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Celebrating 5 years

Sunday, June 6th, 2010

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Foot Fetish is NOT only about Domination

Friday, July 17th, 2009

This thought has been on my mind and I plan to bring it up inside of our Social Network, as it grows (which it has) and continues to bring in people of the ‘foot community’ – there is a message I want to share.

I’ve encountered many ‘foot girls’ – who seem to think that foot fetish is all about Dominating guys; Im not a submissive guy, so this often = a clash.

It happened with me and ‘barefoot jennifer’ – she’s a dom; I’m not; she’s used to ordering guys around and telling them what to do; I don’t get off on that at all.

On the other side, I’m not a dom either; I dont get off on ordering women around; I’m a let’s talk, let’s discuss, let’s decide what’s best to do; and go from there; Im all about “Mutual Pleasure”

I personally feel that a lot of “foot models” and “foot girls” loose sight of this aspect, because frankly there are a LOT of submissive males that are into women’s feet. There are a LOT of guys who want to be walked on, and made to lick women’s feet.

But, there are also a LOT of guys who Volunteer to lick women’s feet – for the sole purpose of turning that woman on. That being said…

The Foot fetish is NOT reserved for Men only; I’ve come across a LOT of women who love women’s bare feet; which only makes sense. Honestly one of the things that got me into women’s feet, was noticing how many women look at their feet while walking, or standing around; how many women say things like “I love my feet” — or “I have really cute feet” – and generally speaking when a woman can recognize the beauty in her own feet, she generally can also notice other women who’s feet look good too.

I feel like, right now, Too many foot sites are geared towards Dominating and Ordering men around; Not that sites like those are not okay; It just gets to the point where every woman on Myspace who’s into having her feet sucked on by a guy (or girl) – also wants to degrade the man in the process and … for a lot of guys (and girls) that approach could be (is) a turn off.

Just something on my mind; hope you enjoyed me sharing it.

Danielle Burns it UP!

Friday, May 29th, 2009

My Favorites Continue – this month I haven’t really done a good job of promoting this; but I’m posting my Favorite girls all month long; It’s tough to have favorites, I really truly love all the sexy bare feet, of all the girls that have posed for my site; that being said, some feet stand ‘slightly’ above the rest… and still, I won’t be able to get All my Favorite girls up this month – some will be left out; but there is always next year 🙂

193 NEW photos of Danielle have been added to our VIP section; you leg lovers and flip flop fans are gonna love these two very HOT sets — here go a few sample thumbs – The Photo Galleries for these sets are forthcoming; For now I wanted to get the sets up so you can download – MORE Hott Barefoot Model photo sets coming tomorrow, and this weekend!!!

Danielle 105° pt. 1

Danielle 106°

Sometimes, as is the case with both these sets, I have to turn the Thumbnails sideways so that people can See them. So have no worries, the photos that are sideways, won’t hurt your neck! VIP Members Log in Here: if you need to join our site, you can do so Here:

More Free Stuff than any other site…

Monday, April 7th, 2008

If you’re a fan of foot fetish websites (foot appreciation sites) then you may find this interesting.

When you consider all of the pay sites on the web, our website has more FREE Stuff than any other site on here; Over 130 FREE samples with room to leave comments (more sample photos coming soon, of Rachel, Darla, Danielle, Angelica, Sophie, and more!!) – We’ve got an email list that sends out OVER 300 Free photos – and if you decide to become a VIP Member, you just may be lucky enough to preview another website completely on us!

I just recieved an awesome email from a new website – can’t say anything yet – but they want to be added to the list of sites that you’ll get FREE previews of; Most likely it’ll happen towards the end of the month. is closing

Some of you may already be aware of this, but things just have not worked out between myself and Jennifer; I won’t trash her by going into the details, but I assure you that if it were up to me, this site would be going strong and getting better; however, VIP MEMBERS will be getting a FREE look inside – starting Tomorrow Night!

Our Blog is great – we’ve posted lots of great photos here – and soon we will be making our Blog Photo gallery available so that you can browse through our blog contributions with ease; If you just came for the Free Photos, this gallery will be for you. (raw link)

Speaking of Galleries – do not forget about the Galleries @ – currently only 4 up, all with MEMBER SIZE – HUGE RESOLUTION – Photos. I’ve been a bit busy but do plan on adding 6 more galleries Real soon; Who will the feeture models be? Stay tuned to find out.

Overall – what I’m saying is, this site is the BEST for people who like Free Stuff; No other site comes close; Most sites may give you 20, 30, sometimes if you’re lucky 100 free pictures to enjoy. Not us…

We’re simply the best.

(oh, and I’m not bragging – it’s just that lots of competing websites have been making comments in foot boards, and to members of the foot community, in attempts to bash this great website – If you’ve heard these remarks, feel free to remind them that no other site has given away as much Free Content as ours; Not even theirs….)