Are you a Model or a Photographer?

Want your OWN website? – Don’t want to depend on a webmaster to update your site? Want to be able to Customize everything yourself? We have just the Solution for you! – Our Pre-built Membership Model sites will work with Any online billing processor – and will allow you to update every aspect of your site.

Comes with a “Content Management System” – that … allows you to manage, edit, update, or even remove content from your site.

Here on this page, we’ll try to periodically update you as to what’s going on with this new project.

September 10, 2008 – As of today, the site has been up for about a month – really, I Just wanted to let people know they’re available, but truly everything isn’t ready. If you bought one today I could have it installed and ready to go within a week – but I would prefer a system where you buy it, you install it your self, and that way would be totally hands free – for me.

The price is $500 – relatively cheap for the kind of product that this is. To have a site like this built for you from scratch, it would cost you between $2,000 – $5,000 depending on the web designer. So – this is cheap.

What I’m working on:

  • Finishing the Demo – Naturally You want a demo to preview what you’re buying. These sites are based on the template for – a site I built for them to run, update, manage, and edit entirely on their own. When the demo is completed you’ll be able to take a closer look at how these sites run; You’ll be able to tour the members area, and the CMS, to see how simple it is to update these sites.
  • Payment System – Once I’m done with the demo, I’m going to make it Easy for you to get your hands on one of these sites; How? A payment system – Soon you’ll be able to pay these sites off at either $100/mo for 5 months – or $50/mo for 10 months. We will retain the rights to your site until the payments are completed. At which time you will own your site – and can do with it, whatever you want.
  • To protect against fraud, or tampering of any kind, people on the Payment System will not recieve their site, until it has been paid off – we’ll run it on one of our servers, and when it’s paid off it will be released to you. This is a flexible option that works for you, and for me.

Check back soon for more updates and news on These pre-built websites for Model and Photographers.

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