Digg Us… 4 a VIP Membership

It’s New Contest Time!!

Digg your way to a FREE VIP Membership

That’s right folks; Our latest and probably greatest “Contest/Membership” Give away yet … here’s how it works.

Help spread the word about our wonderful site, by Digging us through Digg.com – To learn more about Digg.com click here. Read below to find out how Digging Us, can earn you a FREE VIP Membership to HottBarefootWomen.com !!

1. Anyone who submits 50 Diggs from our Blog will earn a FREE 30 day Membership to our Site;
2. Anyone who submits 100 Diggs in a 30 day period will earn a 90 day Membership to our site; FREE!

And thats pretty much it; This is an Ongoing Contest that is open to Anybody! Once you’ve signed up through Digg.com – be sure to drop me a line on there to let me know that you’re going to be Shooting for your FREE membership to our site; Once you’ve reached 50 Diggs – You will recieve an email with Log in Instructions, from us, on how you can access our VIP Section absolutely for Free! (Well, it’s kinda free … keep reading.)

If you’re aiming for the 90 Day VIP pass, Make sure that you submit all 100 diggs within 30 days; I mentioned that it’s Kinda Free – What does that mean?

Well, you Won’t spend a Dime – But you will be spending effort, and time, to Digg our Articles; you would be Truly helping us out, helping to spread the word about our website; So – it’s Free, but it’s not Free; It’s a win-win situation – where You The Customer gets a chance to access content from the Premiere Foot Fetish (Appreciation) websites on the internet – and We get our blog entries bumped up on Digg … 🙂

Hey, we think Spreading Foot Appreciation matters – it’s worth reading and people need to be informed about it; that’s what we do here; and Digg is a great way to get the message out – So sign up for a Free Account with Digg today, and show your support for HottBarefootWomen.com by Digging Are articles – and YOU just may end up with a FREE VIP pass – See you inside real soon!

Once again, we’ve Done it! Finding yet another way to Give back to the people who support our website; No Other site can compete, with our Crazy Contests!! If you need to read more, look out below:

Many of you may have noticed that we’ve got links to Digg our Blog entries. Please help our stories rise to the top of Digg – bring attention to the beauty of Feet – help Spread Foot Appreciation by Digging us today! Below is a ‘widget’ that will have our latest diggs… please log in and DIGG them too…

Put this Widget on your MySpace page and we’ll give you a 10 day Pass to our VIP Section << We're not kidding! Drop us a line on MySpace once you’ve added our Digg Widget to your page and we’ll get back to you with intructions on getting your FREE VIP 10 day Pass! Copy and Paste the Text in the box below:

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