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Celebrating 5 years

Sunday, June 6th, 2010

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June 2009 marked our 4th Year Anniversary

Thursday, July 9th, 2009

It’s crazy to think that 4 years ago this idea came together, to start a foot modeling website.

The Origins of our site were with YahooGroups! – we actually had a group called “hottbarefootwomen” – where i contributed photos of feet that i liked …

Eventually when I was ready to start a site; i had to use my recruting skills to find girls willing to show their feet.

I jumped on Yahoo Messenger; and in their chat rooms, met some random hotties with really nice feet.

The first few girls were flakes; they were excited but soon disappeared and were unable to be reached. Then I met Sierra… a dancer who was looking for a way to get into modeling, and loved the idea of doing so, using what she felt were sexy feet. Boy was she right.

To this day, Sierra is the most popular model on our site, and arguably one of the hottest foot models ever. I also met the other Original Foot models through Yahoo: Amber, Keri Aurora, Wendy, Lily, and Katherine (a bbw foot model who later decided she didn’t want to be on the site…) – This Month, in July, we’ll celbrate our 4th Anniversary by releasing some sets of our Original Girls … the ones who helped us get started ….

Look forward to photo sets from Sierra, Keri Aurora, Lily and Amber – to go with the New sets from Amy and Sophie that you’ve already seen.

We’ve gotta big month planned, to make up for our lack of updates in June (which was such a busy month) – but as you know, we make it up to our VIP members by continuing to maintain the hottest foot modeling website online.

Thanks for being here; we’re nothing without our Hott Barefoot Models … and most importantly, without You, our Fans!

Celebrity Wish-list – Megan Fox’s bare feet – We want You!

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

Wouldn’t it be nice if more Celebrities did Foot Modeling photoshoots?

That’s our hope here at – that some of the HOT women of the Celebrity world will come to their senses and realize that Millions of men around the globe Love Their Bare Feet.

And if they can do a pose for Playboy, taking it all off, then why can’t they kick off their shoes, and let a good foot photog like my self take photos of their toes and bare soles … ?

I think that’s really what the Foot World needs to get out of the shadow of T&A – so people can finally admit that the foot fetish is very common, it’s not odd, or wierd – it’s pretty normal actually – no different from guys with a fondness for T&A (tits and ass)

With that being said, check out this beauty!

HOT feet right? Megan Fox, if you’re reading this – We want you on our site!!