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Hott Bare feet and Bikini’s

Thursday, August 6th, 2009

This is always a special time for our website, the month of August, the hottest month of the year!

We’ve set out to do a number of ‘special things’ that other sites just do not do, such as hosting our 3rd Annual Bikini Month 2009.

All Bikini’s, all month long – no other website of our genre does this; Now granted, I do feature updates year round with girls in their tiny weenie bikini’s – but this month is special because generally, You’ll get about 1,000 photos just in this month alone.

Now is the time to Join if you haven’t; I’m pretty excited about what’s coming.

The Month of June updates..

June went pretty well; We released some photos of a few of our Original Models; Not as many as I had planned; So I do apologize for that. A sudden increase in my work schedule meant I had to put updates on the back burner.

A sudden increase in income would help keep me home, and that would mean even more updates for u!

In my defense, our site has been around now for 4 years; and we’ve got LOADS of content on this site to see; if you’re new to our site; you’re really gonna LOVE the bare feet awaiting you inside our VIP Members section.

Last month’s girls:

2 sets from Sophie (195 photos total)
97 degree’s set!

98 degree’s set!

Trinidadian Hottie, Amy! (100 photos)

Original Hott Barefoot Women – Keri & Sierra! (104 photos)

Original Model, the Petite one, Lily! (105 photos!!)

… Grand total of 500+ photos were added to our site in June; Not a bad month at all if you ask me — photos that had never before been released were – photos of our newer models, sophie and amy .. and speaking of Amy, wait till you see her strip down to her Bikini during this HOT month of special photo sets — hoping to get some Videos up for you all as well.

Even if it ‘seems’ like the updates are slow; it’s well worth it to Join and be a part of our site, because EVERY month you WILL get a very decent amount of NEWLY released photos; videos; and links to new sites, free photos from other sites; we’ve got it all.

A TRUE Mega-site – for the foot lovers around the world!!

New Sophie, Sierra and Keri

Friday, July 17th, 2009

In addition to the new sets from Sophie, Sierra and Keri, I am hoping to get another new set from Keri up soon…

They’re back; Sierra and Sophie, in part 2 of their “Feet and Jeans” set, where the two of them called me up for a last minute photo shoot, because let’s face it, they were looking cute that day 🙂

Check out the NEW photo sets Right now – only inside of our VIP Section.

New Sophie! 98 photos in this set.

New Sierra and Keri!

June 2009 marked our 4th Year Anniversary

Thursday, July 9th, 2009

It’s crazy to think that 4 years ago this idea came together, to start a foot modeling website.

The Origins of our site were with YahooGroups! – we actually had a group called “hottbarefootwomen” – where i contributed photos of feet that i liked …

Eventually when I was ready to start a site; i had to use my recruting skills to find girls willing to show their feet.

I jumped on Yahoo Messenger; and in their chat rooms, met some random hotties with really nice feet.

The first few girls were flakes; they were excited but soon disappeared and were unable to be reached. Then I met Sierra… a dancer who was looking for a way to get into modeling, and loved the idea of doing so, using what she felt were sexy feet. Boy was she right.

To this day, Sierra is the most popular model on our site, and arguably one of the hottest foot models ever. I also met the other Original Foot models through Yahoo: Amber, Keri Aurora, Wendy, Lily, and Katherine (a bbw foot model who later decided she didn’t want to be on the site…) – This Month, in July, we’ll celbrate our 4th Anniversary by releasing some sets of our Original Girls … the ones who helped us get started ….

Look forward to photo sets from Sierra, Keri Aurora, Lily and Amber – to go with the New sets from Amy and Sophie that you’ve already seen.

We’ve gotta big month planned, to make up for our lack of updates in June (which was such a busy month) – but as you know, we make it up to our VIP members by continuing to maintain the hottest foot modeling website online.

Thanks for being here; we’re nothing without our Hott Barefoot Models … and most importantly, without You, our Fans!

Re-Capping Our 2nd Annual Celebration

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009

Welcome to March,

and welcome to another update here @ our site – as we start out by saying Thank you to All of the people that joined last month to enjoy the celebration of the beauty of black women’s feet, as well as the beauty of All the sexy bare feet on our site – belonging to all of our Hott Barefoot Models.

Last month was great! We released never before seen, and seriously hott photo sets of Angie and Merica – who’s sexy bare soles were all in your face!

We added 4 New Models to our Roster, 1 who’s photos didn’t quite make it this year, but its ok – Her photos will be added to the site throughout the year, with some of her Best saved for next year – but in all, our VIP Members got a LOT of NEW photos – 700 to be exact – including our NEW VIP resolution size of 2500 – stay tuned as I’m putting together a special Page for you to look back on 🙂

This Month … Finally the debut of Rebecca Ryan; a hot pin-up model from the east coast who was in town visiting when we got together for a shoot – she’s got a great look, a sexy frame, and of course beautiful bare feet that you will enjoy – Especially if you’re into pin-ups, and especially if you’re into tatted feet!

We’re also working on securing a few new models this month – till then you can expect NEW Sets from Darla, Sierra & Keri, Athena and Kamell!

Another Hott month awaits… JOIN us now – speaking of which, keep an eye on our Blog, a special Economic Relief Membership price is on it’s way – and You do NOT want to miss out!

During these economically uncertain times, we do feel your pain; and once again we Thank those of you who have continued to support us – we hope that we have continued to deliver!

Be sure to Visit and Sign up for our Social NetworkFREE photos of our bare foot Models are there, Other foot lovers are there, videos, blogs, forums and more – come and be a part of what we’re putting together… it’s FREE to join.

Also coming soon – Affordable Advertising – for as low as $5 to $10 per month, site owners can advertise their websites here at our site, in various places where we get a lot of traffic, such as our home page and our free samples page – we’re always open to banner and link exchanges – contact us through the site.

Here’s to you foot lovers all around the world – and here’s to the love of Women’s beautiful Bare Feet!!!

Danielle and more Athena coming Tonight!

Sunday, October 12th, 2008

VIP members have been treated to some lovely feet – probably none more so than Danielle’s lovely feet. She has modeled for quite a few foot sites, and In my opinion, the beautiful California Scenery and her sexy feet make these some of the best photos you’ll find of This East Coast Beauty anywhere on the web.

Bold Statement ….

New Samples

We’ve added New samples to our Sample & Comments page – Stop by and have a look — 40 New images for your viewing pleasure – all Free — and for now, in 1500 size resolution, celebrating our New Photo Galleries now found inside of our VIP Section!!! Our Site just keeps getting better!

Tonight, Inside of our VIP Section, NEW Photos from Danielle, and part 2 of Athena’s Debut!

Bikini Month, is about to go out in a BANG!

Friday, August 22nd, 2008

It’s been a great month so far…

700 photos so far, with NEW Sets on the way; Still set to make an appearance is Hannah, who’s beautiful “jewrican” soles are a true pleasure to behold; as well as hot New solo sets from Angelica, as well as more from the Trio with Christina, Megan, and a New Model, Cassie will make an appearance on here next to Angelica in our most recent shoot together; If Time permits, a hot “bikini-top” set with Briana.

So… we’re talking about another 400-500 photos, of Hott, Barefoot Women, coming to our VIP Section making Bikini Month 2008 one of the HOTTEST months online for foot lovers around the world.

Speaking of the World…. you’ll all be excited to know that if you join us through AlertPay, you’ll get instant access to our site – alertpay is accepted in nearly every country on this Planet; Be sure you keep your eye on our Special Bikini Month 2008 page, so that you don’t miss out on what’s new.

Updates and News

Soon our DAP passes are going away; It’s been a sucky idea – well… not really. Sucky in the sense that If you join a DAP section, you get All the photos from that model; but when we add a New set, you’re joining just for that One set; I miss the days of being able to sell each set individually.

Soon, those days will return; where you won’t have to join the VIP Section if you don’t want to you; You can simply purchase each photo set and recieve the .zip files in your email. We were the FIRST site doing that, and since then I’ve seen a few pop up; though their system isn’t as good as ours was, and won’t be as good as our new one is going to be.

We do it all for you – our Supporters – our Fans – we love and respect your opinion; Specifically, this opinion was voiced by one of our real big supporters, Marc, who’s been a long time member of our site, and has shared that even he misses the days of being able to buy individual sets – well Marc, we’ve heard you, and we’re going to make that a reality, very soon.

Also, VIP Members, prepare to get a sneak peak at – the hottest candid site on the internet, with awesomely great videos of candid bare feet; filmed in public, real girls, real feet, 100% Original content.

Enjoy the remainder of Bikini month – Email List Members, get ready for a Special Preview with lots of FREE photos from this special month coming to your inbox soon – speaking of which; sign up for our email list if you’re no already on it. We give away more FREE Stuff than any other foot site; You’re gonna Love our List! … and most importantly, You’re gonna Love our Feet. – “She is beautiful, from the top of her head to the soles of her feet”