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Katy Perry’s toes … and feet

Thursday, August 13th, 2009

We got a new Affiliate earlier this morning — Love our affiliates!

So, as I tend to do, I visited their website and wow, what a great site it is; Might need to add them to our blogroll.

Here at © we see ourselves as a Resource – in addition to a home for Hott Barefoot Models – we like to try and guide you to other GOOD sources of foot content.

Enough of me talkin …

More of Bikini month 2009 updates on the way; JOIN Now!

Angelica Owns August ~ Bikini Month 2009

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

Bombshell describes this barefoot blond beauty. It just so happens, that when Bikini Month rolls around we’ve got photos that you’ve all been waiting for; and most of them feature the awesome bare feet of Angelica. Sometimes hot women, don’t have hot feet – but she’s a hands down 10 in every department; This set was supposed to make the cut last year, here are a couple Free Samples in 1500 resolution — VIP Members log in to see these photos up close and in 2500 Resolution right now… Join here

Bikini Month 2009 … Featuring Angelica’s awesome bare feet!

… sand never looked so good.

Hott Bare feet and Bikini’s

Thursday, August 6th, 2009

This is always a special time for our website, the month of August, the hottest month of the year!

We’ve set out to do a number of ‘special things’ that other sites just do not do, such as hosting our 3rd Annual Bikini Month 2009.

All Bikini’s, all month long – no other website of our genre does this; Now granted, I do feature updates year round with girls in their tiny weenie bikini’s – but this month is special because generally, You’ll get about 1,000 photos just in this month alone.

Now is the time to Join if you haven’t; I’m pretty excited about what’s coming.

The Month of June updates..

June went pretty well; We released some photos of a few of our Original Models; Not as many as I had planned; So I do apologize for that. A sudden increase in my work schedule meant I had to put updates on the back burner.

A sudden increase in income would help keep me home, and that would mean even more updates for u!

In my defense, our site has been around now for 4 years; and we’ve got LOADS of content on this site to see; if you’re new to our site; you’re really gonna LOVE the bare feet awaiting you inside our VIP Members section.

Last month’s girls:

2 sets from Sophie (195 photos total)
97 degree’s set!

98 degree’s set!

Trinidadian Hottie, Amy! (100 photos)

Original Hott Barefoot Women – Keri & Sierra! (104 photos)

Original Model, the Petite one, Lily! (105 photos!!)

… Grand total of 500+ photos were added to our site in June; Not a bad month at all if you ask me — photos that had never before been released were – photos of our newer models, sophie and amy .. and speaking of Amy, wait till you see her strip down to her Bikini during this HOT month of special photo sets — hoping to get some Videos up for you all as well.

Even if it ‘seems’ like the updates are slow; it’s well worth it to Join and be a part of our site, because EVERY month you WILL get a very decent amount of NEWLY released photos; videos; and links to new sites, free photos from other sites; we’ve got it all.

A TRUE Mega-site – for the foot lovers around the world!!

Barefoot Babes, Bikini’s, and all

Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

Hello folks; thought u might enjoy a SEXY foot from Myspace today … she lives in Maine; you know how Myspace goes though. You don’t really know who’s for real, and who isn’t…. but whoever that woman is in that photo, she’s got some nice feet.

Speaking of Nice feet – it’s Bikini Month 2009 time!!! We kicked things off quietly this year with Angelica but, things will get much noisier as the month moves along.