Danica Patrick’s Feet!

Check out the Bare Soles of Danica Patrick, in her “too hot for tv” Superbowl ad from Godaddy!

Danica Patrick YOU are now on my Wish List – if you Ever get the urge to show the world just how great your feet are; drop us a line.


6 thoughts on “Danica Patrick’s Feet!”

  1. val green says:

    I decided to start looking for photos of her feet; am not really finding many at all; Found this one though; Gotta love the guy in the background snapping a photo for keepsake lol!

  2. dave says:

    who is the other girl in the video?

  3. val green says:

    that’s a good question; I don’t know but she’s smoking HOT too, and has great feet as well

  4. Jim Crawford says:

    Her feet are gorgous…cant even begin to imagine the pleasure and honor of touching her body….her toes and feet deserve to be worshippped…

  5. t carter says:

    that woman has some sexy feet !

  6. hot hot hot says:

    she is beong hot

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