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Julianne Hough’s Feet

Sunday, February 15th, 2009

Watching the All Star Coverage for this upcoming event – i can’t help but notice how smoking Hot Julianne Hough is – so, I went searching for her feet.

Another Dream Wish Celebrity who’s feet I would LOVE to photograph for foot lovers every where.

Sadly that is the ONLY photo I can find – Julianne Hough, if you’re out there, we want you!

18,000+ Photos inside our VIP Members Area

Friday, December 19th, 2008

Happy Holidays to all you Foot lovers 🙂

I see that many of you have taken advantage of our Holiday Special – and many more have not – hurry, do not miss out on this once in a lifetime deal, to gain access to our VIP Members section for just $5 per month … or $60 per year.

Unlike other foot sites, we give you a LOT Of photos from each of our models. Usually 100 photos in every photo set; and as is the case with most of our models, we take LOTS of photos – Some girls have done as many as 8 to 10 sets – other sites may give you a total of 200 photos of a girl – but here, you get over 300 (eventually) 🙂

I just released New photos of Katie, who did a wonderful job for us back in 2006 when she first posed for the site. In her latest released set, we pick up with her on the beach, her soles sandy from stepping in wet sand, her feet are so nicely shaped. She now has just over 400 photos for you to enjoy inside our VIP Section – HUGE RESOLUTION photos to enjoy.

Also New this month – NEW Sets from Kathleen, a model who had Very nice soles – she actually sent me some older photos of her, and was a lil larger than most of our girls, but we Do still have an appreciation for big women with sexy bare soles – Kathleen falls into that description 🙂

Her soles, were ready for their close up!

And also, from our Beachside Trio … Megan, in some seriously hot photos – on a day when she wasn’t feeling all that well, but you wouldn’t know it if I didn’t tell you 🙂 This smoking hot California Blonde has a Great body from head to toe – here on the beach, she is the true definition of a Hott, Barefoot Woman.

I had to turn the thumbs sideways, she is standing up for most of these pics…

It’s been a Hot Month – And Soon our Happy Holidays special will end – JOIN NOW using the link at the TOP Of our Home Page – give yourself the gift that keeps on giving… now with over 18,000 images inside!

We thank All of you for your ongoing, unbelievably great support of our website – We hope that we are giving you the kind of High Quality photos of women’s feet, photographed from the angles you enjoy – We know that you have many, Many other choices and we are glad you take the time to be here with, and also to spend your money with us.

My goal has always been to make our Customers and Fans happy – You are Always welcomed to send us your feedback, and your thoughts – Stay safe and have a good holiday season with your friends, and family – Here’s to you!!

Ok, So, what’s coming soon?

Monday, June 2nd, 2008

A few announcements today for you; I’ve gotta “fresh shoot” that I need to share of NEW model Briana, who’ll be appearing on our site in June; I’ll get a sample picture up shortly. For now, Check out her Photo Album here on MySpace which features photos from our shoot!

I “forgot” to add the NEW photos of Brittany, so those are coming up Shortly as well; These are really hot photos from our 2nd shoot together; She was looking more than awesome in her sexy hot pink bikini – You’re gonna Love her feet, in case you want to know what to look forward to – here’s a sample photo that we’ve posted here before….

What else? New photos of Angie will be addes this month, along with photos of Nalita, Donna, and Hannah; So we’re looking foward to a Huge month of June for all of our VIP members; We’re also in talks to design a New website for a totally awesome foot girl – more details are coming soon on that;

Hold onto your seats…. It’s gonna get HOTT around here!

New Updates: Sophie, Elise, and Debra!

Wednesday, April 30th, 2008

New photo sets are now available for our VIP Members – 300 photos added of our Hott Barefoot Models: Sophie, Elise, and Debra!

Debra will bring us all a blast from the past – one of our Original models; The first part of her set which was never released will finally be later today. I actually released this set from the end to the beginning, because I really couldn’t wait. The soles of her feet are so nice, that I had to share them with the world. You’ll love the photos that are going up on the site; Her feet look great in her green flip flops… stay tuned for that.

Then we have Sophie – who was just getting started in the ‘foot world’ when I contacted her about modeling for the site; She’s got some awesome feet, and in the set I’m posting tonight you’ll get a nice up close look at her soles, which are a sight to behold. By the way, I should take a quick moment to tell you why there are no Previews of our “newest” models – It’s actually because we’re looking into returning to our Original Business Model – where we sell each photo set individually, allowing you to download the sets you wanna see – and eventually doing away with our Download Access Passes.

One of our Faithful Members, Mark T. brought this to my attention, that sometimes u don’t wanna buy a DAP for one new set of a girl when you’ve seen her other 4 sets; Besides, it’s really a pain in the ass to create DAP’s for each of our models – so it’ll be a win win for both of us; also in the coming months, Galleries of our models will be available, allowing VIP Members to download the photos they want, Or the entire .zip file – in the meantime, I’m working on also putting together Preview pages so you can at least see what’s inside the VIP Section, for our newest models, Annalynn, Angelica, Christina, Megan, Sophie, and Leslie. … now, back to the updates.

Finally there is Elise, a model who approached us about being on the site – our resident French Hottie, who’s size 11 feet are just incredible; LONG toes, and smooth soles – this one is all bikini; on the beach, some great shots of her long lovely legs – you’ll really enjoy these photos as well.

One more announcement for our VIP Members – I just realized the “Vicki’s” page is loading the “old” page so I’ll fix that when I do the updates tonight. Stay tuned for some hot photos coming your way in May – Tonights update will bring the total to 600 photos released this month; Making it a great month to be a VIP Member @

Take “me” off your pedestal… Because it’s not about Me.

Friday, April 4th, 2008

Often I recieve comments, emails, letters, and messages from people, telling me how thankful they are for this website. Some go as far as telling me that I’m the man, that I rock, that I’m this or that (insert your adulation here.) – and I really do appreciate all of that.

But I’m just a man. I’m a normal dude, just like you.

There is nothing special about me – not more so than you – I just had a goal to start a classy site with sexy women showing off their feet. Anyone can do what I did.

When I decided to launch this website I had no idea it would grow into what it’s become; I just wanted a little extra income and the chance to check out some sexy bare feet; What happened was that we were fortunate to meet women who wanted to show off, and our site gave them a vehicle to do just that.

But I’m just a guy – a normal dude.

Anyone can do what I’ve done; and it’s really not all that special – yet – it’s still a project and a goal yet realized; I’ve made plenty of mistakes along the way; Mistakes in how I plan, mistakes in judgement, I’ve talked to people the wrong way at times, I’ve said things I should not have – because I’m just a man. I’m not special.

If you wanted to, you could create a great website too – a site for people to visit to see what they want to see, whatever it is – doesnt have to be feet; you may have something to contribute to the world and they are waiting for you …

Take me off your pedistal – you can and should be up here with me, next to me, working on ourselves, working through our shortcomings, and our flaws, working on improving who we are, and trying whenever possible to make the world just a tad bit better…

We recently launched AlertPay and so far have given away quite a few 60 day memberships to people for the price of $35.99 – that’s like getting access for just over $18 per month.

We’re always giving away free stuff here – we have been fortunate to recieve so, its’ only right that we give; I say we often because this is not a One Man Show – This site is nothing without the Women who show up to the photo shoots, with a smile on their faces, and sexy feet for you to see.

We enjoy giving back to the foot community.

We ran a riddiculous Holiday Special where, for the price of one month, a few people got 3 MONTHS of access to the site; Some didn’t believe me, and others didn’t have enough time to hear/read about this special. Don’t worry, I’m gonna do it again December 2008

If you’re into FREE, we have one of the BEST email newsletters in the foot world. We currently have 50 issues – once you sign up, you get caught up with all of our original mailings, each contains FREE Sample photos of our models, with exclusive photos that are NOT posted ANYWHERE else on the web – not in forums, not on this blog, not anywhere.

We even sent out a link to 3 secret pages on our site, to our 2007 Year in Review, full of ALL the FREE photos we sent out during the year; Over 300 photos for you to see, only if you’re part of our Email list (put your name and email in the box on our home page)

It is amazing to have the opportunity to see so much beauty and show it to all of you; Our supporters are truly blessed with great images, and I’ve got some HOT new photos of new model Angelica and her new friend Leslie, making an appearance on our site very soon (possibly the end of April)

This site, is not about me – it’s about you! – It’s about the women you love to look at, the photos and videos you enjoy, the quality our site offers to the foot community, but it’s not about Me. I’m just a guy … a normal dude, nothin special – stay tuned …. “FRESH SHOOT post coming shortly”