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New Sophie, Sierra and Keri

Friday, July 17th, 2009

In addition to the new sets from Sophie, Sierra and Keri, I am hoping to get another new set from Keri up soon…

They’re back; Sierra and Sophie, in part 2 of their “Feet and Jeans” set, where the two of them called me up for a last minute photo shoot, because let’s face it, they were looking cute that day 🙂

Check out the NEW photo sets Right now – only inside of our VIP Section.

New Sophie! 98 photos in this set.

New Sierra and Keri!

Foot Fetish is NOT only about Domination

Friday, July 17th, 2009

This thought has been on my mind and I plan to bring it up inside of our Social Network, as it grows (which it has) and continues to bring in people of the ‘foot community’ – there is a message I want to share.

I’ve encountered many ‘foot girls’ – who seem to think that foot fetish is all about Dominating guys; Im not a submissive guy, so this often = a clash.

It happened with me and ‘barefoot jennifer’ – she’s a dom; I’m not; she’s used to ordering guys around and telling them what to do; I don’t get off on that at all.

On the other side, I’m not a dom either; I dont get off on ordering women around; I’m a let’s talk, let’s discuss, let’s decide what’s best to do; and go from there; Im all about “Mutual Pleasure”

I personally feel that a lot of “foot models” and “foot girls” loose sight of this aspect, because frankly there are a LOT of submissive males that are into women’s feet. There are a LOT of guys who want to be walked on, and made to lick women’s feet.

But, there are also a LOT of guys who Volunteer to lick women’s feet – for the sole purpose of turning that woman on. That being said…

The Foot fetish is NOT reserved for Men only; I’ve come across a LOT of women who love women’s bare feet; which only makes sense. Honestly one of the things that got me into women’s feet, was noticing how many women look at their feet while walking, or standing around; how many women say things like “I love my feet” — or “I have really cute feet” – and generally speaking when a woman can recognize the beauty in her own feet, she generally can also notice other women who’s feet look good too.

I feel like, right now, Too many foot sites are geared towards Dominating and Ordering men around; Not that sites like those are not okay; It just gets to the point where every woman on Myspace who’s into having her feet sucked on by a guy (or girl) – also wants to degrade the man in the process and … for a lot of guys (and girls) that approach could be (is) a turn off.

Just something on my mind; hope you enjoyed me sharing it.

June 2009 marked our 4th Year Anniversary

Thursday, July 9th, 2009

It’s crazy to think that 4 years ago this idea came together, to start a foot modeling website.

The Origins of our site were with YahooGroups! – we actually had a group called “hottbarefootwomen” – where i contributed photos of feet that i liked …

Eventually when I was ready to start a site; i had to use my recruting skills to find girls willing to show their feet.

I jumped on Yahoo Messenger; and in their chat rooms, met some random hotties with really nice feet.

The first few girls were flakes; they were excited but soon disappeared and were unable to be reached. Then I met Sierra… a dancer who was looking for a way to get into modeling, and loved the idea of doing so, using what she felt were sexy feet. Boy was she right.

To this day, Sierra is the most popular model on our site, and arguably one of the hottest foot models ever. I also met the other Original Foot models through Yahoo: Amber, Keri Aurora, Wendy, Lily, and Katherine (a bbw foot model who later decided she didn’t want to be on the site…) – This Month, in July, we’ll celbrate our 4th Anniversary by releasing some sets of our Original Girls … the ones who helped us get started ….

Look forward to photo sets from Sierra, Keri Aurora, Lily and Amber – to go with the New sets from Amy and Sophie that you’ve already seen.

We’ve gotta big month planned, to make up for our lack of updates in June (which was such a busy month) – but as you know, we make it up to our VIP members by continuing to maintain the hottest foot modeling website online.

Thanks for being here; we’re nothing without our Hott Barefoot Models … and most importantly, without You, our Fans!

Leslie and Angelica, Barefoot Blondes rockin Lingerie

Wednesday, July 8th, 2009

… and in a previous Entry, I told you about this update … you’ve seen a few Samples from this set, but finally The set has been released – and you can see it now inside our VIP Section, in Full 3600+ resolution;

Hott Right? Lovely Feet in my opinion; so glad we crossed paths…

New Updates! Free Photos: Amy, Sophie, Bare soles

Wednesday, July 8th, 2009

More of these on the way … HOT new photos of Amy and Sophie have been released to our VIP members section; Check out never before seen photos of Sophie

lots of close ups on her lovely latina soles

And then we have the lovely Amy, who’s sexy bare feet were sculpted to handle the grounds; all the way from Trinidad, she loves walking around barefoot … and we’re so thankful for it.

MORE updates coming this month … stay tuned

Don’t be a Moron like Tom,

Monday, July 6th, 2009

Recently I was contacted by someone calling himself, Tom. He contacted me on myspace, and right away I could tell something was wrong with him.

His complaint is actually one I’ve seen before, surprisingly – but not surprisingly.

We live in a world with people of all forms of intelligence; and some with … not so much intelligence at all.

So, I’m writing this, not to make fun of the guy, so much as to warn Other people of what NOT to do when dealing with website owners.

Do not sign up for my Free “email list” – then complain that I’m sending you Spam.

Spam = Unrequested Emails.

Signing up for our Email list = Requesting Emails ….

If you don’t like the “amount” of emails we send out; that’s fine; but calling it SPAM simply means you’re uneducated about what SPAM is – also, each email comes with an “unsusbscribe” link at the bottom – so if at any time u no longer want Free photos, updates & information from our site, you can Cancel.

Yet, every now and then we get morons like Tom; who has threatened to Tell the world that I’m a Spammer…

Won’t work Tom; Instead, we’re just gonna tell the world how much of an Idiot you are; in hopes that Other idiots won’t follow in your wandering foosteps.

Here is a Copy of the Email he sent me

Subject:RE: Hott Bare Feet – Rebecca Ryan’s Soles
From: “Tom Kokoszka”
Date: Sat, June 20, 2009 12:31 pm
To: hbwlist

Dont send me any more of your fucking advertisements. Or I will post shit online
about how much you fucking spam…

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lol… You’ll notice, that even in his email to me, which was a “response” to our Email … there is a note at the bottom about “if you’d like to cancel …..” In our emails, that line is a LINK – shows how dumb this moron truly is.