Month: September 2008

It’s BAAAACKKK!!! — Purchase Individual photo sets of our models

It’s official — I’m pre-launching the New page now, but will re-launch it when it’s completely finished. RIGHT NOW — you can begin purchasing Individual Photo sets of our Hott Barefoot Models. Full sets available now only — some kinks are still being worked out so, we’re calling this the Beta Phase; Full sets are […]

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Join us at our Message Board on Yuku!

We’ve launched a NEW message board @ YuKu – where we’ll be posting photos from our site, and inviting some friends of mine, fellow foot site owners, to share their work as well. We have a chat room – and hope to build a community of kind, foot lovers, who know how to treat one […]


Questions answered about our Pre-Built Model sites

I have gotten some really good feedback from many of you, and I thank you all for that. I wanted to, if i can, answer some of the common questions I’m getting about these Pre-Built “membership” Model websites. How much are the sites? The cost, is $500 – So, these sites are meant for those […]


Because I Love Asian Feet !!

So, … there’s a guy on MySpace with a GREAT collection of barefoot asian women. I decided to share some with you all here 😉 enjoy! I figured… while you’re waiting for the new updates these sexy pics can hold you over; Be sure to let Mr. Toe-tally Addicted know you enjoyed the photos…

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Updates coming This weekend

Starting Tonight, Updates of NEW model Athena, as well as new photo sets from Briana, and Tume will be added to the site. It’s been a slow month of “updates” – but what I Have been doing is adding more galleries to our new, Gallery page so that VIP Members can quickly access the photos […]

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Fresh Shoot: Athena … from the weekend

This shoot took place last weekend: Met up with Athena a beautifully spirited model, with great feet! Stay tuned.. Athena’s debut set is on it’s way to the site shortly; Her size 8 1/2 feet are a great addition to our wonderful Roster of Barefoot Models.