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Whats with our Green Logo??

Friday, May 29th, 2009

Seen our Green Logo? Ever wonder what it’s about??

I have not worked out the details; but let me explain what i’ve been wanting to do with this logo for some time now — An announcement will be made when it’s official; but here ya go….

I want to get involved with the Green Movement – for better energy to power our planet, and our lives… our Green Logo, originally was a silent sign of support for this movement; Our Web host uses Green Energy on all their servers, including ours – we want to do our part here, to make the environment better.

If You are reading this; Start doing what you can to contribute to this movement; We Need our planet folks…. How else can we continue to enjoy the beauty of women’s sexy bare feet if we Lose our Planet! To make sure we can continue enjoying the beauty of women, from head to toe, we need to ensure we are taking care of our planet as best we can.

Eventually I am going to link up with a few places that contribute to Green Energy; and proceeds from our site, or sets using the Green Logo will go to those organizations… again, nothing is official yet – If you know if any good companies or organizations please send us those suggestions via our contact page right here

More on this … coming soon 🙂

Danielle Burns it UP!

Friday, May 29th, 2009

My Favorites Continue – this month I haven’t really done a good job of promoting this; but I’m posting my Favorite girls all month long; It’s tough to have favorites, I really truly love all the sexy bare feet, of all the girls that have posed for my site; that being said, some feet stand ‘slightly’ above the rest… and still, I won’t be able to get All my Favorite girls up this month – some will be left out; but there is always next year 🙂

193 NEW photos of Danielle have been added to our VIP section; you leg lovers and flip flop fans are gonna love these two very HOT sets — here go a few sample thumbs – The Photo Galleries for these sets are forthcoming; For now I wanted to get the sets up so you can download – MORE Hott Barefoot Model photo sets coming tomorrow, and this weekend!!!

Danielle 105° pt. 1

Danielle 106°

Sometimes, as is the case with both these sets, I have to turn the Thumbnails sideways so that people can See them. So have no worries, the photos that are sideways, won’t hurt your neck! VIP Members Log in Here: if you need to join our site, you can do so Here:

Angelica’s Feet are So hott! New Samples Released…

Monday, May 18th, 2009

Be sure to sign up for our Fans List to recieve more FREE Samples of Angelica’s hott bare feet – from newly released photo sets – New Solo Set

Angelica White

and also from Newly Released Set alongside Cassie – another Hott Barefoot Woman!

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All month long, some of my favorite photo sets will be released to our VIP Members; and also available for purchase – per set – on our Home Page. It’s been real hard so far; as some of the Newest girls have some awesome feet I want to share with all of our fans – but some Oldies but Very Goodies are tugging on me; it’s been a great run!

Angelica is one of the hottest women I’ve had the pleasure of working with; real down to earth as well; most of our girls are easy going; it comes through in the photos. You can tell that the men who are lucky enough to have these hot Sexy barefoot ladies in their lives are all lucky indeed… Just imagine coming home to Angelica every night; her awesome bare soles would be propped up on the table; while she reads or plays sodoku — or doing homework.. research … or whatever on her laptop; Myspacing… FaceBooking – Tweeting — what a lovely sight – a great day would happen every day in Your household.

If You’re in the So Cal area and think your feet are hot (ladies only) – please contact us about setting up a shoot with you! If you haven’t yet, Join our site – we’ve got some awesome Affordable Membership Prices; sign up HERE – Right Now — See you all inside the VIP Section where the hpotos are HUGE (the above samples were scaled down to 1500 resolution — VIP Member size is 2288×1712 – and in some cases 2500 resolution and Up!) – Join Now to experience quality foot fetish — appreciation 🙂 ©

288 Photos Added: Analynn, Angelica – HOTT

Friday, May 15th, 2009

Posting My Favorite Girls all month long … girls who’s feet are Perfect in every way imagined.

So we kicked it off with 288 photos – 100 from Analynn – it’s part 1 of her ‘luvly soles’ set – but we forgot to release this one; it’s been sitting on the site for 1 year (yikes!) – so now finally VIP members can enjoy this Smoking Hot Set of photos – which focus on the bare soles of hot latina Analynn…

Then, 2 new sets featuring Angelica – one by her self in the morning, out on the Beach looking beautifully hot as Always – she’s one smoking awesome barefoot woman and it’s always great to see her – You’re gonna enjoy this photo set “Angelica White Hot” – with 88 photos but you Really are gonna love the new photos of her and her friend Cassie, who also came to our morning shoot and wanted to show us her hot bare feet as well.

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Pamela Anderson Barefoot!

Friday, May 15th, 2009

Saw a recent story about ‘tacky trends’ – and in this pictoral of celebrities having bad fashion moments while out in public, they included a recent photo of Pam Anderson shopping in Malibu, California, a Beach City by the way – oh and look … she’s Barefoot (‘ewww? – the caption reads….’)

At one time in my life I will admit to also thinking girls who walk around barefoot, everywhere, are … dirty.

But as I got older I started to like that about them – Dirty girls with their hot bare feet on display for everyone to get a peak – and of course I know they do this for comfort, not to turn other guys on, I cannot help but wonder if women DO realize how hot their bare feet are; and take moments like these to remind everyone around them … that These Feet are worthy of a Photo being taken;

Pamela Anderson Barefoot!! - from OMG on Yahoo!

Found these also – apparently she goes shopping quite often in Malibu without her shoes on —

Looks like she forgot her bra too – Matter of fact, Im sure not only her feet and breasts were ‘bare’ on this day 🙂

Pamela Anderson's Bare Feet - barefoot in public 1
Pamela Anderson's Bare Feet - barefoot in public 2
Pamela Anderson's Bare Feet - barefoot in public 3

New Samples Added — More updates on the way!

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

Updates are on he way — This month in May, I’m going to share my Favorite Foot Models from our site all month long; Updates begin Tonight; Sporatic Updates are back due to my suddenly Very busy schedule…

New Samples were posted to our Free Photos Page —




Rebecca Ryan

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