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Bigger is better – HUGE Resolution photos – You’re gonna love our feet!

That’s who we are. That sums us up. If you need more, visit our website – and be sure to read our blog.

In fact, that’s what I’d rather use this space to tell you about – our Blog.

Originally we had a phpBB board where people could join and see new samples and it was really great if you ask me. However people just were not participating; So I figured that if I’m going to be the only one writing and talking about stuff, I might aswell have a blog.

Who knows – I may bring the board back some day – but for now The Hott Barefoot Blog will suffice. In it, you’ll find sample photos from all of our websites as well as hot feet that I come across on the web. I’ve got lots of great photos that I’ll be sharing here and it’s well worth placing us in your Blog Readers.

hottbarefootwomen.com | barefootcandids.com

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March 29th 2007

Quite frankly I feel that this is one of the best foot blogs online. I’ve searched around and there aren’t very many. There are a few that are pretty good; but most aren’t updated frequently – the content isn’t great – it’s just average.

Our blog features models from our website, aswell as models from other websites – You can even find Celebrity Feet, and Candids in our blog – It’s worth reading through. We’ve got lots of posts that are sure to entertain the foot lover in you.

I don’t mean to brag really – See for yourself; Leave us comments if you agree, or disagree, that our blog is truly one of the best foot blogs online.

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  1. Mamady says:

    We shoul have a Feetjob contest for women who would want to give a feetjob to Men. All kinds of girls. White girls, Black girls, Hispanic girls, and asian girls. Whoever make their man squirt the fastest they win a cash prize?

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