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Oh it’s been Hectic :: these Feet are HOT!

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

Hey folks – hello Foot lovers and fans of women’s hot bare feet from corner to corner, I HOPE you’ve all been well!

It’s been hectic for me ­čÖé – but that’s ok; Wanted to give you all, Fans of our blog :: a RECAP of Bikini Month 2009!!

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It was a REALLY hot month as photos were released that our fans have never seen before; No new girls, but new Photos of them in poses you have not seen. We went OVERTIME with our hottest barefoot trio of all time :: featuring the feet of Angelica, Christina, and Megan!

Overtime 1.


One of our NEWEST girls, Amy from Trinidad showed off her sexy island Soles

Trini Soles 1

Trini Soles 2

It was a COLD day but, Tume’s sexy bare feet were already out, so why not strip down to a bikini? Made for some Excellent photos – here’s Tume having fun

Tume Bikini Feet 09

Hannah’s Hot Soles – So amazing; While massaging her feet she said to me “So this is why you took the job”… yes indeed.

Finally, what would Bikini month be, without Danielle?? She debut’d during our 07 celebration and has been Lighting up our site ever since :: LOVE her hot bare soles; her feet were amazing to photograph; GET all of these new photos inside our VIP Section now!

Danielle’s Tanned Soles

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Bikini Month 2009 re-cap & Updates coming soon

Friday, September 11th, 2009

Hey folks …

Been PRETTY Busy these last couple of months, so upfront I want to apologize to any of you who’ve been looking for lots of NEW stuff — or those of you who enjoy the freebies we post here in the blog.

As many of you know, is a site that was created with foot lovers in mind; knowing full well what foot lovers want to see; and we’ve been providing that for 4 years now.

But there is so much more that needs to be done; and it takes money to do it; So because of the “economic crunch” – many website owners have felt a hit to thier pocketbook; and this turns us to have to find ways to generate income outside of our websites — this happened to me as well; although our Supporters and Fans have been awesome over the past 4 years – we’ve had to find ways to bring in more money.

SO, much of my concentration has been in that arena.

However — we Still managed to get up quite a few HOT unreleased photo sets – as well as new sets – of our hott barefoot models in bikini’s, and overall i’d say it was a good collection – and celebration.

Stay tuned for photos – or JOIN NOW to see what you missed; and stay tuned for NEW updates on the way to you soon. Till then >> Turn your email box into a money maker.