and her new hottie friend, Cassie! Got a few “FRESH SHOOT” photos coming tonight from their shoot together, as well as 2 new Sets … maybe 3 featuring these two hotties; Also uploading as we speak, NEW Brittany Photos … more from her layed out […]


Olympic Celebrity Wish List: Nastia Liukin (bare soles)

18 year old Hottie, and Olympic Gold Medal winner 🙂 Nastia Liukin is Smokin HOTT! Gymnastics is one of those sports where you’re gonna see a lot of Bare feet (like swimming, and beach volleyball) some are off limits to discuss – others are not; Are we having a big month or what?? >> More […]

Bare Feet Candids Celebrity Feet Dream Girls (wish list)

Update: Bikini Month 08 – Over 500 photos and counting…

Who loves Bare feet? One of the great things about Bikini Month is that we don’t hold back; Already we’ve released over 500 photos featuring our sexy Hott Barefoot Models. Working on getting a preview page up for all of you visitors to the site – really you should just Join and enjoy it along […]