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Ladies – LOVE your Feet – be proud of them

Sunday, October 18th, 2009

Just wanted to take a moment to talk to all the ladies out there. I believe in honesty and being open about things. SO i must do that with the topic of women’s bare feet. Ladies, you’ve got to learn to Love your FEET as much as you love your other body parts. Why?

I’ll tell you why.

I’m sick and tired of the negative perception about our foot fetish; there is nothing weird or abnormal about it.

In fact, as I’ve posted before, it’s the most common fetish in the world; making it more normal than abnormal. Afterall, normality is based upon Common Interest. If LOTS of people are into something, it becomes ‘normal’.

That being said, let me discuss briefly how Silly it is, that so many women continue to make men feel odd about being into their feet.

Pedicures cost how much ?? How often do ladies get them ?? WHY do you get them??

I’ll start with the last question; You get pedicures so your feet can ‘look nice’ – therefore, it is possible for feet to “look nice” ….

Those of you who say silly things like “I dont know why you like feet” – need to use your brains – obviously its because, feet look nice.

See how silly it is yet?

Many of our Models are excited to pose for the site – but what I’ve noticed is, many of them are hard to catch up with after they appear on our site. Why?

Who knows, most never email and tell me – my guess is, because family, or friends, made them feel ‘weird’ about showing off their feet.

This means, some of our girls that our fans would love to see more of, never do another shoot with us, because they’re now ’embarassed’ to be on the site, instead of Proud.

That is the inspiration for this blog entry today; To both end the silly perceptions of the foot fetish being wierd or odd; and help people understand how Normal it is for guys, and girls, to be into women’s feet.

I want ladies to start LOVING their bare feet, so that MORE women will make sure their feet always look nice; so that MORE people will start to recognize the beauty of Bare Feet (the ones that look nice of course) – so that more and more guys can come out of the ‘foot closet’ — so that more and more women will feel good about showing off their sexy bare feet, for the fans that are all around the world.

Ladies, here’s to you!