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It’s BAAAACKKK!!! — Purchase Individual photo sets of our models

Wednesday, September 24th, 2008

It’s official — I’m pre-launching the New page now, but will re-launch it when it’s completely finished.

RIGHT NOW — you can begin purchasing Individual Photo sets of our Hott Barefoot Models.

Full sets available now only — some kinks are still being worked out so, we’re calling this the Beta Phase; Full sets are available for $8.99 – $6.99 depending on how many photos are in the set, and how HOT the sets are; just about all sets from Bikini Month 07-08 are listed as $8.99, while the majority are just $6.99

Part Sets will soon be available for $2.99 – $1.99 — Full sets listed for $8.99 will have Part sets listed at $2.99.

Visit our Sales Page NOW! Buy Individual Sets of our Models

I’m still adding and updating our model database, I’m on page 6 of 17 … So I expect to have all our available sets on sale by the weekend. Also on the Individual Pages of our Models, those who’s photo sets are on sale, will have a “Purchase this Set Now” Button lit up and you can click it and buy.

The kinks…

There are a few kinks yet to be worked out. For example, AlertPay has no ‘shopping cart’ yet – so you’ll have to make your purchases one by one, which could be a minor pain, but there is no Additional charge per transaction. In My Opinion the BEST way to go is to sign up for an alertpay account, fill it with funds, and use those funds for your transactions to make the process move along faster ( so that you wont be inputting your credit card over and over again )

Another Kink, for now is with the Individual Part Sets – I’m still deciding how I want to go about it, so when I do they’ll be ready to go. Often the part sets are a great way to test the waters, to see if the site is worth joining, to see if the full set is worth buying. I liked having this option and many of our Fans did too — so I Will bring this back.

The Last kink and perhaps the biggest, is with the Delivery of the Individual sets. For now, I’m going to be stuck Manually emailing the download links to you, and I’ll fill your order within 24 hours… rather than Instantly — I want to warn you guys about that now, and explain it so you’ll know what’s going on. I don’t have a working script to automatically deliver these files to you Once your order goes through…. “yet”

I’ve got a few programmers working on it, and am talking with a few Other programmers who seem to be on the ball more than the ones i’m offering Money to (funny how that works…)

So in a nutshell…

Individual sets are back – kinks are being worked out – more models are being added – all orders will be filled within 24 hours – and as always if you have any questions feel free to contact us through the site!

Visit our Sales Page NOW! Buy Individual Sets of our Models

Join us at our Message Board on Yuku!

Monday, September 22nd, 2008

We’ve launched a NEW message board @ YuKu – where we’ll be posting photos from our site, and inviting some friends of mine, fellow foot site owners, to share their work as well.

We have a chat room – and hope to build a community of kind, foot lovers, who know how to treat one another, and can enjoy the beauty of women’s feet together ­čÖé

It’s brand new, so nearly no one is there, please sign up, post some feedback, log in to the chat and hang out for a while till some one shows up.

I’m going to start hosting Chats there and will be posting the information on the homepage of our site – It’s going to be exciting stuff ­čÖé — I’m also going to talk with some of our models, to see if they’d be interested in chatting; and if so will arrange some dates so that You can come and talk with some of our Hott Barefoot Models – You’re gonna Love it!!

Visit our YuKu Message board here, now!

Questions answered about our Pre-Built Model sites

Monday, September 22nd, 2008

I have gotten some really good feedback from many of you, and I thank you all for that. I wanted to, if i can, answer some of the common questions I’m getting about these Pre-Built “membership” Model websites.

How much are the sites?

The cost, is $500 – So, these sites are meant for those of you who’d like to run a Subscription based/Membership website — Your MySpace is not a website folks. It’s a great networking page, a great place to tell others what you’re up to; but you can’t Sell anything On a Myspace page.

Especially not with their new, link blocking/filtering software – you can use myspace to get jobs, to advertise yourself to photographers, magazines, and etc… but you cannot make money, using Myspace “alone”.

If you’re a model, and you’d like to make money online, You need a website.

Usually my Customized websites will run you between $1,200 – $1,500 … and that’s cheap. I figured a $500 website is even more affordable – and the admin area will allow you to customize Everything!

How easy is it to customize?

It’s VERY Easy to customize these scripts – It requires a Database that stores information like your banner image, homepage image, the headers and footers for each page, even your Links.

Simple HTML knowledge is required – such as how to make links, paragraph & image tags — and really, that’s all you need to know — additional HTML knowledge will help you make even better looking pages. Links to HTML Tutorials are included to guide you along the way.

Also an additional page is included, a file called “extras.php” – all you need is a Text Editor, like Notepad to change additional wording found throughout the sites. Such as the title of your pages, what appears the the TOP of each page on your site — error messages for Model sets or Videos that are empty — change your support email address so people can contact you — and much, much more.

Can I use my own CSS?

YES! A CSS (cascading style sheet) will be included – you can modify it and save over the original – or create a new one, using the CSS tags found in the original. If you’re not an expert with CSS, you should consult someone who is.

With Version 1.0 – the current pre-built sites — the $500 you spend is paying for support from me; I’ll install everything for you, and even customize your CSS page with the colors, fonts, and whatever else you’d prefer — I’ll teach you how to use the admin area, and will be available for help —

Can I pay it off in payments?

Yes you can, very shortly the option will be available to pay off your site in installments; $100 over 5 Months — Or $50 over 10 months — Using this option means, We will host your site on Our server for the duration of 5 to 10 months. Once your site is paid off – we’ll release the site to you – to put on Your server, by this time you should have a Good understanding of how to Admin Your site — This option will allow some of you to figure out if this is what you want to do or not, it’s a win-win situation for both.

If you have any other questions that I didn’t answer here feel free to drop me a line and let me know. Also know that Marketing is Key; Having a website alone is not enough; You must know how to bring traffic to your site. The more traffic you have; the more sales you’ll have … and it helps to have a good product too. That’s all for now folks; have a great week!

Because I Love Asian Feet !!

Sunday, September 21st, 2008

So, … there’s a guy on MySpace with a GREAT collection of barefoot asian women.

I decided to share some with you all here ­čśë enjoy!

I figured… while you’re waiting for the new updates these sexy pics can hold you over; Be sure to let Mr. Toe-tally Addicted know you enjoyed the photos…

Updates coming This weekend

Saturday, September 20th, 2008

Starting Tonight, Updates of NEW model Athena, as well as new photo sets from Briana, and Tume will be added to the site.

It’s been a slow month of “updates” – but what I Have been doing is adding more galleries to our new, Gallery page so that VIP Members can quickly access the photos of the models they Really want; and won’t have to wait for that .zip file to download.

Speaking of Downloads, hold tight, as the New Model Pages are currently being re-designed (another massive overhaul) and soon you will be able to purchase individual photo sets once again, harkening back to the early days of

I know folks are super happy about that – Thank All of you for visiting, lurking, joining, and supporting our site – We aim to please foot lovers everywhere!

Fresh Shoot: Athena … from the weekend

Friday, September 12th, 2008

This shoot took place last weekend: Met up with Athena a beautifully spirited model, with great feet!

Stay tuned.. Athena’s debut set is on it’s way to the site shortly; Her size 8 1/2 feet are a great addition to our wonderful Roster of Barefoot Models.