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Brand New Look @ ©

Tuesday, November 25th, 2008 has a brand new look! – Visit our New home page, designed to make browsing our website easy for you. Many of our Old pages are still around; A few other facelifts will happen shortly – We’ll be going with a similar look for our VIP Members home page – to make it easy for you to download the Latest Updates; or to browse our Collection of Photo sets – some of the very best in the foot fetish (appreciation) world.

Video Updates:

Uploading new videos has been slower than I would have liked; I do apologize for not offering up more videos, more often, but I Should take a moment to talk about the ones we have – If you like our models’ feet, you’ll Love the videos.

Most are like behind the scenes, video of our models posing for the site; In our Upcoming videos that we shoot, we’ll focus in on the soles and let you Stare at some of our models’ sexy bare soles for a while – we have lots that have not been added to the site – including video from Brittany’s Pink Bikini shoot – Video of Athena – Misstress Papillion getting a foot rub – Hannah laying out by the pond – and more – As I settle into the new Update schedule, New Photo Sets every Mon or Tues, “new videos” will find a way into these frequent updates; I won’t make any promises now – but I will say that you’re really gonna love our Vids;

Please write to us and tell us what you think of the new home page – Leave comments below!

.New Danielle! and other updates..

Tuesday, November 18th, 2008

New Danielle photos have been added to our VIP Section, and our Model Photo Set Store.

This hot set comes from our first day shooting with Dani; we hit the beach, and took a moment to take some photos on these benches that have an excellent view of the ocean; This, part 1 o 2, is a excellent view of Danielle’s sexy bare feet!

Alot of cosmetic changes will be taking place around here as we start working on a more organized schedule here @ our site, doing what we can to improve – what this means is that an already great site is going to become even Better. We’re doing it, for YOU!

You Deserve it!!

You are invited to help Test out our NEW Beta Social Network, HottBarefootSpace!

Come and be part of a community for people that love bare feet.

Exclusive Photos will be posted – as well as Interviews with Foot Models from all around the World – We’ll bring them to you from our New Online Community – dedicated to Foot Lovers Everywhere!

Updates every Mon or Tues

Friday, November 14th, 2008

Hey folks,

Hope you’re having an awesome November – So far this month, we’ve added new updates – the Final Set from Karla, and a smoking hot set feeturing the Bare feet of Leslie & Angelica.

We also added a Photo Gallery of Misstress Papillion and hope to get more Galleires up this coming Monday and/or Tuesday – the NEW update schedule for

I decided that our VIP Members deserve more – to know WHEN new updates are coming – So from now on you can look forward to those every Monday and/or Tuesday – and for all of you who have come to Love our Candid Feet Videos – New NEWS! – We’ll be adding new updates Every Wed and/or Thursday – including New PHOTO SETS!!

This new set was recently added; an adventure in a local library back in 2007 – It’s called White Pants & Jeans, has 72 photos in it – and you can check it out Right Now – along with NEW Videos; The end of our April Present Soles series, and a few more great angles of Lunch Time Soles parts 6 & 7 – Also more of our 2008 Video Series are on the way Next week – including the Super hot bare soles of a lady I filmed in a ‘submarine sandwich’ place, oh man you’re gonna love her feet – See it all @

VIP Members, soon your FREE preview of BarefootCandids is coming to an end – if you’re NOT a VIP member, what are you waiting for? Get it all Inside our Members area NOW – Join here.