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Thursday, February 25th, 2010

Hey foot lovers from around the world – thank you as always for your ongoing and continued support of our website, which I hope you all find to be even more Awesome today, than ever before!

We are currently in the midst of our month long celebration which coincides with the US’s Black History Month >>> Hott Barefoot Black Women’s month 2010!!

This is our 3rd Annual Celebration – sadly No NEW models joined our core of sexy ebony foot models this year due to all the Rain in California to kick off the year – so stay tuned for next year’s celebration – as well as NEW models who will soon be shooting for us in the next few months.

Our roster of HOTT barefoot models will just continue to get hotter, as even more girls are added; and our VIP section will get even bigger as newly released sets are added of girls, who’s feet, you’ve already come to love….

I’ve had to disband our Email List which Soooo many people Love; We have just over 2,000 people signed up for this list which sends out periodic emails, with FREE photos in them; List fans have seen exclusive pics, and gotten updates long before others have.

I had a minor issue with the company I was using to provide this service, a back up is in place, that I’ll be testing to make sure it works how I’d like it to work; Stay tuned; the list is AWESOME and you’ll want to sign up for it if you have not already done so…. soon as the sign up form returns, so that you can.

Also, new membership plans were announced a few weeks back; they will go into effect shortly – been real busy here and so the updates have been slow – but still reliable – NOW is the best time to join our site, as more new sets will go up throughout the remainder of this week….

Till then, be sure you join our FREE Social Network – that will allow you to add photos – meet other people who love feet – and of course even invite girls who you think have Nice feet, to show their off, and be loved by others.

Do you OWN a foot site? I will soon invite other webmasters to post content from their sites; I don’t mind. The goal is to create the best Foot Social Network on the web — and to do that, we’ll need each of you to do your part to help make that site into what It can become.

And of course, there are SPECIAL membership deals that are ONLY available to members of our network.

See you soon!! ENjoy the remainder of Hott Barefoot Black Women’s Month 2010!!!

NEW Facebook PROMO

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

Are you a FRIEND of ours on Facebook??? If so, JOIN our site Today, email me your subscription details on Facebook >>> and I’ll extend your membership for 60 days – absolutely FREE!!!!

Welcome to February – it’s Hott Barefoot Black Women’s month here @ HBW

Monday, February 1st, 2010

Get ready to enjoy our Annual, month long Celebration during this time of year, which recognizes the achievements and contributions of African Americans to the United States of America – and for all of you that love black women’s bare feet, This month is for You!

Here at our site, your thirst for Ebony soles will be quenched like none other, with our often copied photography – in your face shots – HUGE Resolution photos – of sexy Bare Feet – and all month like, like we’ve done since 2008, we will Celebrate >> Featuring the debut of MeMe!! Can’t wait to show you her feet! Along with Zia, Millioux, Merica, Angie, Amy and Kamel!

You’re gonna love This month!!!

Featuring the Beautiful Black Women who’ve posed for the camera and graced the pages of our website …

Here’s a re-cap of 2009’s Celebration!