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Celebrating 5 years

Sunday, June 6th, 2010

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Thanks for Celebrating with us!

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Julianne Hough’s Feet

Sunday, February 15th, 2009

Watching the All Star Coverage for this upcoming event – i can’t help but notice how smoking Hot Julianne Hough is – so, I went searching for her feet.

Another Dream Wish Celebrity who’s feet I would LOVE to photograph for foot lovers every where.

Sadly that is the ONLY photo I can find – Julianne Hough, if you’re out there, we want you!

Why Hott Barefoot Black Women’s Month?

Thursday, February 12th, 2009

It’s all about Love …

Some of you may think this all started with This announcement, about the first 3 who came; or the ‘feelers’ we put out through our blog a few months earlier – but really, this began by my reading the many foot message boards out there, big ones like the mouse pad, where topics about Black Women’s feet were Full of overtly racist views towards black women and their feet.

I’ve always felt that it’s misguided when foot people engage in or give in to hate. We as a community, in my opinion, need to be more about Love; Love for all people, ideas, respect for people who are seeking to share love with us; and that’s what this is really all about.

So, co-inciding with Black History Month here in the states, I decided February will be called Hott Barefoot Black Women’s Month, here at our site.

And During this month – our 2nd Annual Hott Barefoot Black Women’s Month (it’s new Official Name) we’re going to be Bigger than before, which was my wish last year when we kicked off this sexy, love filled celebration.

Black History Month here in the states, seeks to educate all Americans of the many useful contributions that black people have made to this Nation; which for so long held very Negative unflattering views of black people, and especially their worth, and value as human beings.

So this month attempts to share with people of all races, lessons that will dispell myths, negative views and beleifs and hopefully bring all races together, in love, with mutual respect for one another, and our Value as People.

It’s all about Love – and so is this undertaking – where as we Wished for last year, THIS year is bigger and better – and our hope for next year is an even Bigger Celebration of black women’s bare feet, in hopes of creating more love within our worldwide foot community — to dispell myths along the way — that beautiful bare feet are beautiful, no matter what race they belong to.

Such is the case with Angie … a hottie who came to our site last year, has beautifl bare feet, and 100 new photos of her are now available for sale on our home page, or to our VIP Members Right Now!

Below: 2288×1712 VIP member size Resolution Samples of Angie’s sexy Bare Feet

New Photo sets of Kamell and Zia are set to debut This Weekend – and trust me, you are gonna LOVE these ladies’ hott bare feet!

More Updates coming tonight!

Sunday, June 29th, 2008

More updates are on the way to the VIP Section… Been a ‘lil slow’ due to my work schedule, which happens. I’ve been busy building a New foot fetish Website for a good friend in Sweden 🙂

You’re gonna love her feet; and her friends feet as well.

She contacted me about building her site, and I said sure – why not – I’ve also been aiding another sexy Foot Goddess in getting her website up (she is designing it, Im just advising and helping here and there), as well as a site She is designing for a friend. Many of you out there probably have jerked off to their foot pics and videos – I’ll clue you in on who they are when everything is completed.

So, lots of web work has taken me away from posting updates – But don’t forget, Bikini Month 2008 is coming … August is gonna be HOTTER than ever – with NEW models and some Oldies but goodies – Sexy Bare Feet never looked so good …

P.S. >> TWO New Videos were posted in the VIP Section – of hottie Analynn’s lovely bare soles; Members can Log in to check them out – otherwise, Click here to Join today!

April Updates: VIP MEMBERS

Friday, April 18th, 2008

New photo sets were uploaded and will be available later today.

300 photos in all, with another 300 photos scheduled to be uploaded before month’s end;

The Models you can all look forward to are Danielle, Darla, and New hotties Leslie & Angelica.




sample photos to hit the web in a matter of hours after the sets are released; VIP Members get ready for some extremely hot photos.

Lots of Soles to adore; Danielle strikes “the best pose” ever, while Darla shows off her “dirty soles” for you, then, Leslie and Angelica will finish you off for sure as they are looking hot, while barefoot, out on a deck in sexy lingerie.

YES! all 3 of these photo sets will be available later today – stay tuned!!

Take “me” off your pedestal… Because it’s not about Me.

Friday, April 4th, 2008

Often I recieve comments, emails, letters, and messages from people, telling me how thankful they are for this website. Some go as far as telling me that I’m the man, that I rock, that I’m this or that (insert your adulation here.) – and I really do appreciate all of that.

But I’m just a man. I’m a normal dude, just like you.

There is nothing special about me – not more so than you – I just had a goal to start a classy site with sexy women showing off their feet. Anyone can do what I did.

When I decided to launch this website I had no idea it would grow into what it’s become; I just wanted a little extra income and the chance to check out some sexy bare feet; What happened was that we were fortunate to meet women who wanted to show off, and our site gave them a vehicle to do just that.

But I’m just a guy – a normal dude.

Anyone can do what I’ve done; and it’s really not all that special – yet – it’s still a project and a goal yet realized; I’ve made plenty of mistakes along the way; Mistakes in how I plan, mistakes in judgement, I’ve talked to people the wrong way at times, I’ve said things I should not have – because I’m just a man. I’m not special.

If you wanted to, you could create a great website too – a site for people to visit to see what they want to see, whatever it is – doesnt have to be feet; you may have something to contribute to the world and they are waiting for you …

Take me off your pedistal – you can and should be up here with me, next to me, working on ourselves, working through our shortcomings, and our flaws, working on improving who we are, and trying whenever possible to make the world just a tad bit better…

We recently launched AlertPay and so far have given away quite a few 60 day memberships to people for the price of $35.99 – that’s like getting access for just over $18 per month.

We’re always giving away free stuff here – we have been fortunate to recieve so, its’ only right that we give; I say we often because this is not a One Man Show – This site is nothing without the Women who show up to the photo shoots, with a smile on their faces, and sexy feet for you to see.

We enjoy giving back to the foot community.

We ran a riddiculous Holiday Special where, for the price of one month, a few people got 3 MONTHS of access to the site; Some didn’t believe me, and others didn’t have enough time to hear/read about this special. Don’t worry, I’m gonna do it again December 2008

If you’re into FREE, we have one of the BEST email newsletters in the foot world. We currently have 50 issues – once you sign up, you get caught up with all of our original mailings, each contains FREE Sample photos of our models, with exclusive photos that are NOT posted ANYWHERE else on the web – not in forums, not on this blog, not anywhere.

We even sent out a link to 3 secret pages on our site, to our 2007 Year in Review, full of ALL the FREE photos we sent out during the year; Over 300 photos for you to see, only if you’re part of our Email list (put your name and email in the box on our home page)

It is amazing to have the opportunity to see so much beauty and show it to all of you; Our supporters are truly blessed with great images, and I’ve got some HOT new photos of new model Angelica and her new friend Leslie, making an appearance on our site very soon (possibly the end of April)

This site, is not about me – it’s about you! – It’s about the women you love to look at, the photos and videos you enjoy, the quality our site offers to the foot community, but it’s not about Me. I’m just a guy … a normal dude, nothin special – stay tuned …. “FRESH SHOOT post coming shortly”