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Darla Deville, Nalita, and Amy’s Hott Bare Feet

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

Currently uploading NEW sets of Nalita and Darla Deville that you’re gonna love.

Nalita and Darla both had NO Experience whatsoever with “Foot Modeling” – so like a lot of girls on our site the photos are relaxed, laid back, and completely natural.

The set with Nalita features her sexy feet in flip flops, with some GREAT shots of her bare soles at the end, along with some gracious views of her sexy round ass – She did alot of ‘booty modeling’ before I found her and asked her to share the beauty of her Feet with the World of Foot Lovers – You’re gonna love that set – Samples coming soon; but VIP Members LOG IN here and enjoy!

Darla Deville is doing Pinup modeling almost exclusively now, but was looking for more exposure when we worked with her — Lots of pinup models have Really Very nice feet and more should mix in bare feet shots with their photos; Darla is no exception – her Feet are Big, Juicy, and Shaped extremely well – her nice toes and soles are sure to please… as usual.

Then, due to our Busy Schedule I “almost” forgot about one of our NEWEST Models who actually shot for us in March – Amy – THis island beauty from Trinidad showed up with a bright smile and was quick to remove her shoes – WOW – you’re gonna LOVE her Feet – yes, that’s right, We found yet Another HOTT Barefoot Woman to bring your way – Look for her Debut Sets before the month ends.

VIP Members log in NOW – Updates to be made live shortly.

Totally Random Feet Video

Sunday, June 8th, 2008

Check this one out here.

In this video from Good Morning America, they report on how flip flops are causing foot problems for people.

I disagree entirely with the video, but wanted to share it becuase there are some Hot Feet Scenes in it. Enjoy!

Why do I disagree?

Well, the fat (big) girl in it who says she has ankle problems and blames her flip flops, fails to realize that her ankles cannot support all that Weight she’s gained – That is why her ankle is messed up; Not because she wears Flip Flops;

I was also shocked to see an Asian lady reporting on this, considering how many Asian women practically were nothing else But Flip Flops; and Asians have been doing this for Centuries.

It’s a great example of how the media will report literally anything, whether it’s true or not; But, overall, it’s a nice Feet Video; I just hope no women see it, and take it to heart; We do NOT want women to stop wearing flip flops.

New Updates: Sophie, Elise, and Debra!

Wednesday, April 30th, 2008

New photo sets are now available for our VIP Members – 300 photos added of our Hott Barefoot Models: Sophie, Elise, and Debra!

Debra will bring us all a blast from the past – one of our Original models; The first part of her set which was never released will finally be later today. I actually released this set from the end to the beginning, because I really couldn’t wait. The soles of her feet are so nice, that I had to share them with the world. You’ll love the photos that are going up on the site; Her feet look great in her green flip flops… stay tuned for that.

Then we have Sophie – who was just getting started in the ‘foot world’ when I contacted her about modeling for the site; She’s got some awesome feet, and in the set I’m posting tonight you’ll get a nice up close look at her soles, which are a sight to behold. By the way, I should take a quick moment to tell you why there are no Previews of our “newest” models – It’s actually because we’re looking into returning to our Original Business Model – where we sell each photo set individually, allowing you to download the sets you wanna see – and eventually doing away with our Download Access Passes.

One of our Faithful Members, Mark T. brought this to my attention, that sometimes u don’t wanna buy a DAP for one new set of a girl when you’ve seen her other 4 sets; Besides, it’s really a pain in the ass to create DAP’s for each of our models – so it’ll be a win win for both of us; also in the coming months, Galleries of our models will be available, allowing VIP Members to download the photos they want, Or the entire .zip file – in the meantime, I’m working on also putting together Preview pages so you can at least see what’s inside the VIP Section, for our newest models, Annalynn, Angelica, Christina, Megan, Sophie, and Leslie. … now, back to the updates.

Finally there is Elise, a model who approached us about being on the site – our resident French Hottie, who’s size 11 feet are just incredible; LONG toes, and smooth soles – this one is all bikini; on the beach, some great shots of her long lovely legs – you’ll really enjoy these photos as well.

One more announcement for our VIP Members – I just realized the “Vicki’s” page is loading the “old” page so I’ll fix that when I do the updates tonight. Stay tuned for some hot photos coming your way in May – Tonights update will bring the total to 600 photos released this month; Making it a great month to be a VIP Member @

My Day on FlickR …

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

Today I spent more time on FlickR than ever before; It’s actually a very cool site and yes I will apologize for being so late to arrive.

I’ve had a small gallery there for a while now, but have decided to start sharing some Samples from our hot photo sets there @ FlickR.

Nalita - one of the hottest women online

So far I’ve got some samples from Nalita’s “In the Grass” set, and photos from Nellie’s “Whoa Nellie” photo set – two really hot sets from two really hott barefoot women.

As I’ve stated before, our site gives away tons of FREE Stuff, and this is yet another example of how true that is; I’ll link up to FlickR and will make the effort from now on to really beef up what we have to offer there; You’re gonna love what we’ve got planned…

Such awesome Soles!

To check out our other photos, visit our page on FlickR: