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Bare Feet Photos

Sunday, December 20th, 2009

When it comes to bare feet photos, I still like what we are doing here on our website; got lots of sets that I need to release to our fans; be sure to show your support for our site, by subscribing to our VIP section – where you’ll get an up close look at all of our hott barefoot women, posing for you in cute outfits, enjoying the beach, the sand or the park, with and especially without their shoes on.

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Some people find it amazing, even odd that guys (and girls did you know?) would be into women’s bare feet – what’s amazing and even odd to me is how odd it is to people; with it being so common, clearly the foot fetish is something that is more normal, than abnormal. © wishes all of you a Happy Holiday Season 🙂 – treat yourself during this time of year to a Subscription @ this special Holiday Price — Your gift for stopping by our Blog 🙂

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Sunday, December 6th, 2009

Pleased to announce NEW VIP membership Prices coming very soon.

“TRUE VIP membership will allow you to access our website for just $9/mo after your first 30 days; This membership will be a one time fee of $40. You pay $40 for your first 30 days, and then just $9/mo there after.”

Other Membership Fee’s will be available as well.

Regular VIP Membership : $33.00 for first 30 days … and then $22.50/mo after
5day VIP Trial : $12 for first 5 days, renews @ just $20/mo

and of course a Non Recurring 30 day memberhip for $30 – just $1/day !!

NEW prices will be posted soon.