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New Updates and Galleries coming tonight!

Wednesday, September 10th, 2008

After adding 1,300 images to our site last month for Bikini Month 2008, you can imagine that I needed to take a break. New Photo sets are ready for September, starting with Rosa and Claire.

New Galleries will be added as well tonight, starting with some of Rosa and Claire’s best photo sets – the 2 I’m adding to the site tonight are Extremely hot – some of their best stuff yet.

Stay Tuned,

Another great month @ is on the way.

Pre-Built Sites for Models and Photographers

On another note, our Demo is almost completed for Models and Photographers who are interested in running their OWN Website – Our Pre-built, fully customizable sites are available now – for just $500 you can have an entire site ready to go – to display your modeling or photography photo sets, share videos, and more – Currently, I will install and customize these sites for you with purchase – or if you know your way around html, php, and css but don’t want to build an entire site, you can edit the source code yourself.

Individual Photo Sets

When we first got started back in June of 2005, we sold Individual Photo sets – and will be doing this again very soon – once I’m done with the Demo for the Membership Model Sites – I will get this up and running – A small number of you have complained that you don’t like the DAP’s … having to purchase a pass for a model you’ve purchased one for in the past, just to see her newest set – We have heard you – We listen to our fans, and our supporters, without you we wouldn’t know what to do – Let us know if you have any thoughts, comments or suggestions; be sure to Tour our HUGE site, there is LOTS to see.

More Free Stuff than any other site…

Monday, April 7th, 2008

If you’re a fan of foot fetish websites (foot appreciation sites) then you may find this interesting.

When you consider all of the pay sites on the web, our website has more FREE Stuff than any other site on here; Over 130 FREE samples with room to leave comments (more sample photos coming soon, of Rachel, Darla, Danielle, Angelica, Sophie, and more!!) – We’ve got an email list that sends out OVER 300 Free photos – and if you decide to become a VIP Member, you just may be lucky enough to preview another website completely on us!

I just recieved an awesome email from a new website – can’t say anything yet – but they want to be added to the list of sites that you’ll get FREE previews of; Most likely it’ll happen towards the end of the month. is closing

Some of you may already be aware of this, but things just have not worked out between myself and Jennifer; I won’t trash her by going into the details, but I assure you that if it were up to me, this site would be going strong and getting better; however, VIP MEMBERS will be getting a FREE look inside – starting Tomorrow Night!

Our Blog is great – we’ve posted lots of great photos here – and soon we will be making our Blog Photo gallery available so that you can browse through our blog contributions with ease; If you just came for the Free Photos, this gallery will be for you. (raw link)

Speaking of Galleries – do not forget about the Galleries @ – currently only 4 up, all with MEMBER SIZE – HUGE RESOLUTION – Photos. I’ve been a bit busy but do plan on adding 6 more galleries Real soon; Who will the feeture models be? Stay tuned to find out.

Overall – what I’m saying is, this site is the BEST for people who like Free Stuff; No other site comes close; Most sites may give you 20, 30, sometimes if you’re lucky 100 free pictures to enjoy. Not us…

We’re simply the best.

(oh, and I’m not bragging – it’s just that lots of competing websites have been making comments in foot boards, and to members of the foot community, in attempts to bash this great website – If you’ve heard these remarks, feel free to remind them that no other site has given away as much Free Content as ours; Not even theirs….)