Kneeling Barefoot Women

This is a post that I did EXCLUSIVELY for a group on Flickr – a website with a pretty large collection of foot appreciation men and women. For those of you who enjoy looking at pics of Kneeling Barefoot Women, this post is for you!

Hey folks…

I wanted to stay on topic here so I went through my available sample photos to find some of my models, Kneeling showing off their sexy bare feet!

Julah from

Kyla from

The beautiful Katie from

Elise (on her knees) Slender size 11’s

Tume @

Claire, kneeling for

Sierra – on her Knees!

Carrie’s bare Soles while Kneeling!

Hope you all enjoyed these – this was a Flick Exclusive!!!

See this post again @ Flickr – Click here

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