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Darla Deville, Nalita, and Amy’s Hott Bare Feet

Currently uploading NEW sets of Nalita and Darla Deville that you’re gonna love. Nalita and Darla both had NO Experience whatsoever with “Foot Modeling” – so like a lot of girls on our site the photos are relaxed, laid back, and completely natural. The set with Nalita features her sexy feet in flip flops, with […]

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Totally Random Feet Video

Check this one out here. In this video from Good Morning America, they report on how flip flops are causing foot problems for people. I disagree entirely with the video, but wanted to share it becuase there are some Hot Feet Scenes in it. Enjoy! Why do I disagree? Well, the fat (big) girl in […]

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New Updates: Sophie, Elise, and Debra!

New photo sets are now available for our VIP Members – 300 photos added of our Hott Barefoot Models: Sophie, Elise, and Debra! Debra will bring us all a blast from the past – one of our Original models; The first part of her set which was never released will finally be later today. I […]

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My Day on FlickR …

Today I spent more time on FlickR than ever before; It’s actually a very cool site and yes I will apologize for being so late to arrive. I’ve had a small gallery there for a while now, but have decided to start sharing some Samples from our hot photo sets there @ FlickR. So far […]

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