VIP Members : ATTN! Galleries are coming…

After much debate, and searching, we have finally decided to proceed with a plan to include Galleries inside our VIP Members Section.

Currently, you must download our .zip files … which Can be pretty BIG … (and we do apologize about that but …) The photos are BIG .. So, what more can you expect 🙂

The galleries however, which will start popping up throughout our Members area during the months of July and August… will contain slightly smaller images; approx around 1200 or .. the popular Sample size of 1500 resolution; making the Option of downloading the .zip available for those of you who love our HUGE photos…. and Just want to get your hands on their feet so bad, that you could care less how BIG the files are.


ahh… and then there was happiness for all.

* BIG Announcement *

You’re gonna Love our Hott Barefoot Women!!!

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