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400 Photos added so far this month!

Thursday, October 30th, 2008

It’s been a pretty good time inside our VIP Members area – with just over 400 photos added so far to the site, featuring the bare feet of Danielle, New Model Athena, and more from one of our Original models, Amber!

I have another, really very hot set of Danielle that is already on the site, and ready to go; but hasn’t been made available just yet; I may hold it till November; which is just around the corner. New Photo Galleries were added; and for all our Non-Members, the option to Purchase Photo Sets of our models was once again re-introduced to our site.

Buy 2 Full Sets, and I’ll send you a 3rd set for Free!

Buy 5 Full Sets, and I’ll send you 2 Full sets for Free!

Like always … deals abound … Visit our “Photo Sets Store” to purchase photos of your favorite models today! You’ll be glad you did.

You will also be able to purchase sets while browsing our Models – If the photo set is available for sale – you’ll see a button that looks like this:

Please bare with us; this is a Massive website and we have LOTS of content that we’re updating, editing, and adding; more and More of what you love is on the way; Thanks to all of you who continue to support this site! VIP Members, are currently enjoying a FREE Preview of – ALL of the candid Feet Videos can be downloaded, and enjoyed through our VIP Members section Right Now!

And coming in November…. Videos of our Models !!

Enjoy the weekend; be Safe everyone!

Danielle and more Athena coming Tonight!

Sunday, October 12th, 2008

VIP members have been treated to some lovely feet – probably none more so than Danielle’s lovely feet. She has modeled for quite a few foot sites, and In my opinion, the beautiful California Scenery and her sexy feet make these some of the best photos you’ll find of This East Coast Beauty anywhere on the web.

Bold Statement ….

New Samples

We’ve added New samples to our Sample & Comments page – Stop by and have a look — 40 New images for your viewing pleasure – all Free — and for now, in 1500 size resolution, celebrating our New Photo Galleries now found inside of our VIP Section!!! Our Site just keeps getting better!

Tonight, Inside of our VIP Section, NEW Photos from Danielle, and part 2 of Athena’s Debut!

Officially Recommending Firefox & Safari Browsers

Saturday, October 4th, 2008

It’s Official, from this point forward we are Recommending Firefox and Safari Web Browsers to surf our website – and NO they are not paying us a Dime to say so.

So why the recommendation?

  • I.E. Sucks (right now anyways), specifically in how it Displays our website, missing photos, and the constant prompting to enter a Password for our members already logged into the site. Safari does have this issue as well in our Member Photo Galleries, but it’s much easier to over-ride; simply type your password in one time, if it asks for it again, click Cancel, and reload the page – or come back to it after checking out the other pages which will all load just fine from that point forward. It’s a small glitch, but overall is much easier to deal with, in Safari, than it is in Internet Explorer.
  • Did I mention the way our Site Looks in I.E.? Not real pleased … it loads slow, times out, there are all kinds of problems. Not the case in Firefox, and especially in Safari; These web browsers Load Quickly and display our pages as they were meant to be displayed.
  • Our Last and perhaps most important reason is, we want YOU, to truly enjoy your time on our website, which was put together for YOU, the foot lover, the guy or girl that has a fondness for women’s bare feet – LOTS of free stuff here, but more importantly if you’re a VIP Member, our Members section is truly Superb, with LOTS of models, Photo Galleries being added every month, videos being added occasionally, … there is a whole lot to see. No point in being frustrated by a Crummy browser, messing up your experience.

So, We encourage you to Download FireFox here:
We also encourage you to Download Safari here:

Never hurts to have more ways to access your favorite websites — We’ll see you inside the VIP Section Soon!