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Updates: Claire – Tume – VISA

Saturday, March 28th, 2009

Hey folks,

400 photos were added to our VIP Section this month – but our wait is still going on as far as being able to process VISA – this means some of our members got a free ride this month ­čÖé – however if this problem is not resolved soon, many of you will have to re-sign up.


Seems like this has been the biggest obstacle, finding a reliable VISA processor, for the most popular credit card in the world – through it all, you fans have been tremendous – your support has been fantastic, and you’ve helped us keep our website alive.

We need you now more than ever before – We are going to have some awesome April updates – New Models – more photos from our Newest Girls, like Rebecca Ryan, Mimi, Athena (who’s feet are omg!), and hotties Angelica, Nalita & possibly one more all coming your way in April

… We hope ­čÖé

We also hope to get some more Videos edited and uploaded to the site but that’s a time consumer; Looking for a reliable video editor – till then it’s in-house, and happens when we can.

We thank you all again – and hope you’re enjoying all the sexy Bare Feet found inside – MORE on the way!!! Stay Tuned!

AlertPay has not been Processing Visa/MasterCard

Sunday, March 15th, 2009

I was not aware of this

This means that some of you may see your access to the site leave, unless you Fund your AlertPay accounts (those who have them) and send your payment for the month; This saddens me, because they were really doing well.

It’s been Very hard to find a VISA processor that is affordable; which is a real statement to just how much of an enemy Corporate America is to the Little guy.

They make it Very hard for people to get from middle class, to upperclass; and frankly that is a shame, because the entire world is seeing suffering for silly reasons.

stay tuned folks, we may need to find a NEW Processor; Till then, PLEASE use CCBill; thanks!

FaceBook Me!

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009

Folks… you can now find us, At FaceBook – come on over, join us there – our page is new and growing with International and Local friends; all foot Lovers are welcome to keep up with our site through FaceBook!

Free Samples from the site will be posted periodically – stay tuned for more updates and news, concerning our NEW Facebook Page!

Also, you are welcome to join OUR HottBarefootSpace !! Right here on OUR own website we have a social network for foot lovers Only! Join, Make Friends, Meet others, Share Photos and Videos – Join for FREE right here:

HottBarefootWomen’s Profile
HottBarefootWomen's Facebook profile

Re-Capping Our 2nd Annual Celebration

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009

Welcome to March,

and welcome to another update here @ our site – as we start out by saying Thank you to All of the people that joined last month to enjoy the celebration of the beauty of black women’s feet, as well as the beauty of All the sexy bare feet on our site – belonging to all of our Hott Barefoot Models.

Last month was great! We released never before seen, and seriously hott photo sets of Angie and Merica – who’s sexy bare soles were all in your face!

We added 4 New Models to our Roster, 1 who’s photos didn’t quite make it this year, but its ok – Her photos will be added to the site throughout the year, with some of her Best saved for next year – but in all, our VIP Members got a LOT of NEW photos – 700 to be exact – including our NEW VIP resolution size of 2500 – stay tuned as I’m putting together a special Page for you to look back on ­čÖé

This Month … Finally the debut of Rebecca Ryan; a hot pin-up model from the east coast who was in town visiting when we got together for a shoot – she’s got a great look, a sexy frame, and of course beautiful bare feet that you will enjoy – Especially if you’re into pin-ups, and especially if you’re into tatted feet!

We’re also working on securing a few new models this month – till then you can expect NEW Sets from Darla, Sierra & Keri, Athena and Kamell!

Another Hott month awaits… JOIN us now – speaking of which, keep an eye on our Blog, a special Economic Relief Membership price is on it’s way – and You do NOT want to miss out!

During these economically uncertain times, we do feel your pain; and once again we Thank those of you who have continued to support us – we hope that we have continued to deliver!

Be sure to Visit and Sign up for our Social NetworkFREE photos of our bare foot Models are there, Other foot lovers are there, videos, blogs, forums and more – come and be a part of what we’re putting together… it’s FREE to join.

Also coming soon – Affordable Advertising – for as low as $5 to $10 per month, site owners can advertise their websites here at our site, in various places where we get a lot of traffic, such as our home page and our free samples page – we’re always open to banner and link exchanges – contact us through the site.

Here’s to you foot lovers all around the world – and here’s to the love of Women’s beautiful Bare Feet!!!